A Report On A Tale Of Woe

A Report On A Tale Of Woe

Staff Correspondent/ Reporter, (Date :__/__/__):

The ways of life of the dwellers of the Kamalapur slum, very close to the Motijheel commercial area, make us think twice of the merit of our so-called economic development. They live in so unhygienic an environment that one may wonder thinking how they can manage to survive. While going to interview some dwellers of the slum, this correspondent faced a lot of problems. The drains were swollen up and everywhere there were piles of different kinds of wastes and filth. It was almost impossible to find one’s way there.

However, what came out after interviewing a number of people there was quite pathetic. Most of these slum-dwellers have no fixed work. Many of the women work as housemaids in nearby flats and apartments. But having no job security this can’t be termed as a job. Most males try to find their work as street hawkers while the children are best suited as “Tokai.” Due to the unhygienic environment, many dwellers here get affected by diarrhoea, cholera, skin diseases, etc. No government organizations were found to provide them with medical facilities.

Though some NGO’s are working there, their role is very negligible considering the severity of their problems. Besides, all the people here are deprived of almost all basic needs including education, food and even safe drinking water. It seems that these luckless people are left to die beside the skyscrapers of the adjacent area. What’ll you call that a satire or a tragedy?