Walmart Expands its Home Services Offerings via New Partnership with Angi

Walmart Expands its Home Services Offerings via New Partnership with Angi

Walmart is diversifying its offerings to include home services. Walmart has launched a new relationship with Angi (formerly Angie’s List) that would make service professionals available to customers in over 4,000 locations across all 50 states. Customers may schedule an Angi professional for any of 150 popular home projects, including flooring, painting, fence installation, and smaller chores like furniture assembly or mounting a big-screen TV, when they shop at Walmart in-store or online. Walmart made its first foray into the home services market in 2018, when it collaborated with Handy to sell in-home installation and assembly services in over 2,000 stores and later online. 

The concept was that when clients purchased products such as furniture, they could also book an installation appointment to assist them in setting up the new item in their house. Amazon’s debut into home services, which included the establishment of a separate Home Services hub on its retail website in 2015, prompted the move.

Angi Homeservices purchased Handy shortly after Walmart announced its relationship with the company. Oisin Hanrahan, a co-founder of Handy, was named CEO of the combined company last year. Given the potential market, Walmart expected to take advantage of this arrangement by eventually expanding its own partnership to cover Handy’s full range of home services. Walmart said today that Angi, not Handy, will be the company’s new home services partner. The shop will be able to connect its customers to Angi’s network of over 250,000 professionals because of this. As a result, Walmart’s website will no longer feature Handy’s brand, according to TechCrunch. In-store and online, only Angi’s branding will be available.

This follows Angi’s rebranding and launch in 2021, when the firm concluded that “Angie’s List” no longer adequately reflected its capabilities because it was no longer just “a list,” but rather a platform where users could research, book, schedule, and pay service providers and other home contractors. In compared to the Handy partnership, Walmart’s new Angi relationship will feature a significantly bigger number of SKUs, which corresponds to the larger number of services offered. Handy’s cooperation had mostly concentrated on in-home installation and assembly services for smaller-scale tasks such as television and furniture installation, which start at $49 and $79, respectively.

However, the Angi cooperation extends to new and more complicated services such as painting, flooring, and fence. Walmart also claims to be working on expanding into complex services. When asked about the financial nature of the collaboration and its impact on revenues, Angi declined to comment. It would not say how much of a commission it might collect on Angi services booked through its site, for example. Walmart, on the other hand, will be Angi’s first and only limited-time exclusive retailer.

Customers will be able to book Angi’s services online and in-store with any qualified item, or from Angi’s dedicated landing page at, which will launch in mid-February. (We have advised that the URL has not been set yet.) Following your purchase, Angi will contact you to arrange the booking. For larger projects, a professional project adviser creates a custom quote for the customer, locates a pro, and oversees the work to ensure the project’s success. In a statement, Angie CEO Oisin Hanrahan said, “We are happy to introduce Angi with Walmart, a leading worldwide retailer, as our first retail integration.” 

“Since the outbreak, the home has been in the spotlight, and people across the United States are performing more home remodeling, maintenance, and repair work, and they’re going to Walmart for the equipment and materials they need to get started.” Things like installing a new smart TV in an entertaining space, painting a nursery for a family addition, converting an outdoor space, and adding a patio now project that Walmart customers can get done smoothly with the help of an Angi pro as part of the Walmart shopping experience.