A Report On Frequent Load-Shedding At ……(City Name)

Staff Correspondent/ Reporter, (Date :__/__/__):

Frequent failure of electric power supply at ….(City name) has made the lives of people here miserable. Electric and electronic devices are getting damaged; normal activities of all kinds of people are being seriously interrupted due to excessive load-shedding.

People of the locality have informed that load-shedding occurs 15-25 times every day. This is severe, especially in the pick hours. There are hundreds of commercial centers and industrial plants in the area. Load-shedding is hampering their normal activities. On the other hand, there are as many as 35 educational institutions in and around the locality. So a great number of students are also suffering seriously. Besides, treatment in the Hospital is seriously being disturbed due to frequent load-shedding.

(Designation/Post)…….. of Bidyut Samity, (Name)…… informed this correspondent that they have nothing to do with the problem. “National production of electricity falls much short than the demand”, he/she said. However, the common people of the locality have demanded immediate action of the concerned authority to ensure the normal supply of electric power.