Unexpected but Good

Unexpected but Good

Unexpected but Good

In a story, the surprise is planned and strategically placed. It is curious to note the extent to which the unexpected has come about. Life is full of unexpected surprises. The real surprise is when the wish unexpectedly comes true. Here I’m telling a story.

What a fine day! Mansor was sure that he would see his presentation on the dining table. It has been like this for the past 15 years. His parents would place the present next to his glass of milk. He had given hint after hint for the past month. He had even slipped pictures of the mobile phone into his parents’ briefcases. It was impossible that they would not get the message.

Nothing on the table? They acknowledged his morning wishes and talked as if there was nothing special about the day. His mother merely reminded him to clear his writing-table.

Mansor quickly ran out of the house as he did not want his parents to see his expression. He was disappointed that they have forgotten his birthday! He would be better off if he joined his friends at the Old Folks’ Home. As he did not want his driver to know where he was going, he called a cab.

He got down from the cab and realized how fine the weather was. The sun was shining brightly as if to give him joy. The chirping of the birds lightened his heart. He walked with a spring in his steps to the home. As he looked around, he saw people laughing and enjoying themselves. These people were old folks, neglected by their children, yet they were happy. Why should he be sad?

He went home and set about tidying his table, knowing that his mother expected him to respect her wishes. Wait! What’s this? An air ticket to Pulau Redang for a scuba diving course! ” We prefer that you to learn something rather than have the latest mobile phone. Hope this does not disappoint.

He should have known that his parents would not let him down.


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