Become an Excel Data Wizard for Just $19.99 With This eLearning Sale!

Become an Excel Data Wizard for Just $19.99 With This eLearning Sale!

Do you have to manage data as part of your job? Maybe you’re the owner of a small business. If so, you most likely use Excel, and while we’re all familiar with Microsoft’s well-known spreadsheet application, there are a slew of features and functionalities that most people aren’t aware of! With lifelong access to the Microsoft Excel + Advanced Excel Bundle, you can take your Excel abilities to the next level for just $19.99 (regularly $690)!

Even if we are moving closer to quantum computing every day, data management must still be done the old fashioned way for those of us who do not live in the future, which is where Excel comes in useful. You’ll discover the tips and methods to make Excel work for you with the Microsoft Excel + Advanced Excel Bundle! There are 48 hours of information covering Excel basics to advanced topics such as creating a sheet, common formulae such as VLOOKUP, PivotTables, sophisticated graphs, automation through macros, and more!

This package, created by Excel with Business, was created with the ordinary businessperson in mind. Too many Excel classes are bloated with information that isn’t useful, so the three creators created their own! Excel with Business designed a course that delivers exactly what you need in less time than ever before by condensing their course to what is business-relevant.

Excel with Business has earned over clients, with 60 percent of TrustPilot evaluations rated 5 stars. As one user put it, “I enjoy how the course is organized so that I can immediately locate specific functionalities when I need to refer to a specific subject. I particularly appreciate the fact that the course is written first, followed by a demonstration. When visual and aural learning are integrated, I find it much simpler to learn.”

The Microsoft Excel + Advanced Excel Bundle is just $19.99 for a lifetime of access with our promotion. But hurry, since this sale is just for a limited time! Are you tired of battling Excel to make it do what you want? Do you want to avoid going insane trying to figure out how to use Excel to solve complicated issues, automate spreadsheets, and master graphics for presentations? 

Here’s where you’ll find out. This two-course package will cover all of the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel and will guide you to complete mastery. You’ll be crunching data, applying complicated formulae, making professional-looking graphs and charts, and much more in no time.