An awkward experience – an Open Speech

An awkward experience – an Open Speech

I was walking along the road to school one day and I met my friend Raine. He suggested that we skip school and go to the movies. I refused as my dad was very fierce and strict. After much persuasion, I gave in. There was a Will Smith movie on and I was a fan.

So we set off to the movies together, bought our tickets, popcorn and drinks and settled down comfortably. As we were early, the lights were still on. We watched people come in groups, families and there were couples too. Some of them looked like school students playing truant like us. As I turned around, I caught a glimpse of my uncle Andy and aunt Jane walking in. I sank into my seat quickly to avoid being spotted. I signaled to Raine that there was someone I didn’t want to see and Raine being Raine made it more obvious by turning around and asking ‘Who? And where?’ loudly. It made me sit even lower in my seat.

To make things worse, they came and sat in the row behind us and were saying to each other how I would have loved to come to this movie as I adored Will Smith. They were even commenting about the students playing truant. Soon the movie began and I was glad when the lights were turned off but I didn’t enjoy the movie at all for fear of being spotted. So, I sat there like an astronaut, peering over the front seat. Every now and then I would sneak a peek at my aunt and uncle. I was sure they were looking at me. Anyway, there was another hurdle. I had to leave the cinema without being spotted. So when the movie ended and the lights came on, I sat there waiting for everyone to leave but my uncle and aunt just sat there talking. Then, after a little while they got up and walked to the doors.

As soon as the coast was clear, I made a dash for the door and tried to make a quick exit via the stairs. To my horror, my uncle and aunt were standing there smiling. I tried to say something but all that came out were sounds that meant nothing. I stuttered and spluttered so much! My uncle merely said, ‘I hope you have learnt your lesson. We saw you as soon as we came in and I am sure your father will be very disappointed in you. We hope you won’t do it again.’

After giving me a piece of their minds, they sent us to school. This was the most embarrassing moment in my life.