A Report On Water-logging Problem in ….(City/Area Name)

A Report On Water-logging Problem in ….(City/Area Name)

Staff Correspondent/ Reporter, (Date :__/__/__):

The water-logging problem in Dhaka city is going to be worse than ever. Even after a light rain, some streets of the city go underwater. If the rain is heavy for more than ten minutes, most areas of the city get clogged with water. The condition is worse in (Area’s name)…., ……., ……, …….., and ……. areas. The drainage system in these areas is so poor that water stands on the streets for days together. When the rain is so heavy the water even enters people’s houses and offices. Water-logging in (City name)….. city makes the traffic jam situation worse. People are stranded on the streets for hours together. Finding no other alternative some people wade through waist-deep water.

During the rainy season especially in the months of May and June these sights are very common in the streets of ……(City name). We know that The Water supply and Sewerage Authority (WASA) of the city have the main responsibility to look after the drainage stern of the capital. But in an interview WASA authority expresses its inability to solve the problem on its own. The reason is that there is a lack of coordination with other organizations.

But it is time to stop the blame game. The government must design a master plan to solve the water-logging problems from the streets of (city name)…….. to relieve people of their sufferings.