World’s First Flying Jet Motorcycle Just Completed Prototype Test Flight

World’s First Flying Jet Motorcycle Just Completed Prototype Test Flight

Since Star Wars podcasting and motorcycles came to the forefront of TV, most people don’t seem to want to fly in one. Luckily, we’re really entering the era of flying vehicles – after all, flying cars will be running around a track by the end of the year – and flying motorcycles are next to that list. Jetpack Aviation’s “The Spider” is the answer to all our sci-fi prayers. A jet turbine-powered motorcycle that looks more like a flying jet skier, the prototype of this new vehicle has just completed the first test aircraft that will enable it to go to the next stage of production.

While it is inevitable that the car took over the aircraft, the company is still testing its VTOL self-stabilizing jet platform that will form the basis of their speeder vehicle. Experiments have shown that it can rotate, turn, and move in different directions and right after knocking itself – the most incredibly tough approach when working with four jet engines. You might think: “But rotor drones have been doing this for years!”, And you’re right, however, jet engines will allow the car to travel higher and faster than any available car at the moment and will not necessarily be electric. And it travels fast.

According to Jetpack Aviation, there will be various repetitions of speeders, including entertainment, military, and cargo lift models, and they will rise to an altitude of 4,572 meters (15,000) per 150 miles (241 kilometers) per hour. A report from New Atlas explains that a prototype version of the jet turbine-powered flying motorcycle Spider has made its first flight test. Built by California-based Jetpack Aviation, this machine can eventually reach speeds of more than 300 miles / 480 km/h.

The first test aircraft for the Spider saw the machine over a tarmac attached to the team. The tether does not actually support the car and was only attached to catch the machine if any system failed. In a social media post, Jetpack Aviation wrote, “The Spider will be the world’s smallest, fastest, alternatively powered VTOL, enabling multiple applications in the emergency, cargo, military and civilian fields.”