Annual Report 2007 of ACI Limited

Annual Report 2007 of ACI Limited

It is a broadly described annual report of ACI Limited in the year of 2007. During 2007 the company contributed Taka. 738.5 million to the National Exchequer in the form of corporate tax, customs duty, development surcharge, VAT, etc. This is equivalent to 15.02 percent of our net sales revenue for the year.

In 2007, turnover increased to Tk. 4,917 million from Tk. 3,516 million of 2006, an increase of Tk. 1,401 million, resulting in 40 percent growth over last year. The cost of sales to turnover has rather decreased slightly by 0.5 percent compared to last year. Higher turnover coupled with lower cost of sales contributed to the increase of gross profit by 41.7 percent over last year. Profit after tax has also increased to Tk. 313 million from Tk. 154 million of 2006 which is higher by 103.5 percent mainly due to increased gross margin and gain from disposal of shares of ACI Trading Limited. Earnings per share also increased by 103.6 percent from Tk. 9.51 to Tk. 19.36 per share. Disregarding one-off gain of Tk. 96.84 million (net of tax) from divesting ACI Trading shares, PAT comes to Tk. 216.20 million thereby showing 41 percent increase from last year with EPS of Tk. 13.37 (2006 Tk. 9.51).

The Board of Directors is pleased to recommend declaration of dividend at the rate of Tk. 8.50 per share for the year 2007 to those shareowners whose names will appear at the Record Date for the 35th AGM.

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