Various Deposit and Loan Schemes at Premier Bank Limited

Various Deposit and Loan Schemes at Premier Bank Limited

Various Deposit and Loan Schemes at Premier Bank Limited

Now a days, Premier Bank is the one of the well-known Bank which start the journeying our country in 10th June, 1999. this financial institution is providing superior services in our country from that time. This Bank provides motivation to the employees. Remarkable is increasing year by year to make this bank more Profitable. There have some effective steps should be taken for the betterment or upgrading of such a crucial service. The bank should improve its customer service also they will have to give many efforts to marketing program for gain their major market share. Most of the customers are unaware about the facilities that Premier Bank is providing.

Only after that, Premier Bank will be able to enhance and improve its image nationally & internationally.


The Organization:


Recently education is not just limited in books and lecture. In world, Education is the tool for understanding about the economic condition of the world and apply knowledge for the society.

From education the relating to philosophy knowledge is gained from courses of study, which is not only the way of the gather all matters. Practical knowledge has no substitute mode to get various types peoples prospect. The perfect coordination between theory and practice is of foremost importance in the formula of the modern business and economic world in order to resolve the challenges between these two areas. The honorable chairman of Bank gives some philosophy speech that,

  • The best or nothing
  • Becoming a good Human Being
  • Determined like a mirror that never loses its ability to reflect even it broken into the hundred pieces.
  • I will make it possible.

This slogan gives lots of strength for all the member and employee of the bank. They give meaning of bank is:-

  • Passionate-to serve
  • Responsible-Proved by Premier Service
  • Enthusiastic-Explores New Ideas.
  • Majestic-Shows Impressive Dignity
  • Intense-it’s Zest of Growth
  • Expressive-Ensures a Crystal Clear Disclosure
  • Receptive-Value People


History of Premier Bank

The Premier Bank Limited starts their wonderful journey with a motto “Service First‟ back in 1999 to stand out from the crowd as a financial service provider. An entrepreneur and well known industrialist Dr. H. B. M. Iqbal along with thirteen successful and also the renowned business personalities laid the foundation of the Bank. His motive to be this bank will be the top financial institutions; the motto reflects the banks concern for the customer’s satisfaction, flexibility, responsiveness and productivity (The Premier Bank,2014).The Premier bank Limited mean not only for the clients but also for the community. This Bank pass 16 years of its voyage of corporate excellence. Also it is flying fast to rise and prosper. With a long history of glory and success, it has rooted deep into a sound capital base and spread it everywhere with their larger network of Branches, ATMs and SME channels. This bank is established as company of banking on June 10,1999 under companies ACT.1994 of Bangladesh Bank which is the central Bank of Bangladesh. It issued banking license on 17thJune in that year of Act 1991; it launched its formal activities of banking company business permitted 26thoctober,1999 with a capital of BDT 6000 million and paid up capital of BD 2242.30 million; he main office of this bank is situated at Banani, in the Dhaka city(The Premier Bank, 2014). Dr. H.B. MIqbalis the respectable Chairman of the broad.

Now there have 96 branches. All the Branches are controlled by highly proficient chain of employees to provide excellent services to the customers. Its subsidiary also gives securities services and loan facilities to the clients through the bank form the capital market.

A Strong capital base and well-managed balance sheet give us confidence to face challenges and growth size of opportunities in the years. From the very beginning, this Bank set an ambition to create a best financial institution. It would be grow-up a great level and fulfill the demand of 21st century. Their power builder and the excellent group of people, they will make it great for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Product & Service offering of Premier Bank

The Premier bank designed various types of products for growth their economic condition. They give attractive characteristics of the products which have appropriate feature between the private banks. The bank has been offering new products and services. For their valuable clients. Bank offers many kinds of service for communicating with their customer, such as: Monthly Income Scheme, Monthly Savings Scheme, Education Savings Scheme, Special Deposit Scheme etc(The Premier Bank, 2014).In continuous endeavor to satisfy the customers, some new products like Double Benefit scheme, “Dui Bochore Digun” Scheme have been introduced. The Bank finance in Loan of project, working capital, trade, house building, contractors. Besides, Credit of cash, overdraft, packing and trust receipt, guarantee, letter of credit etc. Apartment Finance Scheme is under the new product line of the bank.

Moreover, the Bank offers some special credit scheme, inter-alia, Lease Financing, Personal Loan, doctor’s loan, small and medium business loan, Student Credit etc. PBL provides a various kind of banking products and services to different category of customer. In addition they give product and services into several segments, which are directed and operated by independent department.


Retail Banking:

Retail Banking is a department of a bank that deals directly with retail customers. Many people knew it as personal banking either consumer banking. It is the open-book of banking to the every person situated in their main cities bank of branches. Most of the retail banking is conducted by various sector of bank, that will be large or few. This bank describes very important source of bank funding for deposit of customer. Besides, it enclosed variety of products and services of savings accounts. Bank takes monthly fees for balance checking, debit – card charged, solvency etc. deposit certificate, guaranty of invest certificate are very popular product for invest. Most important source is funding for bank’s product. Additionally, Mortgages on any residential and properties account of investment are both a substantial part of retail banking profits its retail based on clients.


Corporate Banking:

Corporate bank means it provide service for any financial institute, such as: banking loan, It trades with deposit and loan service which provides to township any kinds of middle size and large of business. It is a turning way to personal membership of small business. It is a part of typically service of different limit of clients which from the variety size of local types of business. Spreading from small to middle and middle to large size of business. They reached a large number of revenue in agglomerates with billion in sales across the country and also the world.

Moreover, Corporate bank offers to corporations and other financial institutions commercial some products and services and related services to with corporate-customer, for intense management of asset division and underwriters securities. Commerce Bank will provide advise their corporate banking clients concerning current tax laws with competitive short term low interest loans. Three parts have in corporate banking of the premier bank:-

  • corporate finance
  • syndications and structural finance
  • cash management solution (Premier Bank ,n.d)


SME banking:

As a developing country, Bangladesh is trying to increase our economic growth. The developing enterprises (medium & small) would be key elements of this consideration. Company financing recognizing the demand to recognize small and middle business operation. While Premier Bank offers a simplified scheme of providing financing according to annual report:

  • loan
  • service


Cards: Premier has launched VISA Credit Card Services which is one kind of service by local banking system in Bangladesh. It is a product line for bring additional satisfaction with the clients which helps to achieve the goal of customer service.

  • credit card
  • debit card
  • prepaid card

This bank gives surety of high security for the clients .that’s why bank put the photograph of cardholder’s on the card. Also the card delivers 15 to 45 days from the date of account opening. Customer received their monthly statement if they needed.


Islamic Banking:

The Bank is presently operating two branches one at Mohakhali, Dhaka & another in Laldighirpar, Sylhet on Islamic Shariah base profit & loss sharing principles. Supervises and guides are the operational activities of these two branches. The Bank has two Islamic Banking branches located at 99, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka and Laldighir par, Sylhet(Premier Bank,n.d), retrieved that those of bank are offering offer Islamic Banking services under the principal of Shariah. This proper guideline operation of Islami Banking. Under the Islamic Banking system, the bank receives deposit and operates under ‘Al-Wadiah’ (Amanah) and ‘Al-Mudaraba’ principle where depositors share the profit at pre-determined ratio of weight age some of exclusive Islamic products are:

  • Al-Wadiah Current Deposit(AWCD)
  • Mudaraba Savings Deposit (MSD)
  • Mudaraba Term Deposit Receipt (MTDR)
  • Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit (MSND)
  • Mudaraba Monthly Savings Scheme (MMSS)
  • Mudaraba Monthly Income Scheme (MMIS)
  • Mudaraba Education Savings Scheme (MESS)
  • Mudaraba Special Deposit Scheme (MSDS)
  • MudarabaDouble Benefit Scheme (MDBS)
  • Mudaraba Hajj saving Scheme (MHSS)
  • Mudaraba Premier 50+ Account (MPFA)
  • Mudaraba Premier Genius Account (MPGA)
  • Mudaraba Premier Excel Savers Account (MPESA)
  • Mudaraba Premier Esteem Savers Account (MPESA)

Premier’s Islamic Banking Branches meticulously follow the operational modes and methodologies as permissible under Shari’ah principle. The Bank invests the fund received from the depositors on the principle of Mudaraba under different mode of investments. such as-

  • Bai’-Murabaha
  • Bai’-Muajjal
  • Bai’-Salam
  • Hire-purchase under Shirkatul Melk


Some Investment Products are:

  • Consumer Investment Scheme
  • Housing/ Apartment Investment Scheme
  • Doctors’ Investment Scheme
  • Rural Investment Scheme
  • SME Investment Scheme
  • Students’ Investment Scheme
  • Women Entrepreneurs’ Investment Scheme
  • Lease Investment Scheme
  • Project/ Commercial Investment Scheme etc.


Savings Account:

Premier has added a special feature to Savings Deposit Accounts. This Bank gives to freedom to driving their banking transaction in very simple way. They offer interest rate on their balance.

Furthermore clients get visa, master card, debit card and also the ATM facilities. Besides, there are also several restrictions on withdrawal from the Account to qualify for interest.

Bank gives 4% interest on monthly savings of client (The Premier Bank,2014).if clients are withdraw more than 4 times then clients are not getting any interest on that amount. In Premier Bank, however, he or she will get interest on any amount that he or she keeps in the account. There are no restriction for withdrawal any money from the account. Premier hopes that clients will take full advantage of this offer and place deposits with Premier Bank to earn more:

  • An Interest bearing checking account.
  • Initial Balance Tk1000
  • Visa, MasterCard, Debit card and 24 hour free access to ATMs.
  • Interest payable on Half Yearly basis.


Current Account:

In the premier bank this account is a non- interest deposit. First of all current account perhaps the most useful for banking client will ever have. Premier’s current account gives no interest transaction in every month. In the PBL, it helps to manage client’s daily finances. Current Account helps you manage daily finances. Additionally it is a way to your transactional needs. Mostly business man and company owner are open this account for flexibility with their transaction and also the access their many time in daily bases for business purpose. For this reason businessman need to open current company for many transaction in every month. There have no restriction for the transaction. for that reason, bank do not give any interest.

Key Features

  • A Non- Interest bearing checking account.
  • Initial Balance Tk: 5000
  • Visa Debit card and 24 hour free access to ATMs.
  • Ideally suited to business transactions of Individuals or corporate bodies.


Premier Genius Account:

Premier Genius Banking is very easy way to modern banking for student. The Intellect and perseverance process, that will hegemony them to successful an enriched future. It is very good banking facilities to the students and bright future of clients.

Key Features

  • Best interest Rate
  • Interest will be credited half yearly.
  • Account opening balance is Tk. 1,000
  • Free Master Card/VISA Debit Card.
  • Free Pay order issue
  • Discount on Student File opening


Premier 50 Plus account:

If any client who’s age above fifty years then bank will evaluate a unique account. Bank gives benefit from than the others account. for example higher interest rate of minimum level of monthly balance.. Besides, client gets extra priority service and also there are no service charges. The Account is exclusively developed for the senior citizens of the country.

Key Features:

  • Interest bearing checking account.
  • Initial Balance Tk: 5000
  • Visa/MasterCard Debit card and 24 hour free access to ATMs.
  • Interest payable on Half Yearly basis.


Double Benefit Scheme:

Double benefit is any deposit becomes double approximately 8 years & 2 months Under this scheme. It rules to multiple of money, for example Tk. 10,0000 which different types of instrument. It will be issued as like as the issue of fixed deposit.

Key Features

  • Double your initial deposit in approximately 8 years & 2 months
  • Minimum deposit of Tk. 10,000.00


Short term Deposit (STD) Account:

The Bank give interest 7.00% for minimum 1 Core and 6.50% for be <1 Core on the daily closing balance of this account. Any person and corporate bodies can open this account.

Fixed Deposit:

The meaning of fixed deposit is who want to deposit any kinds of money for some several periods.

In PBL people can open fixed deposit for 3month,6month,12month.they give 6%,7%,9% interest but now that is decreeing.

Key Features

  • opened for 3M, 6M, 12M
  • Early encashment possible
  • 80% loan facility on deposited amount


Monthly income scheme:

The saving of customers are always precious. Customers will get the main balance for the maturity. Account month against account holder shall get back his or her years Term. If client can keep deposit in taka 50,000.00 or in multiples .There is no upper limit. Client can also loan up to 85% of the deposit. Bangladeshis living abroad may also open this account for providing fixed amount of income to their nominee but they should be citizens of this country.

Key Features

  • One customer can open more than one Scheme


Education Savings Scheme:

This is saving builder to make future expenses of children’s education. The bank provides a monthly balance after the maturity. These days providing a good education for their children are costly. they cannot afford such costly education expenses of their children, then they need to start savings early.

Key Features

  • No initial deposit required.
  • Monthly installment deposit starts from Tk. 1000.
  • Flexible tenor of 5, 8, 10 and 12 years.
  • Auto installment transfer facility.
  • One customer can open more than one Scheme


Monthly savings schemes:

When customer really need it of savings pay off then they open this account. For example, Tk. 1,000.00 grows to be Tk. 43,200.00 within a period of 3 years and Tk. 82,000.00 within 5 years. There is a wide range of flexibility. they can also avail loan up to 85% of the deposit.

Key Features

  • No initial deposit required.
  • Monthly installment deposit starts from Tk. 500 & above.
  • Flexible tenor of 3 and 5 years.
  • Auto installment transfer facility.
  • One customer can open more than one Scheme


Premier Esteem Savers:

This account is one kinds of savings account. It offers most flexibility and attractive benefit. Another value to best income of customer.

Key Features:

  • Higher interest Rate
    • Minimum balance BDT 10.00 Lac & above : 7.00%
    • Minimum balance BDT 5.00 Lac to 10 Lac : 6.50
  • Minimum balance BDT below 5 Lac: Nil
  • Interest will be credited half yearly.
  • Account opening balance is BDT 5 Lac.
  • Free Master Card/VISA Debit Card.
  • No Cash foreign currency endorsement Fee on the passport.
  • 25% off on Locker Service.


Premier Excel Savers Account:

This account is one kinds of savings account. It offers most flexibility and attractive benefit. Another value to best income of top customer any other savings account except “Premier Esteem Savers” offered by the Premier Bank.

Key Features

  • Higher interest Rate
  • Minimum balance BDT 5.00 Lac & above: 6.50%
  • Minimum balance BDT 1.00 Lac to 5 Lac: 6.00%
  • Minimum balance BDT below 1 Lac: Nil
  • Interest will be credited half yearly.
  • Account opening balance is BDT 2 Lac.
  • Free Master Card/VISA Debit Card.
  • No Annual fee at all and Extended ATM limit on Debit card to BDT 50,000/- per day.
  • No Cash foreign currency endorsement Fee on the passport.
  • 10% off on Locker Service


Loan Schemes of Premier Bank:

Loan is a act of giving money, property or other material goods to a another party in exchange for future repayment of the main amount with interest or other financial charges. A loan may be for a specific, one-time amount. Any firm for any kinds of purpose within a current period of time by any installment. This type of lending is mainly allowed financing under the categories:-

Any types of Industry or business firms Under the Premier Bank

  • Personal loan
  • Consumer Credit Scheme:
  • Medium& Long Term Loan
  • Trade Finance
  • Working Capital Finance
  • women entrepreneur finance
  • Micro & Agriculture Finance


Personal loan:

Personal loan is purpose loan which valid for the buying house to any emergency medical needs.

For example purchase to electronic goods, house or office renovation, marriage, house rent advance, for travelling, payment tax etc. This type loan is for confirmed employee of any valued organization. There are some other purposes:

  • Educational / Professional Training
  • Payment of Taxes

Any established organizations such as Multi-national companies or any other financial institutions can apply for the loan. In this case Gross salary should be Tk. 10,000/- per month.

Other than the above, Gross salary should be Tk. 15,000/- per month. Loan amount could be 50,000 to 10,00,00, Maximum repayment period for the loan up to Tk. 5.00 Lac will be 4 (four) years and for more than Tk. 5.00 Lac, this period will be 5 (five) years.


Consumer Credit Scheme:

PBL introduce very limited credit facilities to improve their living standard. Clients feel easy to pay monthly installment, the bank rules to time of payment is 12 to 60 installments.


Housing loan:

PBL introduces a loan for the residential and commercial purpose .bank takes a interest rate with the installment amount. This loan essential for middle class people who want to build a place to living.


Doctor’s Loan:

Financially designed for doctors need to take this loan. they need it for also medical practitioners for availing up 100% finance buy expensive medical equipment. Motor car, ambulance etc. It’s also available for chamber and decorations of office.


Using Loan:

This loan very important for doctor, medical practitioners, eye, child & heart specialist, surgeon, dentist.PBL gives using loan for these kinds of clients. This Also hospitals clinics and diagnostics centers owned and operated by the registered doctors may apply for this loan.


SME Finance:

As a developing country, PBL offers SME finance to increase their economic growth. Small and medium enterprise would be key material for this loan. For this reason premier bank started SME finance. For example finance of project, working capital, lease, work order etc.


Student Credit Program:

PBL introduce credit scheme meritorious student in this country .they can enjoy this credit facilities for their every month academic expenses. This loan disbursed as monthly installment but it has to be recommend by head of the department of educational institution.


Woman Entrepreneurship Loan:

Women entrepreneurship finance is an asset product offered to entrepreneurs. They this loan for introduce women’s business. They give only 10% pa interest rate, they can success to financial freedom through expand their business. Some of the loan products which help our women entrepreneurs are short and Medium Term Loan, Working Capital Loan, Lease Finance.


Vision for the future:

The Bank has clear vision towards its ultimate destiny they want to give among the top financial institutions.


Missions of the Bank:

  • To be the most caring and friendly with the customer of financial services provider, creating more opportunities for different people in different places.
  • To be ensure that the value of shareholders investments will be stability and sound growth whilst enhancing.
  • Efficiency will be improve and reduce cost per transaction for aggressively adopt of technology.
  • To ensure a high level of clearness in the bank.
  • To be moral standards in all business exploited by the Bank.
  • To provide decent environment which will attract glamour work power that will be boastful and eager to work for the Bank.
  • To be conventional liable and grapple to improvement the balance of life by making performance to national development.


Process of scheme loans and deposit of Premier Bank:


Mode of Marketing is much talked in the gaining of economic development. This topic includes a vast area of marketing analysis. This present study covers only the modes of competitive Products of Premier Bank, specially the Deposit & Loan Schemes of Premier Bank Bangladesh Limited (PBL). This study is confined to only this bank other than conventional bank.


Description of scheme loans and deposit of this Bank:

Objective: Objective of this is comparative study of various kind of deposit of the premier bank and also loan schemes at this bank. This project is important to know information about different kinds of deposits and loan schemes because it will very helpful provide knowledge to the customer. The main motive of this study is to be useful for academics and also the business in the field of finance and accounting of the organizations. Other objectives are

  • Understand customer service of premier bank.
  • To study the deposit & loan schemes of premier bank.
  • To highlight the performance of premier bank.
  • to highlight the Deposit and loan



In this report require the way to select the topic for the main preparation. this project perform the data source which is to be identified and collected, they are to be classified, resolved, interpreted and presented in a systematic manner and key points are to be found out. the overall process of methodology is given in the following page in the form of flowchart that has been followed in the study. Secondly, this report is prepared mainly using secondary data but some primary data were required as well which is help to prepare a good report. In the primary sources are the interview session with the Officers who works in the General Banking & GB in charge of New market Branch. Frequently questions is written below:-

  • how do want to improve your bank environment?
  • In this Bank what’s term more beneficial for customer form the others Bank?
  • Describe the most important product in this Bank.
  • Could you provide details about marketing process of Bank?
  • Describe a situation where you had to deal with an angry customer.
  • Describe about a time you had to explain a process or situation to a confused customer. How did you approach this?
  • What you felt pressured by conflicting work demands, how did you respond?
  • What do you do if you saw a co-worker do something that you didn’t think was appropriate?
  • How do you check your work for accuracy?


Comparative Study of Schemes Loan& deposit:

The benefit that Premier Bank provides to its customer in terms of deposit schemes is very competitive. It is the beneficial different classes people, they come to the bank and fix their amount into a scheme. There are different types of schemes customer are like to invest. The difference between the deposit schemes mainly are interest rate, time and distribute of the interest. Every schemes charges 10% excise duty upon distributing interest to an account. The end of maturity customer gets his principal amount. If anyone enchases the scheme before maturity then they get only regular interest only. The interest is fixed by the policy-makers of the bank with the help of treasury division. The central bank has instructed to define the spread of interest up to 3% which means if the lending loan interest is 15%; the deposit interest given to customers cannot be less than 12%. Some bank can also use special consideration in deciding interest rate upon the amount. The interest rate on schemes generally moves lower of remains stable for a long period. The primary instruction on interest rate is generated by central bank upon discussion with bankers committee. Premier Bank holds the principle member License from VISA International to issue & acquire the world’s most expansionary used Credit Card.

Premier Bank is the first local private bank to offer VISA International credit card in the country. The Bank is offering local and international cards and also offers different types of loan to their customers to fulfill their requirements. There are several types of schemes. Comparative study of various Loan and Deposit schemes prepared based on customer’s most demandable schemes.



In the premier bank, total Assets at BDT 111576.41 million in 2014 as against BDT 88959.31 million of previous year which was attributed mainly to a growth of 32.96 % in the Loans and Advances portfolio. As at December 31, 2014, Loans and Advances as a percentage of Total Assets were 62.79 percent as compared to58.61 percent at the end of year 2013. In that things,2013 to 2014 loan amount not that much increase. one the other hand, Deposit builds up the strong foundation of operating assets of the Bank. In the part of deposit in the bank continue to succeed during 2014 with deposit balance of BDT 90750.05 million from BDT 73516.43 million in 2013.for that reason, registering a growth of 23.44 percent. Besides, bank give efforts to ensuring superior customer service through numerous delivery channels across the country. they can make it possible. Countrywide Branch Network and SME Service Centers with all focus on rural customers have given the lower income segment an access to Online Banking System.

Besides, this is the opportunity for prompt receipt of remittances. Wide range of their liability products includes fixed deposit.


Discussions of the Result:

The Premier Bank should launch new financial products to attract more people, as Car Loan Scheme, Teacher’s Loan, and Salary Loan etc. The no. of branches is not adequate. New branches should be launched is order to get more customers. The Premier Bank should launch more ATM services as one of the necessities of modern banking. Special emphasis has to give to finance the Agricultural & Construction Sector. Bank will have to make people aware about the different product of PBL that the bank is offering and will have to explain the benefit of becoming customer of PBL through different advertisements or marketing program. PBL should reengineer their products and services according to customer’s needs, wants or competitor’s action. So if some of the rules can be compromised then it will help bank to increase number of customers. Manpower in every branch should be increased so that whenever customers come to the branch they always get employees ready to help them or at least they may not to wait more than 3 or 5 minutes to get the service. High level of customer service needs to be provided.

Number of server should be increased so that customers can get service whenever they come to the branch. Appropriate and effective training is needed for existing employees. Branch should open an ATM booth near to the bank. Employee’s must be updated about the new systematical changes. Internal decoration should be change to give modern look to the branch. Need to accomplish internal credit rating facility.



Recommendation of project

After observing the different sector of Premier Bank, recommendation for this Bank are follows are introduce some financial products which attract people more. For example, Salary Loan, Car Loan, Teacher Loan etc. In addition, New branches should be launched is order to get more customers. special emphasis has to give to increase Current Account in the coming years.

Moreover, this Bank should launch more ATM Booths and service for the customer. Special emphasis has to give to finance the Agricultural & Construction Sector.



Every organization must have a goal to achieve. To achieve that goal organization must fix its vision and mission. According to vision and mission, an organization is able to fulfill its target.

Customers are in the center of that mission and vision for financial companies like Bank. The reason is that of the banks are providing same products and their properties and characteristics are also same. That’s why it becomes very difficult for a financial institution to create competitive advantage and to provide superior and quality products to customers.

Only thing that can stand out a bank from other many banks is quality service. Service is the only device that can differentiate one bank from other banks. Customers will choose that bank which is providing first, error free and quality services. Otherwise it will be very difficult for a bank to capture more customers and even they can lose their existing customers if service quality is not good enough.

PBL is one of the renowned banks among third generations bank. It is competing with many other banks and also new banks are about to come. So, it will have to face tough competition to survive. The major task for banks to survive in this competitive situation is managing its assets and liabilities in a profound way and also acquiring new advanced technology to cut down its operating expense giving a way to more profit. This profit will come, if there are large and big corporate customers. These customers will remain with the bank if service quality is superior. So

PBL will have to ensure quality service in every single branch. For quality service PBL will have to solve problems of their customers. Every single and silly mistake can spoil their business. To provide quality service PBL will have to leave traditional method of banking. In this competitive world this sector has expanded its wings widely enough to cover any kind of financial services anywhere in the world. So PBL should take effective measures to satisfy.

The Premier Bank is one of the new generation private commercial banks that began its journey in 1999 under the license of Bangladesh Bank and has become a top performing bank within short periods. The Bank’s motto “Service first” reflects Premier’s concern for customer satisfaction, flexibility, responsiveness and productivity. The Premier Bank Limited is managed by a group of progressive Board of Directors drawn from different disciplines. The Bank has a very competent Management Team who has long experience in Banking. The Bank upholds and strictly abides by good corporate governance practices and is subject to the regulatory supervision of Bangladesh Bank.

Premier Bank is always conscious of the changing needs of the customers and takes up arms to develop new and improved services for its valued customers. The Bank offers a wide range of Deposit and Lending Products & quality Services to meet the customers all kinds of financial needs.