Assignment on Social Responsibility of banking industry in Bangladesh

Assignment on Social Responsibility of banking industry in Bangladesh


One of the distinguishing features of Banking Industry is that its overall activities are directed towards the welfare of the society. The Bank, since its inception, has dedicated itself for the uplift and emancipation of the helpless and downtrodden people of the society. With this end in view, the Bank has created a separate fund, which was earlier known as Sadaqua Tahbil. In 1991, the Sadaqua Tahbil was reorganized and enlarged under the new name of ‘Islami Bank Foundation’ with a fund of Taka 58.00 million in order to conduct social-welfare activities on a wider scale. As one of the leading non-government voluntary organizations of the country, the Foundation has been working with unique and special Programs for the welfare of distressed humanity and to make poor, down-trodden, landless and asset-less people  self-reliant.
The aims and objectives of the Foundation are to serve distressed humanity, promote people oriented mass education, extend health and Medicare facilities to the poverty-stricken people in urban and rural areas, create facilities for productive self-employment and develop human resources for improving economic condition and quality of life, assist healthy growth of art, culture and literature, science and technology, sports, research and propagation of Islamic teachings. The Foundation has taken up a number of schemes covering the whole of Bangladesh.


Report on Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been described as corporate citizenship, moral and transparent business values, ecological sustainability or corporate charity. It is a business practice to deliver sustainable and ethical values to the equity holders, employees, customers, environment, society, government and other stakeholders at large.

Mercantile Bank Limited (MBL) & Islami Bank Ltd. (IBBL) are fully committed to conduct its business activities in an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable manner. The Bank always fosters the motive in mind to build a ever-lasting warm relationship with the customers, employees, capital providers, community people, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders. Keeping this motive in mind, MBL & IBBL always cares all of its stakeholders and the community people since its inception.


For Community

As we all know that banks act as a ‘Trustee’ for the society. Therefore, MBL & IBBL behaves in a responsible and ethical manner with the community people. The Bank always contributes towards changing the quality of life of the people as the Bank wishes to see them leading their life in a standard way. The Bank serves by adhering closely the national policies and thereby contributing towards the progress of the nation. In maintaining its responsibilities to the society where it operates its business activities, MBL & IBBL focuses in the areas of employment, education, professional development and contribution to the underprivileged people.

Income Generating Programs

Access to required finance and other related inputs may help many to become self employed. In absence of such opportunity the unemployed youths entangle themselves in various anti-social activities. Banking Industry has, therefore, taken up the following Self-employment projects:

»Poultry Keeping
»Rural Health Work
»Milch Cow/Goat rearing
»Small Trade


Educational Programs

Education is the backbone of a nation. Awareness building, skill training, access to information-all depends on education. But it is regrettable that the rate of literacy is still very low in Bangladesh. Most of the children are deprived of the light of education due to poverty, lack of sufficient educational institutions, non-availability of text books and equipments etc. In a ward, the unfavorable socio-economic conditions are responsible for this chaotic situation.

The Foundation has, therefore, taken up the following Programs to improve the country’s educational scenario:

»Support to Model Forqania Maktab
»Scholarship/lump grant for poor and Meritorious Students
»Financial support to Educational Institutions


Health and Medicare Programs

Health and Medicare facilities are the basic and fundamental rights of each individual but most of the people of our country are still deprived of it. The Foundation has, therefore, taken up the following Programs to extend health, Medicare and sanitation facilities to the urban and rural areas:

»Establishment of Medical Centers
»Supporting Charitable dispensaries
»Lump-sum help for medical treatment
»Tube well Installation
»Sanitary Latrine construction etc.

Such Assistance is also extended to the members of Rural Development Scheme (RDS) of IBBL. Under Health and Medicare Programs preventive measures have also been taken. Special steps have been taken for construction of sanitary latrines and installation of tube wells in the villages covered under to whom Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. is providing finance for income generation activities.

Humanitarian Help Programs

These programme aims at providing help to distressed people who are unable to meet their basic needs like food, clothing, shelter and medicine. The old widow and children without guardians get preference. Besides, the programme extends assistance to orphanages, provide fund for the marriage of poor girls, assist indebted people, help distressed wayfarers etc.


Relief and Rehabilitation Programs

Participation in relief and rehabilitation activities in natural disasters and in emergency forms an important programme of Islami Bank Foundation. During calamities like flood, tornado, tidal surge etc. the Foundation mobilises its own people as well as donates to the relief fund opened at the government level. The Foundation also tries its best to extend hands of assistance and co-operation to the Muslim brethren elsewhere in the world

Dawah Programs

One important objective of Islami Bank Foundation is to disseminate the true knowledge and teachings of Islam. The Foundation has, therefore, taken up various schemes to enlighten the common people as well as the elite and make them familiar with the concept of Islam. Islamic research magazines and other Islamic Literatures are being distributed among the Academicians, Journalists, Justices, Lawyers, High Officials, Bankers, Literatures and important Libraries and Institutions of the country. The Foundation is also working among the prisoners for their moral reforms.


Special Projects




Professional Development Programs

Professional education has been encouraged in MBL. The Bank believes that to be more professional one should gather professional knowledge. The Bank is continuing its supports to the professional bodies as it continued earlier. The Bank encourages it employees to complete Banking Diploma by rewarding BDT 5,000 for completion of part-I and BDT 7,000 for completion of part-II.

Support to Destitute Programs

MBL & IBBL always shares the well and woe of the distressed people. Bank Foundation has been set up to give financial support to the underprivileged communities. Through this Foundation, the Bank concentrates on addressing the needs of physically disable people such as blind, acid victims etc. The people of our country are used to be the victims of natural calamities every now and then. The Bank strives to assist the victims of natural disaster by providing financial help in rehabilitation and rescue purpose.

Environment Programs

MBL & IBBL are concerned with conservation and preservation of the environment. There is a rising level of awareness and demand to address the issue of sustainability of the environment because the whole world is increasingly experiencing the devastating effects of environmental changes for Green House affects due to Global Warming. The Bank is mindful of its responsibilities to the future generations by playing its part in promoting environmental awareness and in the conservation of the environment.

The Bank takes environmental issue very cautiously while financing new projects. It finances only in those projects, which are environment-friendly. Early detection of environmental risks is an integral part of credit appraisal system of the Bank. Ecological damage will sooner or later harm not only the society but also the Bank in the form of loan losses or image problems. In this regard, the Bank sent two officials to the Hague, Netherlands for training on ‘Environment and Social Management Course for Financial Institutions’ conducted by FMO, Netherlands. The Bank creates awareness among people of the community about the effects of environmental pollution and its consequences.

Cultural Activities Programs

MBL & IBBL fosters the culture of various communities. The Bank is relentlessly supporting traditional games and sports by taking some non-profit initiatives. As a recognized benefactor of culture, the Bank provides funding for the publication of art books that familiarize the Bank. A variety of cultural institutions have been benefited by the initiatives of the Bank. The Bank also supports the writers, musicians and other performers in their inventive activities.

The Bank patronizes different cultural activities. A number of cultural programs encouraging different communities have been sponsored by the Bank. The Bank has sponsored National Chess Championship, Tennis competition and Swimming competition in different times. In 2008, the Bank was the Official Sponsor of ’23rd National Swimming Championship Competition’ arranged by Bangladesh Swimming Federation. BDT 1 (one) million has been donated to celebrate this ceremony. IBBL has sponsored ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 in locally and donated 3 (three) billion BDT.