Welcome Speech For Conference

Welcome Speech For Conference

Good Morning/Evening Ladies and Gentlemen – A very warm welcome to all of you!

Welcome you all to the 10th conference of/on ………. at ……….. Firstly, I, (Name)…….. would like to thank the experts for taking their precious time out and making to this event. Secondly, I would want to thank my audience for being present here today. Before we begin with today’s session, please allow me to deliver a short speech in order to warm up everyone regarding today’s to be discussed key issues.

In today’s conference, our Honorable guests would like to shift their focus to our youths, particularly volunteers who work relentlessly towards the common goals, i.e. empowering the youth of our country and spreading awareness about the issues that concern us in the contemporary times.

One of today’s major topics of concern, ladies and gentlemen is (Topics name)…… in the Working Sector. I am sure our experts must have done their bit of studying around the topic and so our audience. This is a topic that each one of us can relate to, particularly the working class. Despite our relentless efforts towards ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all, it is very unfortunate that we have not been able to completely uproot this social evil from our society.

People who have been chosen for today’s event have been chosen for a reason, i.e. due to their mutual passion. Your passion for a common goal helps us to bring you all together and unite the energy in the realization of these goals; whether on an individual level or a group level.  We all need each other for the fulfillment of our common goals and that’s why it makes our resolution even stronger. I strongly feel that acting collectively is the need of the hour and uniting our youth for a common cause can work wonders. It is my most sincere hope that owing to our relentless endeavors, this conference will help our youth take strong resolutions on how they can move closer towards the attainment of their goals.

Now, I would like to invite our honorable guests on stage and would request them to share their knowledge with us. It would really help us delve deeper into the subject and understand its nuances. I would also request my audience to remain seated and listen to our experts as thereafter they shall be liable to raise their doubts and questions. These doubts and questions then will be taken up by our panel of experts.

Thank you so much, everyone! Hope you enjoyed the session…