Business plan in Solar plant

Business plan in Solar plant


To make electricity for rural and villages people by using solar panel. Sun power Company will try to provide in north area. Our target is reducing load shedding of country. By our report we want to show its benefit.


The right objective of the business plan is to make a report on ‘Solar plant’. The detail objectives of our business as follow:


  • Supply electricity to the remote villagers.
  • Reduce the load shedding problem.
  • Provide proper electricity all over the country.




In report this we are working in north zone of country. We worked in Rangpur with the people of rural area. There is limited only Rangpur district.



Every work when started that to face some limitations. Works cannot be imagined without likewise our report has some limitation. We are not an exception. There are also round limitation in our report. We couldn’t reduce much because this is a newly introduced concept in Bangladesh. There’s why we are not able to collect much information related to this. Moreover we are inexperienced in preparing this kind of reports. So it is material making some mistake is this report. We apologize for this.




The present this report we were facing some problems. Because of we are not experienced in side as results we are not present all the related data. The problems of history are lack of information, electricity problem, and transportation problem and so on.



In order to suggest the possible line of my business plan, we have studied the past records of progression of solar projects. Then we have analyzed the present situation. We have tried to find out the progresses and problems of producing energy in our country. Also, we have worked on, how we can contribute through my plan. For this regard, both primary and secondary information have been used to accomplish the research part and presented with as less abstraction as could have possible.

Source of secondary Information:

  1. Internet
  2. Previous reports
  3. Government
  4. Grameen Shakti


2.0              Industry Back ground:

Besides traditional use of solar energy attempt was also made for scientific use during different period of history. Man knew there are immense potentialities in this subject and according to his knowledge in that particular time he tried to develop systems to utilize solar energy for greater use.


2.1   Company’s Vision and Mission:

‘Sunbeam’ aims to strengthen its position as a leader in the areas of renewable energy and envisions benefiting, around 8 to 10 kore people of Bangladesh, from its solar power. Improved cook stoves and organic fertilizer programs in order to accomplish the millennium Development goals by 2025.


 2.2 Company History:


Our company is a newly introduced company on solar panel manufacturing and electricity supply purpose. We started to think about this company from our social responsibility. We discoursed about the issue of electricity problem and found that this sector is the needy of help for shorting out the backings in this sector. Our company was incorporated on March 30, 2009 under the companies Act, 1994 and registered with register as a private limited company. The company started to manufacture and produce electricity from March 30, 2010. The company is situated at Rangpur in Bangladesh



Solar system is a better electronic system. In preset world electricity is produced by different ways. And its raw materials are too costly. But solar system is such kind of system which is cheaper than other electronic system. For example a 30WP system plants cost is 18000 BDT. Which is too much cheap than other electronic system, for producing solar system, we need only sun light which we get from nature not only this. We will use it maximum 20 years after establishing solar panel. It is also free from environment pollution. No load shedding and no monthly bill are one of the facilities in this project. Its cost is also cheaper than fuel, dine etc.

3.0        Manufacturing Segment:

.1 Location Analyses:

It is clear all of us that there is a crisis of energy all through out Bangladesh. But, northern parts of our country are suffering the most. So, we want to establish our first project in Badarganj at Rangpur, central part of North Bengal. The first phase of our plan is to cover as much as of North Bengal as we can, Then we will spread our project.


.2 Staffing Needs:

WE need many types of staff in our organization. Like – Engineers, technician Programmer (CSE), MBA graduate. Almost 100 staff we need. 4th class staff like also appointed this amount is almost 50.

 .3 Staffing Plans:

Depend on qualification and also taking interview we appointed all staffs. Some engineers and CSE we also recruit from abroad. 4th class staff we taking from local area and also trained them.


Staffing Budget  

60 Lakch — Eng .30

10 Latch — CSE.5

9 Lakch — Tech .30

5 Lakch — MD.

5 Lakch — Adui

1 Lakch — Head

15 Lakch — Another

2 Lakch — Clark

1 Core Salary

.4 General description of the venture:

Our Business is mainly service oriented. We will produce electricity and supply it

.5 Production Process:

To accomplish the production process we need to follow four major steps.  They are

i)          Machineries and equipments

ii)         Manufacturing process

iii)        Physical plant

iv)        Sources of raw materials.


.6 Machineries & Equipments:

For our production process we need four major machineries they are

a)      Panels

Panels are the main part of this project. Because sun shining on solar. Panel produces direct current electricity or DC. our system is designed for 130 wt panel. It means per panel capacity is 130 wt. For our project we need 36,500 panels.

b)      Reserve:

Preserver is another most important device. It reserves the power what we want to for emergency save with the help of experts we will establish our reserves. It will be maintained by engineers.


c)       Converter:

The converter is inverter is the major component that converts the DC current into 120 volt AC current


d)      Transformer:

Transformer is essential for supplying electricity to each area. It will again covert electrify from AC to DC. Because DC current is stand and for household appliances.


.7 Power Zone:

For power zone 259200 sq. ft area is allotted. In this Zone we will set up our panels and towers. We will establish our reserves room and converter room here. Power Zone will be restricted for civilians.


.8 Power Productions:

i) Producing electricity:

We will be producing 4.745 MW per hour by using 36500 panels.

ii) Reserving & Supplying Electricity:

25,500 panels will produce 3.315 MW electricity per hour which we with supply. And the rest 11,000 panel will produce 1.43 MW electricity per our which we will reserve for band weather & any emergency. For our office use we will get electricity from our reserve energy.


.9 Service Concern:

i)                   Service related facilities, utilizes & equipment etc:

A consumer will be facilitated in different wax like   we will ensure there will be no load – shedding except major breakdown.

We will provide energy saving lights and other equipments.

If there is any problem in home electricity service, our technician will solve it. We will provide electricity in cheap rate.

ii)                Service delivery Plan:     

The AC currant converted in the corrector will be supplied to people through cables; every area will have a point with a transformer which wills again covert Ac current to DC.


2.1     Marketing Plan:

.1 Current Scenarios in Bangladesh:

We are dealing with electricity in our business plan. But it’s a great matter of sorrow that this electricity sector of Bangladesh is not in a good position that’s why we need to upgrade our production of electricity. The present condition of Bangladesh is like that.

The rural people suffer most due to lack of access to clean, efficient and affordable energy. More than 80% of the rural people are forced to depend on cow dung, poultry wastes, crop residues etc which not only provide very low energy, but also pose environment & health threats.

Bangladesh can be called an energy starved country. Per capital energy consumption is only 16.67 litters one of the lowest in the world. About 40% of the people have access to grid electricity most of them living in the urban areas.

The need of the movement is to find an energy source that would serve the needs of rural people, help them to develop economically without further damage to the environment.



.2 Labor Supply:

We will hire electrical engineers, computer engineers, programmers, technicians for managing our power systems. Also we will need officers for managing our business & 4th class labor for other maintenance.

.3 Manufacturing cost Data:

For producing 130 wt we need 38,300 Tk. including all costs it will be 38, 500 Tk. approximately.

.4 Sources of Raw Materials:

        At other Raw materials which are essential for our project in available in Bangladesh.



.5 Suppliers/Transportation factors:

Japan is the main suppliers for panels. We will import panels by ways. We will receive it in Chittagong port, than we will fetch them to our plant by we will collect other Raw materials in a convenient way.

*        Bangladesh needs to invest US$ 18 billion in there sectors to make the generation and distribution sufficient for consumption of the people & Industrial units. Where, the immediate past government invested Tk. 175.0 billion in the power sector but could not produce one single MW of electricity during its tenure.

*        Government appointed some private companies to cope up energy lacking. But they are almost failing to do any progress.

Now, we have only one way to cope with the country’s growing demand for power.

However, there is a need for exploring more gas from new reserves and searching for alternative sources of energy for ensuring the country’s long term electricity security. Also. Independent power pants should be encouraged to generate electricity without any disruptions.

In this situation, an alternative self sufficient power plant is the smartest solution. Here a solar energy system will be the perfect solution to the energy needs. The rural areas and the load-shedding suffering areas will be highly benefited if we can execute our solar plant. As the power crisis was gripping the country, a good.

.6 Situation Analysis:

Now, can we depend on our present situation how our energy sector is controlled? No, we can’t followed by high systems loss and poor management power supply situation is continuing to deteriorate.

Now, please come with to analyses our power world.

&       40% of our people have access to grid electricity and 3% of our people have gas salvation. So, 57% people deprived of power.

*        PDB confesses that the demand of electricity is increasing at least 10% yearly.

*        According to the government the peak demand now is over 5,200 MW and according to the government’s power system. Master plan, it is close to 5900 MW. But our country’s total power generation is varying between 3300 MW and 3400 MW.

*             For the present, the country’s power generation units are producing at least 200 MW less electricity per day than their capacity due to inadequate supply of natural gas.

*          At present, Bangladesh needs 7.8 BCF (Billion Cubic feet) gas to produce electricity. But we are getting 6.8 BCF.

.7 Market Summary:

Our first consumers will be the people of Badargonj area as well as the people of Rangpur. Then our plan is to expand our network and to provide electricity to all over the North Bengal.

*        At first we will make an agreement with our govt. to segment our distribution channels. The areas we will provide electricity will not enter in that zones. In this way we will help our govt. to reduce power lacings of energy for ensuring the country’s long-term electricity security. Also, independent power plant should be encouraged to generate electricity without any disruptions.

In this situation, an alternative self-sufficient power plant is the smartest solution. Here a solar energy system will be the perfect solution to the energy needs. The rural areas and the load-shedding suffering areas will be highly benefited if we can execute our solar plant. As the power crisis was gripping the country, a good step is thought of the make a break through to minimize the power crisis. And, our solar plant is incredibly responsible to the environment resulting in no. by –products and thereby no normal emission. Solar energy can give us unlimited environment friendly sustainable energy.

In this regard our country is suitable for establishing solar project.



5.0     SWOT Analysis:


The SWOT analysis system mainly used for finds out the over focuses to the direct and indirect area and all other sector of an organization. Here, by all position and also using strengths we can find aggressive advantage in meeting the need of its target markets and weaknesses refer to any limitations that a firm faces in marketing strategy development and execution.


Opportunity is mainly positive conditions in any environment that could produce a Great profit for the organization if it works properly and threats are mainly the negative side or barrier that may prevent the firm from reaching its objectives.


As we are going to start a new Solar Plant sector, we will have certainly little strength and also few weaknesses. We will find some opportunities and also some threats as well.  So the SWOT analyses for a Business Plan of Solar Plant Sector likes    ″Solar panel″ are as follows:

SWOT Analyses

SW = Strength/Weakness (Internal Environment)

Assignment Paper

Opportunity Matrix:

Threat Matrix:


  5.1. Competitor Analysis:

Still now we don’t have any competitors as sun power plant  is the only company  which will deal with solar  Energy Moreover we will be in assistance of  government and  PDB, So actually we won’t face any abstanckley  or problems.

5.2.   Marketing Strategies:

i)            STP Analysis:

Every business has marketing strategies and to ours business marketing strategy is basically STP analysis bared. The marketing strategic of our business are given below:

ii)          Segmentation:

The prime theme of our business is to provide electricity to remote villages and in the industrial areas where electricity supply is short reducing our electricity problems. That’s why first we will supply electrically to some portion of our country is. We have made this regimentation mainly for the remote villagers who are sufferance for not having any and to the industrial areas which electricity supply. With the help of our project they will be able to lead a smoother life.


5.3.   Market Positioning:

Our business is mainly useful to those people who are deprived from the use, of electricity and also for the load – shedding areas which are suffering of North Bengal from electricity shortage. The categories of our user’s areas are:

i) People of North Bengal

ii) Sufferers of load- shedding areas of North Bengal.

i)            Advertising:

In the process of marketing the advertising process is very much important. Because, the more powerful our advertisement is the more we can express ourselves in this riddle sector. Only the proper advertisement can show and teach general people about us and encourage them to use our product be can advertise our project in the ways mentioned below:


ii)          Advertise Through Newspaper:

We can advertise our product through newspaper. It will draw attention of general people.


5.4. Target Market:

Our main target is to provide electricity to the people who are willing to use electricity but do not have any source. And also to make available electricity to industrial areas, helping them to continue their industrial works more effectively without consuming so much of country’s electricity or natural resources.  The areas in which we will provide electricity and our solar energy are given below:-

D= Dhaka, R- Rajshahi,  K- Khulan, B- Barisal, C- Chittagong,  S- Sylhet,  (v) = Industrial areas (o) Remote area


6.0 Marketing mix ANALYSIS:

.1 Product Identifications:

Our business is service oriented; first, we will produce electricity in a solar plant and will supply it to different places.


.2 Leaf – Letting:

We can publish leaf – let to serve the general people which will provide them knowledge about the main theme of our project.


.3 Using bill- board and hoarding:

Using bill- board and hoarding can be a helpfully method for advertising our product. It can make delicate progress.

.4 Public promotions through camping:

This kind of advertisement is generally conducted by the consumers of our product. General people who are receiving our services or products can advertise our project just telling about it to others. It can gain maximum response from public.

Financing plan & loan Requirement:

Cost of Project Collection:

.6 Financing   plan and Loan Required:

“Sun power” company plans to contribute taka 164,00,00,000 covering the cost of the land, building and Equipment cost, A loan with be required  for the rest of the project cost.

Income statement (one Year)

ParticularsAmount (Tk.)Amount (Tk.)
Service Revenue


Less : Cost of productionRaw materials






Total cost of production


Gross Profit


Less : Operating Cost
 Administration Expenses




Service expenses


Total Operating Cost


Less : Financial Expenses




Earning before tax


Less : Provision for taxation


Profit after Tax



Loan Repayment Schedule:

Calculation of Installment


YearPrincipal amount outstandingInstallmentInterest @10%Principal repayment


























Balance Sheet

Amount (Tk.)

Amount (Tk.)

Current Asset


Accounts Receivable


Total current Asset


Fixed Asset




Less: Depreciation




Less: Depreciation


Total Fixed Asset


Pre-operating expenses


Total Asset


Accounts Payable


Tax Payable


Long Term Bank Loan


Owner’s Equity


Total Liability



6.1.1 Risk Analysis:

We will be able to know about project risk, management, obstacles and competitive market from risk analysis. There are three parts of risk analysis. And they are –

a)       Potential Problems

b)       Obstacles and Risks

c)       Alternative course of action



a)  Potential Problem:

i)    Service cost:

In our project, service cost is the main problem. Bangladesh is a developing country, so here cost is a great factor. It we produce 10 MB of then the production cost will be 4960000 Tk. If I panel’s cost is 12900 Tk. then according to the present situation it may be costly for our people.

ii)    Natural Calamities:

Different types of natural calamities can create different type of problems.

 b) Obstacles and Risk:

i)   Autocracy Problem:

Autocracy problem means different types of political problems. Political collaboration can hinder our service of power supply.

ii) Other problems:

Unfairness of labors demand and high wage, variation of cost etc.

c) Alternative Course of Action:

In near future nuclear power plant is the main alternative of this project. It can be one of our main competitors. So, we will have to over come it by our competence.



*      Office Reference

i)  Grameen Shakti

ii)  BCSIR

iii) Science Museum, Agargaon, Dhaka.

*      Website Reference

i)  Solar Panel. Bd. net

ii)   Use of Solar Panel. Bd. com

iii) Www. gshokti, org.




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