Assignment on Dual Core Vs Core 2 Duo

Assignment on Dual Core Vs Core 2 Duo

What is Dual Core?

A dual core processor is part of a category called multi-core processors. These computer processors have more than one independent processor on the chip or package. In the case of dual core processor, the entire chip has two independent computer processors that can work together to increase total computer performance. One of the biggest advantages of having a dual core processor is for the ability of the computer to perform thread level parallelism. A thread is a task that a computer puts resources to run.


There are several advantages to having a dual core processor. The first advantage is that your computer will use less energy and deliver more total performance from both its cores than a single high performance chip design. The second is that dual core processor caches will perform better than a two chip design. You will also need less space requirements, since the die for the dual cores are printed on one chip. There is no need to create two separate chips, thus saving space.


  • The Intel® Core™ Duo processor breaks new ground. Its dual-core technology rewrites the rules of computing, delivering optimized power efficient computing and breakthrough dual-core performance with amazingly low power consumption. Intel Core Duo processor is available in Intel’s premium laptop platform, Intel® Centurion® processor technology.¹ It can also be found in select Intel® Core™2 processor with Viiv™ technology-based systems.

Power efficiency

Demand for greater power efficiency in computing is on the rise from desktop to laptop PCs. With an Intel Core Duo processor, you get a balance of great dual-core computing capabilities and power savings. Its enhanced voltage efficiency supports cooler and quieter system designs as compared to traditional desktop and laptop PCs. And thanks to the innovative energy efficient technologies built-in, the Intel® Core™ Duo processor is able to transfer power only to those areas of the processor that need it, thereby enabling laptops to save power and desktops to have thinner, sleeker designs.

Difference between core 2 duo vs dual core


Many people are confused what exactly the difference between Intel Core 2 Duo and Between Intel Pentium D or Intel Dual Core processors….

I would try to explain from a END user point a view rather not going in to details architecture over view…

The Simple facts are,

All Core 2 Duo Processors are Dual Core Processors..
All Intel Dual Core Processors are Dual Core Processors…

Intel Core 2 Duo processors are next gen processors from Intel on 65 nm platform… developed from Ground up with new Architecture called Core… so they are whole new Processors just Jump like Pentium 2 to Pentium 3 or Pentium 4… Expect one Core 2 Duo Lowest End Processors like E4400/E4300 taking up and beating Intel Pentium D 3.8 GHz ones with ease … runs damn cool and super over clocker…


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 Assignment on Dual Core Vs Core 2 Duo