Uses of Mobile Phone in Business Communication

Uses of Mobile Phone in Business Communication

Uses of Mobile Phone in Business Communication

Mobile communication is an increasingly important part of every business. Mobile has made a revolution in the arena of communication as well as uses of mobile in business communication providing useful means to communicate anywhere supported by the network. Instead of being out of the loop, both desk-based employees and the mobile workforce can stay in constant communication thanks to wireless networks and mobile platforms. Business phone systems allow your business to communicate and share information through video conferencing, networking, phone systems, etc.

Uses of Mobile for Business Communication

  • Voice-Mail

It is one of the popular services provided by mobile operators. It requires a user to create a mailbox as per the procedure of the operator. When the user is out of network or remains busy, he can divert all incoming calls to a voice mailbox. As a result, a caller can drop a message in terms of voice and the user can listen to such voice by accessing the mailbox.

  • Voice SMS

It is a modern service ‘available through mobile technology. The sender encodes his voice and sends it to the receiver to wish and greet with a nice compliment.

  • Text SMS

It is very easy to send text SMS to mobile and state greetings and wish instantly through letters and words. The same text SMS can be given to more than one person once at a time and therefore time and distance barriers can be removed easily.

  • Web Browsing

Mobile technology is providing a web browsing facility and therefore a. user requires a handset that is WAP, GPRS, or EDGE compatible and available support from the mobile operator.

  • Push-Pull service

In our daily life, we need a lot of utility services and therefore push-pull service is one of the means to meet our demand. We need some’ emergency numbers for the fire brigade, ambulance, hospitals and we also need health tips, beauty tips, or cooking tips for which’ a mobile user needs to send an SMS only to a dedicated port, and that port will reply as per request.

For example: to seek fire help, one has to write “FIRE” from the SMS option and send it to a port only and the port will reply with some numbers of fire brigade within few seconds.