Young People Influenced by What they View on TV and Films – Open Discussion

Young People Influenced by What they View on TV and Films – Open Discussion

Everyone in this world watches television. Some people don’t like to watch it, and some don’t have time for it, but it’s a lie if they’ve never seen it before. They must have seen it before, no matter how much they despise it or have no time for it. Television shows provide us with a wealth of information and can provide us with numerous benefits. However, it has been abused by today’s youths because they do not know how to interpret all of that information very well. Inadvertently, this causes the statement of television programs to affect the attitude of today’s youth to emerge.

The young are those who are under the age of 21, which is the legal age of adulthood. This is a diverse group of pre-schoolers, students in primary and secondary school, and young people working part-time or full-time. We must also be reminded that the young are from different cultures and nations.

In terms of influences, there are numerous sources, with television and films being just two examples. Parents, the government, and faith all have an impact on a young person’s lifestyle, including what he thinks and believes, as well as how he eats, dresses, and spends his money and time. The vast majority of the world’s children are impoverished. Many people work part-time jobs to supplement their family’s income. Educational workloads consume a significant portion of the time of those who are able to attend school. As a result, there is little time for recreation.

Today’s youth spend more time with their peers, regardless of how much free time they have. Many studies have found that young people’s peers have the most influence on them. This is especially true given the trend toward smaller families and parents who are more involved in their professional lives. Parents and siblings, as well as teachers, can have a significant impact on children. For those who can afford it, music, handphones, and computers are increasingly engaging their attention.

What influences a person’s values and behavior is also influenced by how he is educated by his family, school, religious institution, or country. As a result, while the media has a strong influence on a young person’s life, it is only one of many. The Columbine High School massacre in America, in which a teenager shot his classmates, the September 11 tragedy demonstrating terrorists’ evil acts, and other newsworthy events shape a young person’s perceptions of life. These were covered by the media, which included newspapers, radio, television, and film. The latter two are only a few of the factors that have an impact on people. Having said that, even the limited amount of time teenagers spend watching movies in theaters or on video recorders can have an impact on them. The film ‘Titanic’ was a hit with young people all over the world, and the leading actors became film idols. Madonna, the pop star, uses her music videos to influence young people. Her dress sense is keenly noted.

Children’s aggressive attitudes, values, and behavior can be influenced by watching violent entertainment. The effects are both measurable and long-lasting. Some television shows will include scenes of stabbing, hitting, shooting, punching, guns, and other forms of violence. Almost all of the violence depicted on television is phony, as actors use phony guns and phony blood to portray violent acts. Violent scenes on television may not be as disturbing to adults because adults understand the difference between reality and fantasy, as opposed to children who know nothing about it or are unsure of the distinction between reality and fantasy. Children who witness a lot of violence are more likely to resolve their conflicts violently.

Different countries have different television shows. However, music, action, and love dramas are popular among young people all over the world. Kids adore the characters in cartoons such as ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.’ Few young children have never seen cartoons or educational films such as ‘Sesame Street.’ There are both positive and negative values for these. Whether it’s a western reality show like ‘Survivor,’ a Chinese kung fu epic, a Bollywood musical, or Korean dramas, kids, like adults, will tune in and be influenced by their favorite shows.

As a result, many young people’s tastes are influenced by what is ‘cool’ or popular in the group to which they belong. Their peers dictate what they wear, where they meet, and how they spend their time. The media, schools and the Internet influence taste, but it is up to the group to adopt them. If teens think a certain fad is ‘hot,’ or a pop idol is ‘in,’ they will stick with it. It is also clear that smartphones and jeans have become necessities for the young. This is true whether they are wealthy or impoverished.

Young people who watch movies or television shows may be influenced by the increasing violence or liberal values found in them, but many also recognize and are aware that these programs exist in a world of make-believe.

Finally, young people have less time for movies and television. There are numerous other factors that compete for and demand a portion of their time. Television and movies are significant influences, but they are only one of many that have an impact on their lives. As a result, what they see on television and in movies only has a limited influence on them.