Human Resource Management

Describe Recruitment Policy of a Bank

Describe Recruitment Policy of a Bank


The success of a commercial bank depends largely on the quality of services rendered to the clients. Quality depends on the competence and the quality of officers and executives. Premier Bank Limited believes in paying competitive salary and emoluments to its employees and to get maximum services out of them. Therefore, the authority of the bank has to be careful in recruiting the right person for the right job.

It should be the duty of the management to analyze the manpower requirement of the organization at the end of every year in each category for effective operations of the bank. The Board of Directors on the recommendation of the Management will be the supreme authority to sanction or to create additional post. Creation of a post implies commitment of fund for long term. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the management to examine the work load and do the job analysis and to look into the real requirement of employees under various categories and to see whether an additional hand is really necessary. Premier Bank must recognize the importance of manpower estimation and accordingly an Organogram should be prepared for Head Office, for each Division & for each Branch. Subject to review from time to time, the competent authority as per power delegated by the Board will give the appointments.

In forecasting requirement for each recruitment the following points shall be borne in mind:

  • Sanctioned strength
  • Actual strength
  • Vacancies
  • Additional requirement

After the requirement of personnel is determined, action for recruitment is to be initiated and processed. 


Recruitment means giving publicity to the availability of the jobs in the Bank and inviting applications from prospective candidates. Recruitment covers talent hunting. Therefore, recruitment policy should aim at right kind of talents. For recruitment of Probationary Officer, Management Trainee Officer, Trainee Junior Officer and Trainee Teller PBL generally go for press advertisement in 2 (two) national dailies. The Human Resources Division handles all matters relating to recruitment and selection of staff function. The following steps may be followed for systematizing the selection procedure in case of selection through press advertisement:


a)      Receipt of Application in Prescribed Form of the Bank

b)     Sorting out of Applications

c)      Preparation of short listed candidates

d)     Holding Written Test

e)      List of Desirable Candidates for Interview

f)       Conducting interview

g)      Final approval by competent authority

h)     Investigation of previous employment history

i)        Physical Examination

j)       Appointment & placement

However, when in urgent need, the Bank may recruit employees without the process


a)      All fresh recruitment shall be made through advertisement in National Dailies mentioning the eligibility criteria as mentioned.

b)     Every candidate will appear for a written test. The subject matter of test should be General Knowledge, Mathematics, English etc., Management from time to time may decide Economics/ Banking as. For this purpose, Premier Bank Limited will take the help of outside experts such as IBA, Dhaka University or similar institutes for setting the questions, supervising the examination work, examining and marking the answer scripts and preparing a merit list of the candidates.

c)      A candidate must secure minimum 60% mark in written Test to be eligible for VIVA/Interview. Total number of candidates to be called for VIVA will be 4 times the numbers of employees to be recruited provided they meet the 60% minimum mark criteria. The appointment will be made according to requirement on the basis of a panel to be prepared in order of merit by the Recruitment Committee and after approval of the competent authority.

d)     All people to be appointed by the bank will have to undergo a medical test by the Bank’s approved Physician/Medical Officer so as to ascertain that they are physically and mentally in sound health. In other words no person shall be appointed in the service of the Bank unless he/she is declared physically and mentally fit by a medical officer of the Bank or by any other Medical authority specified by the Bank in this behalf.



a)      All employees must be a citizen of Bangladesh unless specifically waived by the Board of Directors

b)     During the probation period of one year the employees will get consolidated salary as prescribed by the Board without any other facilities and benefits.

c)      The Bank may take written test for confirmation of an employee in the regular cadre after the probation period is over. If no written test is taken the Recruitment Committee before confirmation will interview them.

d)     During the probation period, the service of an employee may be terminated by giving one-month’s notice or pay in lieu thereof if the service of an employee is not found satisfactory. The Bank may also extend probationary period for the same reason.

e)      All officers recruited through written test shall serve the bank at-least 2(two) years of continuous services. If an officer decides to leave earlier on his/her own then 50% of basic salary to be refunded to the Bank before release. Officers who are drawing consolidated salary; the basic salary shall be the basic of his grade where he is supposed to be absorbed.

f)       At the time of joining, candidates shall bring 3(three) copies of recent passport size photographs, copies of all academics certificates along with the original ones for verifications.

g)      All employees shall give names of two respectable persons from whom written reference may be obtained.