Bravery of a Rescue Worker

Bravery of a Rescue Worker

The bravery of a Rescue Worker

The heavy rain for the past few days had wreaked havoc in Selama village. Many villagers were waiting for evacuation. As they waited for their turn, they could see some of their belongings which were not secured properly being washed away.

The rescue boat came with two rescue workers. A woman and her two small sons stepped in. They carried their barest necessities with them. The younger son was barely 5 years old and he was playing with his teddy bear. Suddenly, the teddy bear fell into the water. It was quickly swept away by the current. The little boy tried to reach out for it and fell into the water too. The mother screamed in horror when she realized what had happened.

One of the rescue workers dived into the water. The little boy was struggling and crying. He was also getting weaker and was drowning. The other people in near boats were too petrified to do anything. The rescue worker swam as fast as he could tot he little boy. At last, he reached him. He coaxed the little boy not to struggle but to relax. Everyone clapped when the little boy was reunited with his mother. The mother thanked the rescue worker profusely for saving her baby.

A week later, the rescue worker was presented with a medal for his bravery in rescuing the little boy. When interviewed, he said humbly that he only did what he had to do.


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