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Assignment on Characteristics Of Prothom Alo

Assignment on Characteristics Of  Prothom Alo

It was a privilege for The Daily Prothom Alo to be part of a changing scene after the fall of millennium renaissance of democracy. With that privilege came an enormous responsibility of upholding the duties of a free press. The newspaper is proud to pursue that policy without relenting for the past 10 years.

In my internship period I found some characteristics of The Daily Prothom Alo. In following these are:

ü  It is a Creative institution.
ü  It is a business institution.
ü  It operates its business activities without any losses.
ü  It is run according some rules and regulations.
ü  It provides program for social welfare.
ü  It leads all of its activity according to Media law.
ü  No work is done which was effected our culture etc.

To operate an Advertising organization it need some rules for its smooth functioning and it is obvious that it should followed by its in-house members.

The Daily Prothom Alo has operated in three shifts in four structures. As like as 9am-5pm/11am-7pm/2pm-10pm/5pm-1am. In every shift of every department a shift-in-charge his responsible as head personnel. Prothom Alo employees have a strong guideline to keep its work environment very friendly to others for them.

The uniqueness of The Daily Prothom Alo lies in its non-partisan position, in the freedom it enjoys from any influence of political parties or vested groups. Its strength is in taking position of neutrality in conflicts between good and evil, justice and injustice, right and wrong, regardless of positions held by any group or alliance.
I have gained a lot of support from my honorable supervisors, Mr. Muhammad Abdul Muhaimen (Pallab Muhaimen), Assistant Editor of Prothom Alo. He was so caring for me. Without his active co-operation, encouragement and supervision it would have been difficult to do my internship. For his help I have done my assignment successfully. Usually, most of the working days, he kept himself as a busy man. But when I went to him for help, he helped me very enormously. He helped me at every stages of our assignment and guided as a way that my report can be printed in newspaper. He has mentioned me the possible news sources and informed me that which types of information are essential for the report.

I have also gained a lot of support from the Feature editor of Prothom Alo Mrs. Shumona Sharmin. She was very helpful and caring. She was always co-operation and encourages me to do prepare the report. Most of the days, she encouraged me by a language that I have the potentiality to complete the report. I got support from Prothom Alo documentation library and from its librarian also.

I have also recalled the name of my in-house supervisor Mrs. Nur Mahal Sharmin, Coordinator, Department of Communication and Media Studies, University of Development Alternative (UODA). From the very beginning of my internship to report preparing she has helped me very enormously. She helped me how to prepare a better report. She has guided me at every moments how to collect the information and rearrange them properly.

I have also gained moral support from all the teachers of my department. All of them have tried to help me very eagerly. Their patience and caring attitude help us to do my assignment very carefully. Most of teachers give their advice and have encouraged us at all the span of my internship report preparing.

I have also gained a lot of support also from the sources of my news. I would like to express my thanks to all those people who have given me the interview and the essential information. Most of the time I have gone to them at the working time and they have help me at the time without any hesitation. Probably they have some loss for that but they have not considered the loss.

Like any other study the limitations of this study is not out of questions. There have some limitations in my internship period. It is obvious that in reality every working field has some limitations. I have sort out some limitations during my internship. Most of the problems have created enormous difficulties for me. Moral less all the problems have made me afraid.

Some problems were so much critical in nature that I have not faced them properly.

1.      Adjust with the new environment: Prothom Alo was not a new environment for me. But working as an intern at Prothom Alo was a new job for me. As a result some times the entire situation of the assigned area was out of my knowledge. So I felt some problems.

2.      Financial Problem: I have suffered a lot of with money. It was beyond measure. Still I am a student and when I was working with my assignment I have felt this problem very enormously. For this assignment I have spent some money if it will provide by the house then it will encourage me a lot.

3.      Extra Duties of Course Curriculum: During the internship period I have submitted three extra course assignment, 20 classes and a examination with practical exam of on going semester. I have managed all together very assertively.

4.      Short Time Duration of Internship: This was the one of vital limitation that I have observer in my internship. From the standpoint of the rules regarding internship that will be of four months long. But in reality I do not get that. It is miserable for me that I have got only three months.

5.      Problem of Limited Help: Mr. Pallab Muhaimen is a very busy person. He help me a lot, but some time I will suffer for shortage his time. Most of the staff’s around me of Prothom Alo were busy with self business and hardly I got any support and help from them. As a new comer in this environment their cooperation was very much necessary for me.

6.      Guidance Problem:  In my internship period some times I have felt the lack of guidance. I have not guided by any regulation of the house which was felt us to overwhelming. I think we should guided by the regulation of the office and it will aware us to do the job in time.

Collection of Information: Another problem of this report is Media policy of -not disclosing some data and information for obvious reasons, which

Internships are a great way to meet people in our field. Even if we have experience, knowing people never hurts. An internship allows us to meet people who might help us land a job later and give us the contacts in the industry were trying to break into. Plus, references from people in the industry will really add weight to our application.

Ending a good newspaper internship is one of the surest ways to gain great experience and to ease our way on in to a real job. But where are the internships, which have the best ones and how we get one? The hunt for a three-month internship is a year-round job. It seems our either sending off applications or reading rejection letters, preparing for an internship or working it. It takes a lot of work and there are no guarantees.

I have some recommendations to the authority from the past few days experience that how the internship can be more fruitful.

  • Keep away the students from other academic assignments, classes or exams during internship
  • Arrange a class of official environment before going to internship.
  • Give emphasize on English conversation.
  • Fix the internship duration at minimum four months long.
  • Arrange the internship with a minimum salary.
  • Try to arrange the courses with more practical based.
  • Give more emphasize on reporting based assignment.

University of Development Alternative our expectations level. It was a new University when we admitted here. We were not sure about the standard of the courses and the teaching. But so far I came to know in these years UODA courses are much more sorted and related to practical media world.

One thing we are the Communication & media studies students like – the foreign faculty. We came in touch with the proper teaching style through them. More and more practical classes needed. In the past we canceled much practical tour for official and financial problem which created definite obstacles in our practical experiences.

One thing I like most is that we took course from the journalism section as well as the digital production section. This at list enriches my knowledge. That way was better and it definitely separates us in a positive way from the other Universities.