Current Market Position and Prospect of Danish Biscuits

Current Market Position and Prospect of Danish Biscuits

The vital objective of this report is to analysis Current Market Position and Prospect of Danish Biscuits. Other objectives of this reports are to know about the potentiality of the product, to identify customer attitude about the product and to know about the competitors of the market and so on. Finally this report make swot analysis Current Market Position and Prospect of Danish Biscuits.


Topics of the report

The topic of my report is “Current Market Share/Position and Prospect of ‘Danish Biscuits’ in Dhaka City.”

Objective of the report

The objective of a report involves main objective and specific objective.

Main objective: The main objective of my report is find out the current market position of the Danish Biscuits and other competitors biscuits in the Dhaka

Specific objective: The specific objectives of my report involve the followings:

  • To know about the potentiality of the product.
  • To identify customer attitude about the product.
  • To know about the competitors of the market and so on.


Methodology of the study

Source of information

Both primary and secondary data were collect for my study purpose.

Secondary data

For the secondary source the company brochure, and other report or previously collection survey data have been taken into consideration. Data also were collected form the internet and by visiting the other company.

Primary information

For the primary data a survey was conducted to assess the total market size, competitors in the whole market .For such survey a previously prepare questionnaire have been used which contained both open ended and close ended question.


Introduction of the Organization

“Danish Biscuits Ltd” is the member concern of “Partex Group” is one of the leading biscuit companies of this country. It produced various types and flavors of biscuits. Although the market is very competitive, but ‘Danish’ create its own market position consumer preference in the market, by providing best quality in an attractive low price. From the very beginning ‘Danish’ tried to maintain its high quality and much more concuss about the consumer health and taste.

Background of the Organization

Partex Group is among the large Bangladesh private sector manufacturing and service based enterprises, owning and operating over twenty units giving value for money to all customers.

The group started modestly in 1959 in tobacco trading and with prudent entrepreneurship of our Founder Chairman Mr. M.A. Hashem today we have a stake in tobacco, food, water, soft drinks, steel container, edible oil, wooden board, furniture, cotton yarn and the IT sector. After Bangladesh was established our Chairman set up M/S Hashem Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. in Chittagong city meeting the large demand of food and materials needed for sustaining the needs of a new nation through imports. From importing to import substitution was the next logical step and the stepping stone into the manufacturing sector, which has matured to the multi million dollar diverse investment of the Partex Group today. A dedicated work force and committed board members led by our Chairman and backed by a market oriented corporate strategy has been the cornerstone of our success. Today the group has over twenty family owned private limited companies with a sizable turnover. Ours is a dynamic organization always exploring new ideas and avenues to expand and grow further.


Company name

There are many of biscuit company have in this Dhaka city. Some of are big company there reputation are very high. These types of company produce many types biscuit, They are provide better service, good quality, low price. They are export there biscuit foreign country. Like alamin, Olympic, haque. The haque biscuit export 38 countries all over the world. Some of companies are not very big. Write down the company name.

1) Olympic

2) Alamin

3) Danish

4) Haque

5) Multi

6) Novelty

7) Bengal

8) Bangas

9) Pran

10) Bonoful

11) One food

12) Etc


Brand name

Danish Biscuits Ltd. has different types of biscuits. From Danish Biscuits Ltd we introduce primarily the types of biscuits in the market are:

Competitors Brands

In the business market any company who faces the competitor market also face the competitive position. In this situation one company try to develops their product in terms of another company. People or consumer must be using those products which are very quality full or familiar. So we must be follow our competitor and try to create the best one. So, to compete with they and we have to ensure the quality of our product. The competitor companies and their brands are follows:-

  • Olympic– Energy, Tip, Milk Marie, Queen Marie.
  •  Nabisco– Glucose, Milk Cream, Crunchi, Elachi.
  •  Novelty– Chocolate & Milk Marie, Bit N Joy, Tea time.
  •  Bengal– Orange Cake, Big Bite.
  •  Bangas– Pineapple.
  • Pran– Orange, Pineapple.
  • Multi- Marie Gold, Nimki.
  • Haque– Digestive, Mr. Cookie, Ding Dong.
  • Al-amin– Orbit, Cosmos, Deena, Pineapple, Racie.


Distribution network

The Distribution system is the heard of the company. The distribution system are weak the company are not get success and they are not take any position on the market. Day by day they  are out of the market. The distribution system are very important each and every company. Every company distribution system are same but some of different.

Olympic distribution system:

Olympic are the bigger biscuit company in this country. The Olympic biscuit company provides better or good distribution system. Each and every dealer are divided within there area. The company first sells the biscuit to their dealer. The dealer sells the biscuit to the retailer. In this process the dealer uses many rickshaw van or pickup van to sell the biscuit on the market. The dealer need active, energetic, motivate sells man. The sells man work full day on the field. The sells man play important role to increase the sells volume. But the company provide the sells officer, sells supervisor, regional manager. The company gives salary to this employ. The   sells officer sells supervisor, regional manager they are all work on the field.4 to 5 sells officer work under a sells supervisor or 2 to 3 supervisor work under a regional manager.

Another company

Another company distribution system is same. Every bigger company uses the same distribution system as well as Olympic. But many of area I see them Alamin provide only one man, this person also van driver or sells man. Because they are order cut frist and they give the product on the shop.


Danish Biscuits Distribution Network

Danish Biscuits Ltd. is distributed in its present markets through the local distributors, for the each of the products. Distributing the products to the mass consumer we use the electronic media (Internet, TV, and Radio) and as well as use posturing method for advertising. The company provides two or three sales officer to the every dealer to help them increase their sales. These sales officers are works under the regional manager. In the whole Dhaka city the company provides four regional managers. Each and every dealer divided within their area. For example Tongi dealer ‘Nowakhali Bannizo Bitan’ is divided in 28 outlets. Under the each and every outlet the sales man cover 30 to 50 shop everyday.


Market position and ranking

For convincing this target marketers Danish has some key points of difference, which may Danish unique relative to competitors. These are

  • Price competitive
  • Quality assurance
  • Double offer
  • Customize quantity
  • Cost effective
  • Various flavors

In my three month internship, I visit more than 300 shops at various locations in Dhaka city with solved questionnaires. The structures of the biscuit market in the city are differing from area to area. After my survey I prepared a ranking for the existing biscuits company in this city, which is given bellow:

Position No-

1) Al-amin

2) Olympic

3) Danish

4) Novelty

5) Multi

6) Bangal


Promotion Mix

Sales Promotion

The promotion discussion consists of a description and justification of the planned promotion mix. It is useful to explain the theme of the promotion and to include some examples of potential ads as well as the nature of the sales force if one is to be used. For mass-marketed consumer goods, promotion cost can be larger and need to be considered explicitly in the marketing plan.

  • In-store Demonstrations

In store demonstration, will be conducted to give consumers a chance to try Danish Biscuits Ltd products and learn about their unique taste. Demos will be conducted regularly in all markets to increase awareness and trial purchases. On the other hand the other companies like Alamin Cosmos provide 1 free packet to the retailer with the purchasing of 1 carton biscuits, if a retailer buy 5 carton biscuits then the companies provide 5 taka less commission. Buy one carton alamin pineapple the company one pack pineapple free. The Olympic biscuit company gives the promotion. Olympic company gives the shop board with Olympic biscuit brand name or picture. Danish give some types of promotion. Buy one carton pineapple the company give one pack free. Another biscuit company is not any types of promotion.



Each and every company needs advertisement. If they are not show the advertisement the consumer not know there brands. If they are provide any types of advertisement. Television advertisement is most important. Also u is providing bill board, shop board, magazine, newspaper, advertisement. In my opinion, I provide you is show the brand wise advertisement. Because you are showing particular brand advertisement, the consumer particularly know about your brand.

In January 2008 the Olympic biscuit company provides the TV advertisement. They are made brand wise advertisements. They are made an advertisement plan.



Company analysis

We think in this time, the world is first going on the business. For now these times establish a business is a best opportunity. That’s why we think to create or form a company which is Danish Biscuits Ltd . The main objective is quality ensure within reasonable price and also earning profit. Our company size is obviously better size when we think the other competitive company in our country.

The company now uses a single outside producer with which it works closely to maintain the consistently high quality required in its products. The greater volume has increased production efficiencies, resulting in a steady decrease in the cost of goods sold.

Customer analysis

Mainly our customers in middle class and also lower middle class people. Which is captured our product in maximum percentage and some percentage of our customers, are working class people. Middle class people income is 15-18 thousands, lower middle class people’s income is 10-12 thousands and working class people’s income is 3-5 thousand. Primarily we expected that these types of customer use our products. After passing many years when we will ensure the best quality of our products, then the people who are stay in upper level class; we target them as the consumer of our products.

At the time of producing our product, we also keep in mind the Health factor of our customer. When a new brand comes in the market consumer first use it and follow that it is good or bad for their health. As we are new company that’s why we belief production concept, in this reason we follow the customers health.




The Danish companies every product name are sweet. Its packaging and color combination are very nice. The consumer like package of milk Marie, they told packet color is very nice.

But Danish main problem are pricing. Few days ago the provide milk Marie biscuit. Its consumer price or retailer price are 35tk per pack, its problem. Because novelty milk Marie biscuit are high selling biscuit among the other Marie biscuit on the market. Novelty milk Marie retailer price is 35tk per pack. So novelty or Danish price is same. But novelty have good brand reputation on the market, they are sell the milk Marie last 3 to 4 year. The Consumer like novelty milk Marie biscuit. So Danish biscuit less the price of milk Marie 1 or 2tk per pack and more price benefit to the retailer.

In the Distribution system Danish biscuits face some problem. Most of the company takes order first and after 1 or 2 day they give the product. But Danish are sells the products hand to hand, its problem. Because many of retailers told they have no money at that time, they are not buy biscuit that time. Some shop employ says the shop keeper is not available in the shop at this time, which is the most visible problem at this time.

Danish cookie is good biscuit, but they are not taken any position on the market. Because cosmos dealer price are 80tk per 12pc and Danish price are 78tk per 12pc .Retailer price are same 8tk per pack. The cosmos give the promotion. Any retailer buy 5 carton they give 5tk commission. If your company wants to achieve the best position on the cookie biscuit market, then you must reduce the price and provide the best promotional activities.

In advertisement department must of the company provided huge campaign about there product. For example haque biscuit company provide the TV advertisement. Olympic provide the shop board. Advertisement is more important to a product. You are made brand wise advertisement. Than every body know the particular brand of your biscuits.

The multi Marie gold biscuit its high selling biscuit of area, all kinds of shop I find out the multi Marie gold biscuit, because the Maries gold price are 20taka per pack. But all of the companies Marie biscuit price are up to 30 taka per packs. I provide u is produce 15 to 20taka Marie pack.



Consumerism is an organized social movement intended to strengthen the rights and power of consumer relative to sellers. Alert market view it is an opportunity to serve consumer better by providing more consumer information, On  the other hand environment is an organized social movement seeking to minimize the herm done to the environment and quality of life by marketing practice. It calls for curbing consumer wants when their satisfaction would create too much environment cost. Citizen action has led to the passage of many laws of protect consumer in the area of product safety, truth in packaging, truth bin leading, truth in advertising. The company needs to be much alert about all these factors marketing and selling the product. If the company could keep mutuality between the consumer’s satisfaction and their profit, it would lead the product to climb the highest acme of the success of the marketing environment.