The Role of Breaking the Silence

The Role of Breaking the Silence

Executive Summary:

This report divided by two parts, one part is organizational part based on the Breaking the silence and other part is research part. The title of the report is Child abuse: the role of Breaking the Silence.   

The Role of Breaking the Silence

Child abuse is a sensitive issue and more silent topic to speak in our society but it is more important to solve various forms of child abuse for better movement in society. In this manner at first BTS has taken its prime concern towards aware people and eradicate this serious problem. In our society child abuse and especially sexual abuse is very secret matter, abused person should keep their mouth shut and abuser must free from penalty. Most of the abuser is care givers or guardians or close relatives who should takes care those children’s but lack of their responsiveness and concern is creating this issue more complex in the long run. Moreover, most of the people do not have any clear idea or any idea of child abuse or sexual abuse and more surprisingly the proportion of boy’s abuse are more than girls (BTS), boy’s abuse may be uncovered due to shame and stigma. It is an issue creating our generation socially, economically, physically and mentally disable and vulnerable. Mass people concern is highly needed towards this issue. In my perception only BTS could not stop the non-commercial child sexual abuse and exploitation. In this sense, BTS want to work with representatives of local Government, community people and those organizations who keep same ideologies. Child abuse is not a narrow phenomenon hence it is a concept of worldwide based. So this issue has plenty’s of opportunities to focus on rectify this Now- a-days child abuse problem crosses the nation, state and all boundaries. Hence, still now appropriate knowing of people is less concern; even people do not understand what child abuse is and do not have any idea towards child abuse. In this understanding view, child abuse is an issue should need mass concern of people, government and as well as state keeps cautious about child abuse.


From BTS inception, it had committed to work on a very sensitive issue fighting against sexual abuse of children. Generally people kept full silence about this critical matter by considering as a social stigma. By the way, when a children is sexually abused by someone this issue left behind in darkness for the fear of losing social prosperity. Another way that ‘Social silence’ is the main obstacle behind addressing and eradicating sexual abuse of children and establishing children rights in this society. Lack of awareness could not get opportunity to punish the abuser and the abuser goes free from justice. An abused child goes through severe physical pain and mental trauma goes unaccounted and certain free and normal growth has been stopped. Parents and guardians unawareness and denial about this crucial matter is the root cause is making children vulnerable to sexual predators. Main thing is many of parents do not know their children’s rights. The main reason of their unawareness is illiteracy, lack of knowledge, insolvency, societal conservative outlook etc. On the hand when children’s rights are being encroached, on the other hand they are being subjected to sexual abuse by close family members. As a result our children are devoid of a happy and secure childhood and physically and mentally scared for life. After understanding this social reality BTS members were determined to establish children’s rights and stop CSA. BTS was created to make a space to talk about sexual abuse. The name of the organizations bears its mission, its tries to break the vicious cycle of silence around this critical issue. It organizes various awareness raising sessions to uphold children’s rights and put an end to sexual abuse against them. Moreover, in the national context awareness could be fulfilling BTS’s objectives towards child sexual abuse from destroying children secures life and beautiful mind.

 Child abuse

Child abuse means a child is doing something or failing to do that causes children may be fall into any kind of risk or result will be harmless for him or her. Child abuse can be physical, neglect; sexual or emotional or not providing his or her needs is also called child abuse.

The Objectives of Breaking the Silence:

a) Raising awareness among people through organizing a series of discussion meetings, workshops, seminars and establish a positive environment protective behavior in society focusing on non-commercial child abuse and exploitation of children. b) For dealing with a heinous mislead parents, children and largely community have to speak out against sorts of odds. c) Training of this social counselor has also been organized with the NGO workers for systematic transfer of skills on NCSAC.

Child Abuse

Child abuse means a child is doing something or failing to do that causes children may be fall into any kind of risk or result will be harmless for him or her. Child abuse can be physical, neglect; sexual or emotional or not providing his or her needs is also called child abuse. Child abuse is a serious unexpected problem ever and feeling worthless in their self. In society, in order to persons have authority over children and children trust their elders. Child abuse can be understood as a gross violation of this trust. An adult taking advantage of a child’s trust exerts his or her authority over the child.

 Role of Breaking the Silence                                                                                   

Breaking the silence mainly focuses on child sexual abuse. In their perception, there are many forms of sexual abuse. Listing them is like a litany of prevention but it is necessary to do so as in many people’s minds, sexual abuse is limited to the rape of a girl child by a man.

There are many more forms of abuse including:*Taking sexual pleasure in undressing and looking at a child *Getting sexual gratification from looking at a child’s sexual organs *Getting sexual gratification from showing a child obscene pictures *Kissing or caressing a child in a sexual way *Caressing a child’s breasts *Touching and fondling a child’s sexual organs *Making a child caress the perpetrator’s sexual organs *Using the child to masturbate the perpetrator or masturbating in front of the child *Putting the penis in a child’s mouth *Inserting the penis, a finger or some object the child’s anus or vagina *Using a child for the production of pornography.

According to UN Child Rights convention, in the section of 19 and 34 we could say that, authority should constitute appropriate laws and regulations and take incentives by the way legislation, judicial system, administrative way, social and consciousness. For saving the children from exploitation and sexual abuse only government can play a crucial role by doing to stop all kinds of illegal occurrences.

 Response, protection and rehabilitation:                                                                                       

If a child becomes abused then how can we help that abused child, it is a crucial question to us. According to BTS, when we know that a child has been sexually abused, it is our moral persuasion to help the child. If we are not sure what to do, we must look for the agencies where appropriate advice and care are available. Prevention is best cure. It is crucial to take preventive measures and make children aware of child sexual abuse. It is important to remember that sexual abuse of children can occur at any time and any place. Children have to be able to protect themselves and for that they need to learn how to ignore the tricks that abusers use. Like teach children about their bodies, teach them that if anyone touches them in a way that is suspicious or frightening, they should tell the person to stop and then they should tell a trusted older person what happened. And the older person’s responsibility is that if anyone does sexual assault to them or rapes them, tell them it’s not their fault and not to blame themselves.  Prosecution:

One of the notable features of the cases that BTS has dealt with is the relative lack of punishment to the perpetrators. The affected children and their families seem to suffer more them the perpetrators.

A brief overview of the organization:

Breaking the silence is a child right based activist organization. BTS is also a non-profitable and non-political organization which began in 1994 primarily initiated by the members of child right activists and their concern was to end of stopping CSA and creating a secure and child friendly environment for children within the family and overall society. The group of people who are associated with the naming of the organizations conceived that ‘the social silence’ around this critical issue is the main obstacle behind eradicating this root problem from our society. From very beginning, BTS has worked as an active group to raise awareness to stop sexual abuse members started working by pledging to uphold their duty to establish CSRs. The activist group promised themselves to break this vicious cycle of silence of such an abusive act towards children if not completely but at least partially to open the chapter of a long suppressed truth. In this manner, BTS organized seminars, meetings, workshops all over the country. The member of BTS works voluntarily and also offers subscriptions and donations.

The objectives of Breaking the silence:

The prime aim is to assist BTS to identify areas for change or add that can enhance the service and program activity. BTS has three interconnected objectives.                                                                                                                                              a) Raising awareness among people through organizing a series of discussion meetings, workshops, seminars and establish a positive environment protective behavior in society focusing on non-commercial child abuse and exploitation of children. b) For dealing with a heinous mislead parents, children and largely community have to speak out against sorts of odds. c) Training of this social counselor has also been organized with the NGO workers for systematic transfer of skills on NCSAC.

Mission and vision of the organization:

From 1994, BTS began its activities to uphold children’s rights and protect children from sexual abuse. The various activities of BTS are aimed at establishing one main purpose the creation of a secure, child friendly environment and stopping sexual abuse. By the way the vision of the organization is to create a child friendly, positive environment in society and stop child abuse with particular focus on NCSEC.

Organizational structure:

Breaking the silence works with partner organizations at district level reaching young children, adolescents, adults, social elites. But its main focus remains to be the empowerment of children to prevent sexual abuse. Breaking the silence is led by a group of members who make subscriptions to the organization. BTS has a team of committed staff members and also has a secretariat body that is primarily responsible for raising awareness and advocacy work in different districts including Dhaka.

 Working approach:

Breaking the silence works by following some approaches which helps the organization to conduct their activities smoothly. Three approaches are-*Networking with other likeminded organizations for including the CSA issue in their own going activities.*Partnership with other district organizations who keeps same kind of policies and ideologies.*Referral for the services which is not provided by BTS, it refers it to its networking partners as per the need of the child.

 General overview of the activities of BTS:

The various activities are:

*Awareness raising programs: Awareness raising programs and sessions with adolescents and their parents in various communities. As parents or guardians have the prime responsibility in protecting their children’s rights and saving them from sexual abuse, it is crucial that parents or guardians know and understand this issue. Similarly if children are made aware of this they can protect themselves from ordeal. *School programs: BTS undertakes steady and continuous awareness raising sessions at schools. As children spend most of their time at school a part from home, it is often observed that kids prefer learning about sexual abuse in their school environment rather than in home. Before implementing the school program, the teachers, managerial committee and authority informs to children about sexual abuse and make them how to protect themselves from sexual abuse.                                                                                                                              *Training workshop: BTS organizes various training workshop to create leadership in combating sexual abuse of children in society. Along with parents and children, people from various professions and strata are given awareness raising and capacity building training workshop for school teachers and training on khutba guide for religious leaders.                                                                                          *Community based program: BTS has been working in Bauniabadh community, situated in the fifth ward of Dhaka City Corporation, through various awareness raising activities, training workshop etc. The aim is to stop sexual abuse of children and encourage voluntary adolescent or youth groups to be formed. These youth groups or clubs have volunteered to take part in various programs in eradicating sexual abuse of children.

  *Group formation: Create awareness and empower adolescent and a safety net to their children.

  *Counseling: Breaking the Silence has its own counseling cell to provide counseling support to the children who experience sexual abuse.                                                                                                                                             *Media campaign: To build a strong social campaign it is crucial to use the electronic media, press coverage. So that greater number of people is aware about stopping sexual abuse of children. BTS believes in extensive publication of this issue and holds talks with the press.

  *Networking and Advocacy: The organization works with local, national and international organizations through networking. The organizations which work for children’s welfare incorporate BTS’s mission of working against sexual abuse against children in their organizational activities.

Analysis of BTS activities (From 1994-2002):

Working experience of Breaking the Silence indicates that the program activity of the organization has had two major effects. First, the increased understanding of non commercial sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and the specific skills of awareness which the partner organizations, GO/NGOs and likeminded organizations obtained from BTS program which enhanced and strengthened the ability to provide high degree of awareness among the local community. Second, organization those who once became aware of the particular issue of CSA had begun to form a professional network with others which were useful for information sharing, collaboration and mutual support.  Major findings are: *an informal group to a formal NGO *orientation sessions with adolescents girls, group of 18 and 16 at Bauniabadh*Awareness rising among parents, children, journalists, executive Govt. officers. *Training modules have been developed on NCSAC in the year 2001* *Involvement of school*District level workshop.

 Comparative analysis of activities from 2003-2010:

In this section, it should be focus on the field level activities of BTS for the last eight years (2003-2010). From 2003-2005 BTS was working in six districts including Dhaka. In addition they also provided necessary skills training to various partner organizations which work for children’s welfare. After necessary skills trainings these partner organizations incorporated BTS’s mission of stopping sexual abuse in their organizational activities to stop child abuse in their respective working areas. Around 2006 to 2008 two more districts were added those districts are- Dhaka, Jamalpur, Meherpur, Mymensingh, Shatkhira, Srimangal, Barisal, Pirojpur. In 2006 BTS organized a round table conference with implement policies and has been taken opinions and suggestions from parents for rising awareness between parents, children’s and all kinds of stakeholders. All in all BTS was able to finish all activities under their work plan or project proposal in respective areas in 2006. In 2007 BTS organized four types of training workshop for adolescent boys, girls, school teachers and NGO personnel and undertook 39 continuous sessions in programs. The Govt. initiated an education policy and National child policy which would play an important role in national and local level advocacy when the policies are taken in action. In 2011 and2012 BTS expand its curriculum by various meetings, doing sessions and taking opinions from civil society, NCTB, scouts, police forces, students from religious schools, religious leaders etc and taking policies from their valuable opinions.

 Historically my current position:

BTS is an activist group there aim is to make a positive and secure environment for children free from abuse and preserve child rights. Breaking the silence is the first organization who takes in hand such a serious issue, child sexual abuse. They work in a community named “Bauniabadh” to fulfilling their intention towards diminishing child sexual abuse. In this community they work with some of the schools who help to taking sessions with teachers and students in their schools. Those sessions helps to aware teachers and especially children’s to know their rights and child sexual abuse. Children can analyze about their rights and also have rights to get their basic needs to take their demands from caregivers. They can define their body parts as a protective and sensitive way. They can learn that the identification of those persons who can harmful and they should protect them from those bad peoples who are risky towards child rights and child protection. Teachers could aware about child rights, child abuse and broadly child sexual abuse. Now-a-days, schools are not safe for children’s rights and protection in the mean time BTS has taken responsibility to campaign awareness program by taking sessions of teachers, parents and care givers and sometimes abusers also. After the sessions completed BTS has doing that children have to answer some questions about previous session’s topic what is child sexual abuse and after that taking examination by school teachers. The objective of the examination is what the quantity they learn about CSA by sessions. BTS works with those schools of the purpose to knowing students about their rights, child abuse, learning children’s about their body parts, how to aware from bad people, how to prevent their childhood from them. Some of children’s functioning BTS programs as a member and some adult boys and girls conduct this programs as an animators, this animators were the previous member and also the population of the community. The community is not an advanced area, the people of this area are lower middle class group and some are middle class. So naturally their socio-economic condition is not so good. And many of persons live in poverty line. We can say that they are poor and lived in poverty line and not so better environment they have and for those reasons informal sector grows day by day and may be child abuse also. People who lived in poverty line they do not have any access to education, health, nutrition, shelter and other basic needs. Those people have less access of taking care about any child rights or child sexual abuse. Hence, it is said that CSA is linked with poverty as an implicit way. Poverty can influence human’s mind to do noxious works those creates abusive and exploitative scenario. But it could not be a universal thought because CA also occurs in rich families. Those rich people’s never reveal this kinds of incidence in front of people for their prosperity and status. But BTS’s thinking is maximum child sexual abuse happens in such prosperous families who maintains high status. Hence, those poor people could not hide these kinds of occurrences for their low status or ultra poverty. Some of their perception is this abusive behavior is natural for them. Child sexual abuse effects children’s emotionally, mentality, physically and being traumatized. But it is not essential that child abuse only occurs in schools, data shows that a good number of abuse happens in own home, neighbors home, closed relatives home, renters house, offices etc(2003). Child abuse problem is getting widespread scenario.

Breaking the silence always follows or searches any kind of solutions from their resource book or before doing any projects or facing problems. This resource book based on case studies, to do case studies researcher took data from selective sides of Bangladesh. BTS personnel always keep in touch at their working area, Bouniabadh. BTS always follows their working plan and resource book to functioning their program and policies. Every year they publish their annual report for justification of their working module. From 1994 to 2011, they have each year’s annual report and work plan, the resource book is their pioneer of work which is their highlighting module helps them to start any kind of policy, programs, sessions.

According to BTS’s constitution their objective is to ensure a secure environment for children. In the society’s perspective, women and children are more vulnerable and society’s tendency is to violate these two groups’ rights. Our superstitious mind and lack of awareness is responsible for ruin childhood of children. Premature marriage is a kind of child abuse diminishes child rights. If guardians are not aware about their children it’s impossible to alleviate child abuse. If they act consciously and aware about their children’s mind, try to understand child’s mentality and maintain a friendly relationship with their children’s then child abuse could be possible to remove from society and as well as country.  If fully remove will not possible rather children could protect themselves from abusers. BTS is trying to include 8 chapters into National Curriculum and Textbook Board for 1-8 classes. The purpose of that work is to not only urban children but also rural or broadly unprogressive area’s children could get knowledge about child sexual abuse. The reason of their work is to make mass awareness which is necessary for alleviating CSA and establishing CR. They have already organized some round table meetings with NCTB. The authority has the positive intention towards including learning lesions. Hence, this activity is hanging till now. If this initiative will be fulfill then it will be a milestone to awareness rising program which is highly required for parents, care givers and mass people who do not have any clear idea about child sexual abuse occurs and expends day by day. Children are mostly vulnerable in this issue because of powerlessness. Who do have such type of thinking that children just a children who does not have privacy to do something, they are helpless to protect themselves, they are unable to do something then those people thinks all those things are misallocating child rights and wrong explanations towards people. If NCTB approved the proposal of including child sexual abuse as a text book lesion that will be fulfill BTS’s intention towards child abuse. When it is confirmed that those text books received by mass children’s it will be ensured that teachers should learned those topics to students which will be helpful for children’s to identify their body parts, aware about their limitations, thinking about their security from bad peoples whose persons risky or harmful for children. Teachers learned to children’s for prevent child sexual abuse and teachers participation could be remove child sexual abuse from schools. According to text book, children must study it and learn it and then they should participate in examination, because of children’s nature is everything is interesting to them and they always encourage to know various questions by the way children could question their parents, care givers, teachers, friends and others after reading those chapters. Then parents have no way without answering those questions and they could tell many other related issues. That is the end of BTS to achieving the goals, BTS’s objective will be done and they could move their working path anyway. Another way, BTS has been prepared for their next program and objective is to motivate religious leaders and strengthening them for protection and preservation of child rights and children may secure in their home and other side. Approximately, 900 religious leaders will be attached in this program and they conducted many awareness rising sessions with their area people and for this purpose provide to them the ‘khutba guide’. BTS is active to achieve such kind of activities for fulfilling all goals they are working towards their ends which is ending child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse is not just a serious problem it is rooted day after day. We need to take over all of the obstacles towards removing CSA. And it is not just a responsibility of BTS but ours.

 Prospects and constraints:

From the primary stage BTS has facing many problems towards eradicating child sexual abuse. Everybody misunderstood BTS personnel, people did not trust them at all and people’s view towards child abuse was it is a paradigm of western countries and more on then BTS personnel did not speak a word of child sexual abuse. After facing those problems they applied some new techniques like at first, taking awareness sessions with teachers to convince them and to know them about this issue by the way Breaking the Silence taking sessions with teachers, children’s and parents to concern about child abuse, what and how can they realize child abuse and also talking how can they protect themselves from child abuse. These tasks are not easy to complete because of lack of peoples concern and responsiveness towards social responsibility. More importantly inadequate economic incentives are the main obstacle to reduce child sexual abuse from the root level. More importantly people’s conservative mind settings, stereotype idea and following myths are helping to keep societies irresponsible action. A local NGO, BTS has doing really a tuff job, thus BTS needs Government incentives to eradicate this serious matter. Now a day’s some other NGO’s functions at the issue. Not just to remove child sexual abuse but also implies child rights towards removing this problem. A child’s has rights to freedom to fulfill his or her basic needs and right for living in the world with secure environment.                                                                                                              BTS has some challenges to fulfillment. Firstly, some community leaders have played role as opponent when the male facilitator conduct session on CR and CSA with female guardians and adolescent girls. So the impact of this is they insist on working with sexual issue in the community without conduct the session by a female facilitator for female guardians and adolescent girls. Secondly, people lives in the extreme poverty possess a wrong idea that the session on CR and CSA is not necessary for them and their children. The parents possess wrong conception on child rights perspectives and neglects to attend sessions. At last the child of them is depriving from their rights. Thirdly, the local government representatives sometimes did not attend programs due to lack of awareness about their responsibilities for establishing child rights. Local govt. supports are not available for implementing community based program. Fourthly, community peoples those whom are illiterate and concentrate with superstition, do not feel the necessary to know about CR and CSA and believes inappropriate education, ignores the importance to learn about that topic. Moreover, legal support is not available for the sexually abused children. Providing legal assistance to the sexually abused children became hampered and the perpetrators are not punished for their act. Another way community leader’s tendency is relieving abuser from penalty by taking compensation and giving to abused Childs families. In this way, deviant actors always release from punishment by the way as we know many of abusive incidence always being silent hence some of the revealing incidence should be sort-out and must pay attention to laws which could be reduced child sexual abuse. Because laws and punishment could be reduces this criminal act. This is a criminal act, on the basis of we have procedure to punish abusers for their noxious act and update law tells us for proofing an abusive act does not need any proof but only children’s vocal for the sequences of the incidence is enough for punishment abusers. If the act will be makes as a law and implement properly then it will be a better afford for society and especially for children. Another way, males are less interested to attend sessions which are conducted for awarding of CSA. Some of them are attends in those sessions but it is highly needed to cooperative attendance of CP in these type of sittings or discussions. And both male and female should understand the depth of this seriousness but problem is these males are less cooperative to do so. Even the organization call up some male abusers as an attendant in such discussion as a participant because they think it is helping to change their mind of noxious, but it is not enough. It needs a complete solution and positive reaction of males. Another big constraint of BTS is poverty of CP, because of poor condition of community people they are struggling in all the day and they have no more other concentration to take part in the responsiveness of societal work. A community person has other responsibilities up to their families which are helping to living smoothly. So, they have no extra time and concentration towards CSA or its related discussion. Thus, it creates so many problems to increases awareness. Breaking the silence always faces various kinds of problems and their constraints created day by day and the authority of BTS always trying to solve those problems. Hence, those problems could not to be ignored by BTS and they must solve those smartly and it is a challenge to them. The authority knows better that children need a secure and comfortable environment where they could grow up freely and beautifully. For to growing up a beautiful mind and for build up a sensible person needs a beautiful environment. Implementation of laws is also important for reducing the rate of CSA which is really weak for the context of our country and here breaking the laws is law. So, again local govt. has a great responsibility to reduce this serious problem. But lack of legal support always failures the current rights. Some of people think that publicity or awareness raising programs are responsible for increasing this problem because of children’s knowing about this issue they are interested to do so and also growing the interest of abusers to do such kinds of things. It is really a negative thinking towards reducing CSA and awarding people to CSA. Some other constraints have faces BTS like low budget to implement any program or lack of essential volunteers or cannot operate their programs at a spread way at the same time partner organization have other prospects and constraints which are also account to them etc.

Conclusions and proposed solutions:

Breaking the silence always faces various types of problems and constraints and I have some possible kinds of solution which could be a solution against those constraints. Firstly, as we know Education is an element which helps to aware people and helps to understand them that how to prevent CSA. Breaking the silence should be aware about Education facilities for community’s children. Because maximum people of the community is not afford the cost of well education cause of their poor situation so they could create an education fund and could help some bright poor students by giving them Education Aid. It will be happen, if Save the Children taking grant of Education Aid and provide to partners. Breaking the silence should have to take some Education policies and Health policies for broader social and economical responsibilities. An educated and healthy person could be able to be a part of asset in this society and the person could understand the seriousness of CSA and be aware of preventing it. Another way, Education is an element without this a community could not perfectly aware about child sexual abuse. As a donor, Save the Children has responsibility to takes care of those communities health, educational facilities. If Save the Children takes responsibilities towards children’s education and health purpose it will be surely helps to gain their goals and they also could be help to develop social and economical growth in this country. In Mymensingh (TUS; the partner organization of BTS), there are three communities undertaken by one personnel, which maintenance approach is really tuff for her. If one or two more employees will be appoint in future then community’s people will get more benefit from them. Their benefit ultimately Save the Children’s benefit. There are more districts where BTS is engaged with some other organization but I am afraid for no idea about their work strategy so I should not command on it but I can tell that in case there has same problems towards eradicating CSA from society so BTS could take same policies towards those problems. And I also think that it has more scope to spread their working area. Hence, they must expand their working areas, plans, policies which help to aware more people of our country which also helps to reduces CSA at all. More importantly, in my personal view, donor organization could be more flexible to his partner organizations for smooth moving. Anyway, as my thinking BTS should concentrate on the situation of extreme poverty which is created many problems and would be creates. The population of the CP is not very much well in economical way and for the mostly common problem in the world should be main concern of the organization because if they are able to create an incentive towards children’s education and health policy, it would be a great initiative towards helping some families so they must take an initiative which will give assistance some poor and brilliant students who will be get proper education and other essential facilities. It will be encourage those families and some other families to aware and concern about CR and CSA related issue. I know that BTS always trying to included all of the community leaders at the CSA related programs in their target areas but sometimes some of them are played as an opponent role where if they have any doubt of problem to conducting any session with females or adolescents so they could be doing one thing which is included some of those community leaders. Another way, legal support is always needs for conducting or implementing any community based programs or sessions or sometime legal support is highly needed for supporting any vulnerable or abused children. But local Government is not support enough and legal assistance is also unavailable for the child. Moral sense is main concern for this great problem. Because, children are most vulnerable being in the social context and they must get assistance from not only state but also state’s citizens by the way of mass awareness. According to Breaking the Silence, they are trying to include CSA in the NCTB to reach information at unreachable and unprogressive area. As an activist group, the organization always keeps most of the information of CA and CSA and likes to participate in the related issues. There organizational objective is to securing environment for children and mainly they are working for reducing child abuse from our society. It is said that, prevention is best for cure. Breaking the Silence’s aim is to do prevent CSA at first and taking initiatives for implementation of child rights. Breaking the Silence is mainly established for prevention of child abuse. Thus, there mission and vision is preventing this serious issue from our mind and do set up of CR in our mind. For preventing CSA this organization has doing sessions, training workshop with stakeholders like boys and girls their parents, school teachers, with media persons, religious leaders, duty bearers (police) also includes in these awareness sessions. Those stakeholders are mainly children’s care givers and who are responsible for giving children’s rights. Breaking the Silence does advocacy and therapy for recovering those vulnerable children’s who are affecting by child sexual abuse. After counseling those affected children behave more normal to not only their parents but also their care givers. The organization always trying to recover those children’s who are abused by physically, mentally, sexually, and who those are neglected from their care givers. In the critical phenomenon, this issue should also handled with technical way and also a sensitive issue state should needs carefully handle it to eradicating this problem from our mentality. Media would be performed a greater role to stop and say ‘NO’ to it. Only Government could not stopped it properly because of relating social welfare with it Government would be a helping hand towards reducing child sexual abuse hence, mass people concern and awareness through social workers would be incurring more effective result to prevention.

Breaking the Silence