A Hasty Decision Brings Nothing Good

A Hasty Decision Brings Nothing Good

Once upon a time there were two friends, Hridita and Prithila who were travelling by train from their village to the city. They both were planning to do a lot of shopping in the city malls and were discussing about this. The first thing they wanted to buy was a wristwatch both of them.

A very well dressed young man with impeccable manners who was travelling with them overheard their conversation and politely asked if they would be interested in buying a couple of watches that he had. The stranger said that a friend of him had brought these watches from abroad and that they were made of pure gold, He opened his bag, brought out two beautiful watches that were stunning to look at and sparkled in their gold straps. Hridita liked the watches so much that she immediately agreed to buy one. Prithila however cautioned Hridita not to take a hasty decision since they did not know for sure if the watch was made of gold.

Prithila warned Hridita many times not to purchase those watches and scolded her friend for coming to hasty decision which will take both of them to unwanted situations in the future. Hridita brushed aside all of Prithila’s objections and paid the stranger the huge sum he asked for and took the watch home.

However a couple of days later the watch stopped ticking and when Hridita took it to a watch repairer, he was told that the watch was not made of gold and that she had been cheated. Hridita was shattered that she had lost her hard deposited money by getting carried away by the glossy appearance of the watch. She felt ashamed of her foolish act of taking a hasty decision and not listening to her friend.