The Price Differential for Engineers is Declining

Hello, and equity, welcome back to the capital-centric podcast of the TechCrunch initiative, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. The whole crew was here this week, with Danny and Natasha and Alex with Grace and Chris to sort out a very, very busy week. Yes, somehow again Friday, which means it’s time for our weekly news roundup. Here’s what we found in our short window:

  • And we’ve stopped the recent mursal quick digestion of fake-meat startup Smargasard, including what he’s cooking in Gourmet, what Next General Foods is whipping and how he plans to keep his market cap sizzle out of the meat.
  • Knox raised a seed circle, which brought us back to the world of virtual HQs.
  • The TechCrunch list is dead – long live product capital: a list of how we separate VCs by sector and stage makes no sense in today’s illegal investment world.
  • Which brings us to a whole new set of funds? As Natasha mentioned, the scene has never looked more varied for emerging fund managers.
  • Apple vs. Startups: This is the beginning of our chat about the BNPL space and Apple’s potential attack on the hot startup market. In short, who is at risk? We have a few ideas.
  • AI Conversation: ZumInfo bought the CorusE this week, which we had a lot to talk about, especially in light of the epic evaluation of the Ganges. And bought Discord Centropi, it uses AI even for very different purposes. The great AI startup marketing push of the past years has finally come out a few neatly.
  • Jomato’s IPO and Indian Technology Scene: As Jomato puts the final touches on its upcoming public offering; we chatted about the list and what it could mean for the larger, red-hot Indian startup market.
  • Jiangxi Education IPO: We Have Questions Chinese Adtech is trying to get listed in the United States after Chinese regulators put pressure on Didi and other China-based American public offerings. Dare? It’s hard to say, but we’re watching.

As we said, it was a busy week! Monday morning you chat with everyone.