Warning Letter Format for Teacher Misconduct

Warning Letter Format for Teacher Misconduct

Warning Letter Format for Teacher Misconduct


Name: XYZ

You are a senior teacher of this educational institution and you are serving this reputed institute from old time which we should not mention to you as you are well aware of the services you rendered very well to this educational system. To my utmost disbelief and shock I received a complaint from many parents on the account of this recently passed Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) that you were not behaving according to the rules and customs of the PTM. You went on in lengthy and somewhat detailed personal matters of the parents which is by no means a policy of our educational system.

The point is Name: XYZ that if the result of your students were not up to the level then it could not be the responsibility of the parents alone! In our training sessions and workshops you yourself conducted skimmed the idea that in Parent Teacher Meetings teachers are supposed to only stick and move around the main issuing area that is students’ performance whether bad or good and not on the case histories of the students to check where the problem arises that results in poor and weak performance of the student.

This is the first Warning given to you and if you collect two more Warning Letters that we regret we cannot ask for your services anymore.

Name: ZZZ


Date: dd-mm-yy