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The Story Behind the Bobbitt Worm’s Name Is Grimmer Than the Worm Itself

The Story Behind the Bobbitt Worm’s Name Is Grimmer Than the Worm Itself

The Bobbit worm became infamous after starring in Planet II, but the main story behind the name of this aggressive predator is more frightening than hellish worms. This sequence shows Eunice aphroditois, a deep-sea brisket found primarily in the Atlantic Ocean, waiting above the sea before snatching a fish with its huge jaws. They live in old age, which hides the majority of them, and after successful hunting, their prey dragged inside with them.

A recent study suggests that a giant in the deep sea identified the same deep-attack-prone system 20 million years ago.  It is fair to say that E. aphroditois is quite a sinister character, so it is probably appropriate that his nickname – the Bobbitt Worm – has an evil source: a notorious case of the early 90s involving John and Lorena Bobbitt.

The American couple was married on June 18, 1989, but their mishap culminated in a horrific reunion in 1993 when Lorena cut off John’s penis while she was sleeping. In response to the question, it was revealed at night that Lorena was violently attacked by her husband, who returned to their bedroom with a 20.3 cm (8 inch) carved knife from the kitchen counter and removed John’s penis. He then moved away with the dismembered limb and when it became a problem to drive with one hand, he decided that it would throw into a field on the side of the road outside the window.

Incredibly, after thorough control with antiseptic, the penis was successfully reattached by packing it in saline ice, but the lawsuit did not clear up after that. Lorena’s defense put forward the argument that the move was tortured for many years, including both physical and sexual violence.

John denies the allegations, but made several statements during the hearing that conflicted with information known during cross testing, which weakens the prosecution’s argument. Towards the end, the jury did not find Lorena guilty, saying that John’s behavior had made her emotional by her mental state and, as a result, she could not hold accountable for her actions.

To pay for his mounting legal and medical bills, John took the unusual step of starting a band called The Seaward Parts. Away from obstacles in the way of separation, John and his re-sex will star in two pornographic films in the 1990s; One is John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut and the other is  Frankenpenis (also known as John Wayne Bobbitt’s Frankenpenis). Oddly enough, the infamous lawsuit started to spread which made the media “Bobbittmania” because the name has become synonymous with violent behavior, gender removal and our fiercely aggressive predator: Bobbitt worm. Paul later apologized for his mistreatment of Lorena in a television interview with Insider, the first time he had seen Lorena since their divorce after the lawsuit.