A Report On Corruption In Bangladesh

Staff correspondent/reporter, Dhaka, (Date :__/__/_):

Corruption in Bangladesh has been a burning issue that needs to be tackled. In recent years also Bangladesh has been at the top of the countries where corruption is rampant. In fact, it has become a great challenge for Bangladesh to uproot corruption from the society. Ironically, most corruptions are done by people who are educated. The farmers, rickshaw pullers, the day laborers hardly do any corruption. Last week in a newspaper report it has been shown how some Govt. officials have amassed huge wealth whereas their income is limited. Unwilling to reveal his name a Govt. officer said, “Now in the Govt. offices the officials have no sense of guilt for taking the bribe. Formerly they took it secretly. But now they openly ask their demand.” When I ask him about the increased salary of the Govt. he says, “There is no limit to our demand. When I have a flat I need a car. I need money to change the model of my car or my TV set and so on.” The fact is that files do not move without a bribe.

In the business sector also there is huge corruption. The customers are often cheated when they buy even a simple thing. Dishonest traders also do corruption by adopting different kinds of corruption. Whatever may be the causes of corruption, steps must be taken to uproot it from our society for a healthy living.