Keeping Cool – an Open Speech

Keeping Cool – an Open Speech

In this day and age of global warming and rising temperatures, staying cool has become a top priority for many people all over the world. Many resort to unorthodox methods, such as dipping in fountains found across the world’s largest cities. Others go to great efforts to swim in their own pools loaded with ice cubes. We have become acclimated to the heat in Malaysia. Nonetheless, it is necessary to maintain one’s cool.

Sitting in front of a fan or staying in an air-conditioned hotel are two traditional ways to stay cool. Both keep one cool, but as one leaves the room of chilly comfort, the heat becomes even more suffocating. As a result, many prefer to spend the greater part of the searing afternoons in shopping centers, cinemas, or even coffee clubs. Hence, it is not unusual for the shopping centers and coffee houses to be crowded even during office hours.

Certain dishes are thought to be ‘cool’ in Asian countries, while others are thought to be ‘heaty.’ Fried foods, chocolates, cakes, and pastries fall under the latter category. Birds’ nest, winter melon, and green bean soup are examples of ‘cool’ dishes. As a result, if one want to remain ‘cool,’ he will consume more of the food in the second group. To a non-Asian, it may seem absurd to suppose that foods have such properties, yet I can attest to the efficacy of such ‘cool’ meals.

Keeping one’s cool can also refer to keeping one’s fury under control. As a result, there are a few things one might try to stay calm in stressful situations. The first step is to do breathing exercises. This means that if you notice an impending flare-up, you should calm yourself down and regulate your breathing. Counting to twenty slowly will make you feel less prone to erupt in rage. When you are agitated, you could also try to think about positive things. It could be anything from lovely surroundings to someone or something you adore.

It is critical to maintaining your cool because if you do not, something awful could happen to you, such as getting into a fight or doing something bad. Being cool is always a good thing; it’s better to retain your cool than to lose it and blow up on someone. Staying calm and not losing your cool can save you from losing your job, going to jail, and a variety of other situations. Being cool and blowing things off is sometimes the best thing to do; not every scenario necessitates a reaction. Sometimes you can just ignore it or let it go.

Maintaining your calm can actually save your life. It determines whether you have a regular nature or a stressful or furious nature. It communicates to others that if you weren’t ready previously, you are now. Keeping your cool can also make difficult circumstances go much more smoothly for both you and the person or problem. Keeping your calm is critical, and many people should practice it.

Another way to interpret the phrase “staying cool” is “appearing chic.” It can refer to both wearing the latest fashionable clothing and having an arrogant, chilly demeanor. Both are popular among today’s youth who try to imitate famous celebrities or beautiful models. As a result, there are numerous ways to stay cool, both literally and metaphorically.