Letter to Friend about a wonderful time with an Overseas Visitor

Letter to Friend about a wonderful time with an Overseas Visitor

[It is a sample Letter to Friend about a wonderful time with an Overseas Visitor. Suppose you had a visitor from overseas last weekend. You and your family brought him to some places of tourist interest. After his return, you write a letter to your friend who is in another town to describe to him what a wonderful time you all had. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]

Date: DD/MM/YY

Friend’s name…


Dear (Friend’s name),

We had the most fantastic time last weekend. Do you remember my Overseas friend, (Name)? S/he came to visit us last weekend. Before his/her visit, w carefully planned a list of places to bring him/her for the two days. Our itinerary included Shopping Complex, the National Zoo, and the (a heritage place name).

On (date) morning, we woke up early. After breakfast, Dad drove us to the National Zoo. Well, that was a good choice for (Friend’s name) loves animals. (Describe in your words). S/he had a wonderful time looking at them. I lost count of the number of pictures she took of the animals. S/he told me that s/he has several albums, all with pictures of animals!

Next, we went to the (a heritage place name) which is in another part of the city.

On (The next name), we went to Shopping Complex. (Friend’s name) wanted to buy souvenirs and T-shirts for his/her family and friends. We spent the whole afternoon shopping! We browsed through practically all the shops and boutiques. By evening, s/he must have bought a whole cartload of gifts. That night, we had a seafood dinner at a nearby restaurant. the prawn and lobster dishes were really delicious. (Describe all about the situation).

I wish you had joined us last weekend. By the way, (Friend’s name) sends you his/her regards. I have to stop here. Do write often and tell me how you spend your weekends over there.


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