Daily Crunch: First impressions of Apple’s AirTags

Daily Crunch: First impressions of Apple’s AirTags

We check out Apple’s Lost Item Finder, Google Fi gets a new unlimited plan, and Facebook checks out new video ad targeting features. This is your daily crunch of April 22, 2021. Airtags are Apple’s new tile competitors that help owners identify lost items. They use Bluetooth technology to announce their presence on nearby devices, including iOS 14.5 or higher.

Matthew Panjarino tried them out and found that it could take 30 seconds or more to identify the airtag. But once present, Apple was able to provide directions that were “perfectly down to a few inches.” Matthew also got his hands on the purple iPhone and was extremely excited.

Google turns to Fi 6 and gets a new unlimited plan – the new “Simply Unlimited” plan starts at 60 per month for one line. Apple raises allegations of app store scandal at antitrust hearing – Apple was questioned during a Senate hearing yesterday about its inability to rein in its app store subscription scammers.

Facebook examines the issue by targeting in-stream video ads – the company says there are now 2 billion people who watch videos eligible for in-stream ads every month.

Tiger Global supports Indian crypto startup with a valuation of over $500 million – Coinswitch Kuber allows young users in India to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Universal Hydrogen has expanded to $20.5M series to start hydrogen aviation – Universal Hydrogen develops hydrogen storage solutions and conversion kits for commercial aircraft. Masterclass co-founder of Outler.org raises $30M for affordable, virtual college courses – Outler offers beautifully shot online courses like MasterClass; Students can earn college credit as opposed to masterclasses.

How do VCs carefully manage a world where it opens and closes in days, not months? – For venture capitalists, the timeline for reaching a convincing belief and performing it with due diligence has shrunk around an initial thesis. Five emerging use cases for productivity infrastructure in 2021 – Cloud communication services, API platforms, low-code development tools, business process automation and AI software development kits – increased significantly in 2020.

Customer care as a service: Outsourcing can help your initial carrier 24/7 clients – your clients may not yet claim 24/7 customer service, but they are certainly looking forward to it.