Sample Apology Letter to Sister

Sample Apology Letter to Sister

[These are Sample Apology Letter to Sister. Most people having sisters had their ups and downs in their relationship, especially while growing up. When it all boils down, sisters stick together. Your sister can become your best friend and also a wonderful person that inspires you. Siblings not only share beautiful and lovely childhood memories, but they also do know each other inside out, through and through. You can make changes as per your requirements.]


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Dear (Name),

I am very grateful to God who gave me a wonderful and understanding sister like you who is loving, caring and always considerate. You are a gift to me from God. (Describe in your words). We are so close to each other that we share everything about each other. You are the only one with whom I share my secrets. (Explain all about your feelings). We speak to each other almost daily and share everything that is going on in life. You have always been the guiding star of my life. (Describe all about the situation).

I know what I did last night at the party is something that I shouldn’t have done. I accept my mistake, and I am extremely sorry for that. (Describe the actual problem and situation). I am unable to understand as to what came upon me that I screamed at you for no concrete reason. (Cordially describe your apology and greetings). I am extremely sorry for my misbehavior.

With love,

Your loving brother,

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Another Format, [Email Format]

To: Receiver’s email address,

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Dear sister,

I am extremely sorry for being snappy at you all the time; I should have realized it before that you are elder to a mother of two and me and you know your job perfectly. (Describe in your words). I am very sorry from the bottom of my heart to point out things that were unnecessary and did not make any difference; I understand that this behavior of mine has led to a glitch in our relationship. (Describe actual problem and situation). Sister, I will not make such a mistake again and will respect the decision you take for yourself and the family.

I am very sorry that I did not ask you even once about what the fact was and directly took a decision to not talking to you. Please forgive me. (Describe your feelings). I accept all my mistakes, and I promise I would not repeat them. Even after so many mistakes, you did not get angry with me or stopped loving me. (Explain all about the situation).

I am so lucky to have you as an elder sister, and I thank God for this. I have learned a lesson of appreciating the love you get from the family. (Cordially describe your apology and greetings). Also that your family loves you the most and is by your side always.

I love you, and again, I’m sorry.

Your Loving Brother,

Your name…

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