Assignment on Testing and Debugging Methode

Assignment on Testing and Debugging Methode


System testing is the process of testing system in a controlled manner to ensure that it behaves the way it is expected to behave. System testing is, thus a critical element of assuring quality of the developed system. Testing requires that the developer discards preconceived notices of the correctness of the system just developed and overcome the conflict of interest that occurs when errors are revealed.

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There are various types of testing and debugging method exists.

But we have selected the following appropriate testing methods for our project.

 Functionality Testing and Debugging

testing and debugging

This test specifies operating conditions, input values and expected results.

In our project, we tests the functionality like when we have inputted any text in the search box, the search engine perfectly find out the result exactly based on the topic.

Performance Testing and Debugging

It involves system performance testing like when we browse the site how fast the site is loaded, this performance depends basically on the coding style and the network that the user is using.

Security Testing and Debugging

Security testing involves checking system’s security holes and debug them as necessary.

In our system, we have checked our user database that cannot be accessed without proper authority.

Moreover, Unauthorized access to web resources like trying to chat without being a member is not possible.


As no system/software is 100% secured or bug free. So, we cannot guarantee that there is no holes or bugs in our system but common erroneous situations are checked and found no one.

The development of this robust, bug free and secured project was possible due to using the framework of CodeIgniter!