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The MLM Practice in Bangladesh

The MLM Practice in Bangladesh


In our country MLM Company is growing day by day because of increasing of demand throughout the country. By overcoming all sort of problems already established a legend MLM company named Destiny-2000 Ltd which started it first journey in 2000.So this Company in growing rapidly. Presently it has been formed as a group of company with 34 sister concern such as electric media, print media, cooperative bank, and established air aviation. Generally first introduced in 1940/41 By Dr. Carl Rehn Bourgh in America.First MLM Company is Caliphurnia Vitamins Co. Then Neutralitie Product incorporated (NPI).In 1958 it was treated as an international MLM concept with the opinion of American Parliamentarian along with the Traditional marketing Concept. At Present More Then 130+Countries and 13000+ companies are practicing This System.Multi-level Marketing (MLM) is a business opportunity that goes by many names – network marketing, direct selling, person-to person marketing, matrix marketing, or one to one marketing. Network marketing often called Multi Level Marketing is perhaps one of the least understood methods of moving products and/or services into the market place. It is a system whereby the company producing the product or service rewards the people who make word of mouth referrals. The people who operate as components in the chain are referred to by any of the following names – Members, Independent Salespeople, Network Marketers, Advisors, Agents, and Distributors – different schemes uses in different categories.

Destiny-2000 Ltd. is one of the largest multi-level marketing companies of the world. About 3.6 million Distributors have joined the company since its inception in December 2000. Having its corporate office in Dhaka Bangladesh, it has branches all over the country.

With the goal to create self-employment opportunities for millions of educated-unemployed youths of Bangladesh, the company started its journey on a very rough road. Since the marketing concept was new in Bangladesh, the company started to face with many difficulties from the beginning. The concept was misunderstood by many people, even by some of the government agencies. However, under the dynamic leadership of its Managing Director, Mr. Mohammed Rafiqul Amin, the company could overcome those, and made a remarkable progress down the road.

Origin of the Report:

In the thesis program, I was attached to a host organization named Destiny-2000 Ltd.’ for 12 weeks. During this period I learned how the MLM Company works with the help of the Levels of people. As a result I have decided to make a report on proper ground of MLM of Destiny-2000 ltd

Scope of the study:

The focus of this report will be about Destiny-2000 ltd to proper practice of MLM. The report is developed on the basis of my work with Destiny-2000 ltd. In spite of limitation I also got some facility to complete my thesis report. The employees whose held a responsible post in the entire department helped me lot. They gave me all essential data and conversation with me. My University supervisor also helped me a lot. She gave me a guidelines how to prepare my report more attractive and perfect. This Company has given me the opportunity to observe the company environment for the first time indeed. I got an opportunity to gather experience by working in the different departments of the supervision of different departmental heads.

Problem Definition:

 I am working on MLM to inform the accurate information regarding Destiny-2000 Ltd. to all classes of people .Market saturation can be defined as the point at which all people who want the product at the desired selling price will purchase. No products and services will achieve 100% market penetration; since not everyone will want the product, nor be able to afford it. The fact that a multi-level marketing scheme that is based upon an ever-expanding network of distributors, each of whom may pay fees, buy products and/or recruit more “distributors” cannot work for all, or even most participants can be proven mathematically .By this report I am sure massive people will have the eagerness to join with MLM Business in Destiny.

 Objectives of the report:

Broad objective: The Broad objective of the report is to fulfill the requirement of BBA program.

The objectives of this study are to have a clear concept and some practical experience about Company sector and to know real knowledge about MLM Practice in Bangladesh

This report is designed to know more about the overall Marketing Plan of Destiny -2000 Limited. In addition, the study seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To present the actual activities of Destiny-2000 ltd.
  1. To inform about the proper MLM practice of Desiny-2000 ltd
  2. To conduct the SWOT analysis of Destiny-2000 ltd
  3. To provide some suggestions and recommendations on the basis of findings.

 Limitations of the study:

The main limitation for conducting this report is time limitation and resources. Three months are not enough to understand all the activities of a company and how they handle their clients. Lack of experience has also acted as a constraint for the exploration of the topic.

Following are the Limitations:

  1. 1.      Limitation of time was one of the most important factors to collect data. A longer time      period would have ensured a much better result for the study findings.
  2. 2.      Every organization has its own secrecy that is not revealed to others. While collecting data i.e. interviewing the Marketing officials they did not discuss much information for the sake of confidentiality of the Company.
  3. 3.      Limitation of time was one of the most important factors to collect data. A longer time      period would have ensured a much better result for the study findings.
  4. 4.      Every organization has its own secrecy that is not revealed to others. While collecting data i.e. interviewing the Marketing officials they did not discuss much information for the sake of confidentiality of the Company.


Officially first introduced in 1940/41 By Dr. Carl Rehn Bourgh in America.First MLM Company is Caliphurnia Vitamins Co. Then Neutralitie Product incorporated (NPI).In 1958 it was treated as an international MLM concept with the opinion of American Parliamentarian along with the Traditional marketing Concept. At Present More Then 130+Countries and 13000+ companies are practicing This System.

Destiny-2000 Ltd. is one of the largest multi-level marketing companies of the world. About 3.6 million Distributors have joined the company since its inception in December 2000. Having its corporate office in Dhaka Bangladesh, it has branches all over the country.

Wave 4, Network Marketing in the 21st

“It is a strategy for selling products whereby independent salesmen are permitted to recruit other salesmen and to draw commissions from the sales of their recruits.” –

Century, 1999. There are four main types of compensation plans, which are known as the

Stairstep / Breakaway, the Matrix, the Unilevel and the Binary.

With the goal to create self-employment opportunities for millions of educated-unemployed youths of Bangladesh, the company started its journey on a very rough road. Since the marketing concept was new in Bangladesh, the company started to face with many difficulties from the beginning. The concept was misunderstood by many people, even by some of the government agencies. However, under the dynamic leadership of its Managing Director, Mr. Mohammed Rafiqul Amin, the company could overcome those, and made a remarkable progress down the road.

From Daily Star Report on dated Sunday, January 1, 2012

According to the First Information Report (FIR) of the case, unipay2u Chairman Shahiduzzaman alias Shahin and its Managing Director Muntasir Hossain had fraudulently collected Tk 246.13 crore and split the cash into their own and the organisation’s accounts to conceal the source of the fund”.

The accused lured people into investing in gold pledging higher profit against the purchase, the FIR added.

Assistant Director of ACC Tawfiqul Islam filed the case w ith Shahbagh Police Station under the Money Laundering Prevention Act, 2009.

The FIR stated that unipay2u has been operating bank transactions without the approval from Bangladesh Bank (BB) and fulfilling some prerequisites of the central bank. The company does not have security deposit with BB, a must for ensuring investors’ interest.

As per the memorandum of articles and association of the company, the company is to do export- import, tour operating and multilevel marketing business. There is nothing mentioned about investing in gold business abroad in the memorandum.

Another Report by Gazi Towhid Ahmed on dated Monday, July 4, 2011.

The commerce ministry has taken initiatives to increase accountability of business operations of multi-level marketing (MLM) companies.

The ministry has sent a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission recently, asking for its opinion on multi level marketing act — Direct Sales Law-2011 — in a bid to increase accountability of MLM business.

The ministry also sought opinions from Bangladesh Bank, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh, Institute of Chartered Secretaries of Bangladesh, Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh, Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, banking division of the finance ministry and the home ministry.

A draft law on the marketing strategy has already been formulated with provisions of prison, fines and cancellation of licenses if the MLM companies are found engaged in 21 types of businesses.

A 17-member committee headed by Additional Commerce Secretary ATM Murtozaa Reza Chowdhury was formed in March to deal with the draft law.

In line with the draft proposal, the government will form a department, which will be known as ‘Direct Sales Directorate’ and a secretary will be appointed to regulate the businesses.

The MLM companies will have to be enlisted with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms.

The secretary will have power to suspend licenses of the MLM companies and also halt their business if they are caught on charges of any wrongdoing.

The MLM companies will be allowed to pursue businesses under electronic marketing, pyramid selling scheme, networking marketing, tele marketing, door-to-door sale and mail order sale.

If any company bypasses any provision of the act, they will be penalized and the board of directors of the company will face a jail sentence.

The MLM companies should not be engaged in 21 types of businesses including those of land, flat, shops, office space, insurance, leasing, cooperative, trees and lotteries.

If the licence of a company is suspended and it is found operating business or engaged in sales of products, the government will freeze the company’s bank accounts as per the recommendation of the High Court.

The Bangladesh Bank early this year warned against investing in MLM companies that offer abnormal profits in a short span.

Later, the Anti Corruption Commission filed cases against several companies and the central bank stopped their operations.

Ifty Islam, an investment analyst

MLM companies in Bangladesh are “self-styled investment advisers” and “fund managers,” who are out of any regulations.“They must be regulated because only regulations can protect individual’s investment,”

Ifty noted.

The government, however, has moved on the issue after receiving complaints against some companies. It is now working to formulate a guideline to regulate such business.

“An investigation is underway against the companies that cheated people,” a senior commerce ministry official told The Daily Star yesterday.

On Sunday, Bangladesh Bank cautioned those investing in multilevel marketing companies that offer abnormal profits.

The central bank said investors can be deceived by the MLM companies that offer 10 percent or more profits a month upon investments in gold markets abroad or foreign exchanges.

The Anti-Money Laundering Act 2009 deems such investments to be offences, the statement added.


The study contains both primary and secondary data. Theoretical part of the article heavily uses secondary sources, whereas the findings and interpretations are based on primary data. Structured questionnaire interview with members/ distributors of different MLM companies was administrated to collect primary data. Secondary source of data included review of scholarly journals; company’s published documents, and other reading materials available in the Internet web site, textbooks, newspapers, and magazines.

Data have been collected from both primary and secondary sources through following ways…..

a)      Primary sources:

  • Personal observation
  • Face to face conversation with Company officers & the stuffs and successful distributors.
  • Face to face conversation with positive and negative clients.
  • Desk work in different section/division
  • Several Statistical Articles

b) Secondary Sources:

  • Annual reports of Destiny-2000 Limited.
  • Different published Booklets of Destiny-2000 Limited
  • Various websites related to topics & the Destiny-2000 Limited
  • Various information from Company’s website.


MLM History

Nobody knows exactly when MLM began, because it really evolved over a number of years, prior to World War II. Most observers agree that Nutrilite – now an Amway subsidiary – was the first true MLM Company. In addition to being the founders of network marketing, they were the founders of the vitamin and food supplements industry, way back in the 1920s. So the historical connection between MLM and nutritional products dates back over most of the twentieth century – a fact unknown to most people (especially those who think that, somehow, MLM companies are Johnny-come-latelies to nutrition. Most of the major product breakthroughs in that industry have been pioneered by MLM companies, in fact.)

What happened next is legendary. In 1959, they formed Amway Corporation. Within ten years, they’d bought Nutrilite, and Amway has rarely looked back ever since. It’s still the largest MLM Company worldwide.

Of course, that kind of spectacular success soon attracts attention and, before long a rash of MLM companies sprang into existence. But there was also a dark side to the story – one that still causes problems to this day.

It didn’t take sharp operators long to realize that they couldn’t take advantage of people under the strict, ethical rules of conduct required by the MLM companies. So they came up with a counterfeit version, based on a scam from the late 1920s (The Ponzi Scheme) that looked like MLM, but allowed them to fleece people who were basically the same as themselves… lazy and greedy.

It’s ironic that people still mistakenly accuse MLM of being pyramid selling when it was actually the reputable MLM companies that first petitioned government authorities to have pyramid selling outlawed.

It didn’t take long for legislation to be passed to rub out pyramid selling. But pyramid selling isn’t really a system or structure, despite its cunning name. It’s a mentality – an attitude – which is very hard to legislate against. Consequently, many anti-pyramid laws also discriminate unintentionally against legitimate network marketing, “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.”

Over the following decades, MLM has evolved and developed further into the wide array of companies, product ranges, reward plans and cultures that exist today. This unique, powerful system of free enterprise continues to grow, attracting more and more people to it. As we prepare to enter the twenty-first century, MLM has never been so well-respected, so healthy, so attractive or so rewarding.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a down line of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensationOther terms for MLM include pyramid selling, network marketing and referral marketing.

Most commonly, the salespeople are expected to sell products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing  some people use “direct selling” as a name for MLM, although MLM is only one type of direct selling, which started centuries ago with peddling.

MLM companies have been a frequent subject of criticism as well as the target of lawsuits. Criticism has focused on their similarity to illegal pyramid schemes, price-fixing of products, high initial start-up costs, emphasis on recruitment of lower-tiered salespeople over actual sales, encouraging if not requiring salespeople to purchase and use the company’s products,potential exploitation of personal relationships which are used as new sales and recruiting targets, complex and sometimes exaggerated compensation schemes, and cult-like techniques which some groups use to enhance their members’ enthusiasm and devotion.

In contrast to MLM is single-level marketing, where the salesperson is rewarded for selling the products. It is generally accepted that the first multi-level marketing plan was introduced in 1945 by the California Vitamin Company (shortly afterwards to become Nutrilite). The plan allowed Nutrilite distributors with at least 25 regular customers to recruit new distributors and draw a 3 percent commission from their sales. Unlike traditional direct selling, this was an ongoing payment whenever the customer re-ordered; allowing direct sellers to build a sales organization that could generate a residual-like income. Conduct directly to the consumer.

 Short Briefing about MLM

  • Officially first introduced in 1940/41 By Dr. Carl Rehn Bourgh in America.
  • First MLM Company is Caliphurnia Vitamins Co. Then Neutralitie Product incorporated (NPI).  
  • In 1958 it was treated as an international MLM concept with the opinion of American Parliamentarian along with the Traditional marketing Concept.
  •  At Present More Then 130+ Countries and 13000+ companies are practicing This System.
  •  The Greatest Example is MALAYASIA, More Than 800 Companies are practicing this system(2007). Direct Sales Act 1993 (Act 500) treated as an act of Malaysia Parliament and our neibouring country India has 2000+ companies.
  • Examples of Established MLM companies are,Amway,Avon

Herbalife, Usana.Newway, Acn, Nuskin, Forever Living. Prepaid legal,4 life

Destiny-2000 ltd,

  • The Biggest MLM Company is Amway Corporation.

 MLM Business System

MLM system is the new innovation in the world. it is also a marketing system but treated as the modern concept for the whole universe.MLM marketing System indicates the following implementations:

It is multi-level marketing or Network Marketing, Direct marketing, Friday business etc…..

  • Basically it is direct product Distribution marketing system without intermediation.
  • It is Multi-level selling system among the Basic consumers using personal referrals.
  • Consumers can be part of the products distribution system & can share profit.
  • It is a strategy for selling products whereby independent salesmen

Are permitted to recruit other salesmen and to draw commissions from the sales of their recruits

MLM Business Systempayment chartsome product

Weekly Compensation Plan








6 month





4 month





2 month





1 month





15 day





7 day





7 day





According to there are 24 MLM companies actively found to be operating in Bangladesh and 17 other companies who claim themselves to be in MLM business. The nature of the business the companies deal with, mainly falls into three categories – health and health related products; computers, information, and communication technology; and convenience and consumer products. Appendix 1 gives the list of the MLM companies. In this article we have incorporated the company.

Overview of five major MLM companies. Additional details of all other companies can be found in the above mentioned website.

1. Destiny-2000 Ltd.

If we are looking for great Multilevel Marketing companies, it is very important to choose which one we really want to work with. there are so many Multilevel Marketing companies are available, some sound better than other, be aware though many of them sound too good to be true .we are not going to get rich overnight, we will still have to do some work to be a success in Bangladesh perspective we should be careful to choose an effective MLM company regarding local perspective. If we really want to get into MLM and it’s a great to make good income if we are dedicated to it, there are near about 75 MLM companies in Bangladesh where we can explore to engage our employment. There are the top choices when it comes to MLM companies and they are also the one that can actually provide you with a legitimate income for the work you will be doing, you don’t want to ignore them because you will be missing out and a great opportunity to take control of financial future. In Bangladesh perspective there is a best leading MLM company is Destiny-2000 ltd which concept came from 1999 and started its operation in 2001 that does not mean there are not other good MLM companies out therefore you to explore. Many others have been in business for some time and are popular; if you are interested in real wealth Maximized company u can engage in Destiny-2000 ltd.Destiny-2000 ltd started as single company but now it has been formed as a leading group of a company with 34 sister concern. Many people have a wrong idea about Destiny-2000 Ltd.Infact it is true from the sense of MLM specialist Destiny is doing the proper practice MLM in Bangladesh. Destiny introduces some facilities of MLM.

Be your own boss: The members/ distributors of MLM Company are self employed and are not accountable to anyone for their actions and decisions.

Open membership: Anyone who fulfills the basic minimum requirement can join the MLM Company as member (There is no bar as to gender, religion, education, and income)

Working at your own time: The concept refers to the practice that as the MLM members are required to attract new members to join network, they can do soon their own free time.

Unlimited earning potential: A person who introduces numerous other members to the system can earn thousands of taka per week in the form of commission.

2.Neway Bangladesh (Pvt.) Limited

Neway Bangladesh (Pvt.) Limited is the pioneer and leading company in the MLM field in Bangladesh. Neway registered with the Registrar of the Joint Stock Companies in 1999and started formal operations in the year 2000. The company brought about a new marketing concept that had tremendous success in the western world. However, the concept is quite new and unfamiliar to Bangladeshis at large. The First two years of operation of the company saw a gradual increase. All these ideas seemed unbelievable to Bangladesh and some feared these ideas to be a part of scam. Neway, was the first Network Marketing Company to offer branded products from reputed manufactures like STL, Toshiba, Rangs, LaPana, Guardian, and Das etc.

Biznas started functioning in Bangladesh in June 2003 as a software developer; however, in May 2004 it incorporated with the BizNas of Sharjah, UAE. Biz is for Business opportunity and Nas means people in Arabic. Therefore the name stands for Business opportunity for the people. The objective of Biznas is to provide solutions by applying New Technologies, New Ideas, New Approaches, New Systems, New Thinking, New Strategies and New Techniques through better access to Information and Knowledge. The Main founders have more than twenty years of combined experience in the related Industries. They have successfully built large networks of thousands of people across the world. They are recognized as pioneers and prime movers of the network marketing industry in the Middle East and South Asia region.

4.Grameen Star Education

Grameen Star started its journey in 1999 as a computer, mobile and English language-training center. It offered various software and hardware training based on computer and Mobile Technology and is also known as an institute for English Speaking. In the field of network marketing referral for a course made by the member gets monetary benefit from the institution.

5.E-Links International Pvt. Ltd.
E-Links, a Bangladesh-Malaysia joint venture company is one of the most successful network marketing company of our country. It is providing a very good business opportunity for all. So, join E-Links and change your life.E-Links, a Bangladesh-Malaysia joint venture company is one of the most successful network marketing company of our country. It is providing a very good business opportunity for all. So, join E-Links and change your life.E-Links, a Bangladesh-Malaysia joint venture company is one of the most successful network marketing company of our country. It is providing a very good business opportunity for all. So, join E-Links and change your life.
eLinks International Pvt. Ltd is a 50:50 joint venture between a Malaysian and Bangladeshi company. We are a young and dynamic team, who believes in adapting. Adapting to local practices, cultures and most importantly adapting to the local market.

We believe, by having distinctive products, expertise and industry knowledge eLinks International will be the ideal partner for everlasting success. E-Links, a Bangladesh-Malaysia joint venture company is one of the most successful network marketing company of our country. It is providing a very good business opportunity for all. So, join E-Links and change your life.

MLM Practice of Destiny 2000 Ltd.

Background of Destiny-2000 Limited:

 (National Scout Bhaban (8th Floor), 70/1 Inner Circular (VIP) Road, Kakrail,       Dhaka,Bangladesh)

Destiny-2000 Ltd. is one of the largest multi-level marketing companies of the world. About 3.6 million Distributors have joined the company since its inception in December 2000. Having its corporate office in Dhaka Bangladesh, it has branches all over the country.

With the goal to create self-employment opportunities for millions of educated-unemployed youths of Bangladesh, the company started its journey on a very rough road. Since the marketing concept was new in Bangladesh, the company started to face with many difficulties from the beginning. The concept was misunderstood by many people, even by some of the government agencies. However, under the dynamic leadership of its Managing Director, Mr. Mohammed Rafiqul Amin, the company could overcome those, and made a remarkable progress down the road.

During this period, the company has made significant contributions to the economy of Bangladesh, by paying not only huge amount of taxes to the government, but also enlisted a large number of new taxpayers. With 1800 employees at present, the company has 34 sister concerns.

To bring a real change in the society as a whole, the company has been contributing a lot from the agricultural to the cultural sectors. Its contribution to fight against the sufferings of the humanity is remarkable. Always it stood with the people who were devastated with the natural calamities. And thus it translates its slogan into reality: Together we build our dream.

Our mission:

The mission of Destiny-2000 Ltd. is to enhance the quality of life by creating self employment scope for unemployed youth leading to promote millions of small entrepreneurs. “Our mission are also

  • To provide  high quality services with the help of latest information technology
  • To serve fast & accurate customer service
  •  High standard Business ethics
  •  Firm commitment to the society
  •  Growth of national economy

Our Vision:

To stand as a pioneer multi-Level marketing company in Bangladesh and contribute significantly to the national economy


To realize the mission Destiny will:

Involve 3 million Distributors in with in year 2012.

To ensure essential items and house hold appliances worth Tk. 5000 million through its beneficiaries.

Produce 100 essential items by establishing 25 sister concerns of its own.

Be the highest tax payer company in the country and create 50, 0000 individual Tax payers.

Establish itself as a welfare company for unprivileged segment of the population.

Demonstrate accountability and transparency in business and financial dealings.

 Our Commitments

Ours is a customer focused company thriving fast in both earning and ability to stand out as a leading Multi-Level Marketing Company. Our business initiatives centre on the emerging needs of the customers. Our commitments are- To provide service with high degree of professionalism.
To respond to customer needs with speed & accuracy and to share their values & beliefs.
To offer first-rated solutions of any problem & issue.
To ensure safety and security of the customers.Our Values

• Integrity: Conduct all our activities with a sense of deep accountability by being honest within and outside the company.

• Challenges: Seek not just what we are capable of now but acquire the capacity to achieve what we dream.

• Team Spirit: Build teams that we are excited to be a part of and that will push us to new heights.

• Skills and Process: Upgrade our skills and process constantly to stay on the top.

• Responsibility: Respect nature, society and stakeholders as the ultimate good business practice.

 Company information

Achievement of the company

Marketing strategy:

Destiny-2000 Ltd. is based on a positioning of product differentiation. our primary consumer/distributor target is lower to upper income professional and poor and needy family who need income quickly to exist.

Our second business customer is Developer Company.

Destiny-2000 Ltd.segments the market on the social class, Income and perception and lifestyles.

 Pricing strategy:

Although their price is higher than their competitors, they are maintaining high quality. They are the market leader in case of product quality in MLM. As their product’s quality are unique and consumers are aware about the quality. So, consumers don’t bother about the pricing. For getting distributorship anyone can purchase at least 500 PV

Selling price= cost of production + Margin

Promotion strategy:

In destiny Business there is no advertising with print and electric media.

The company does not use the ad agencies to build their ads and placing these ads across the country.

The company personal selling with word of mouth is only way to promote the market

*. Event Sponsoring

*. Words of Mouth communication

Marketing research: Using research, the company over the time identify the specific features and benefits that their target customer value. The company also measure and analyze the customers’ attitudes towards competing brands and products in the marketplace. Finally, the company conducts the customer/distributor satisfaction rate to gauge the market reaction.

Destiny Employees:

Destiny-2000 Ltd. has a skilled of qualified and experience engineers, Trainers and MLM specialist under worker supervision, guide3nce and direct participation the production activities are career on.

 In its workers Destiny-2000 Ltd. 320+ skilled workers. In addition to this 600 people are also directly associated with the marketing and transports departments.

Figure : Organ grams of Destiny-2000Ltd:

Organ grams of Destiny

Marketing organization: The chief marketing officer of Destiny is responsible for all of the company’s marketing activities. The company hires skilled marketing people to handle the marketing activities. From the sense of Distributorship D.E and PSD are responsible for their Team

Marketing organization

Corporate Dreams of Destiny

Destiny Group

Short Briefing About Destiny Group

Destiny Shopping Center Ltd.

Destiny Shopping Center Ltd. was incorporated on 14 January 2004 as a separate unit having own display and sales centers. To set up modern Departmental stores at different parts of the side selling through Direct Selling System. To make general consumers familiar with the modern concept of shopping from Departmental Stores.

Air Destiny Ltd.

Air Destiny Ltd. was incorporated on 29 April 2004. The goal of this company is to set up travel agency services covering all parts of the world and to obtain GSA of various reputed airlines enjoying stop-over facilities in Bangladesh airports.

Destiny Electric & Electronic Industries Ltd.
Destiny Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd.

A co-operative society of “Destiny Business Persons” i.e. Distributors of Destiny-2000 Ltd. , was registered on 23 April 2005 as a financial Institution. To provide new financial assistances of total tk. 100.00 core every year from 2011 to the Distributors of Destiny-2000 Ltd. to expand direct selling business and attain respectable earning capabilities.

Destiny Tree Plantation Ltd.

Engaged in the plantation of trees on commercial basis all over the country. Till date the company has planted over 94 Lac trees on 6293 acres. The target is to raise the plantation number to 6 crore by 2012.

Diamond Builders Ltd.

Destiny Diamond Builders Ltd. was incorporated on 25 July 2004. to build modern high rise commercial building. The goal of this company is to construct high rise commercial buildings, apartment house, flats,etc.

The Dainik Destiny

Dainik Destiny, a daily National News paper with present asset value of over Tk. 2.00 core. The broad objectives of Dainik Destiny. to keep the general people of the country with mass information about the country in the world and the Distributors of Destiny-2000 Ltd. in particular informed about the objectives and achievements of Destiny Group through Print media..

Destiny Printing Press

Destiny Printing Press Ltd. started its journey with the goal of setting up all modern facilities & equipments to support all promotional & Publication Assistance of the group as well as undertaken necessary measures connected & relevant with other business industries.

Destiny Developers Ltd.

Destiny Developers Ltd. was incorporated on 18 May 2009. to built six commercial and residential buildings at six Division Head quarters of the country and set up its six Head Offices at those six buildings. The goal of this company is to construct high rise commercial buildings, apartments, houses, flats, rooms or other accommodations for associations, societies or members thereof and others.

Boishakhi Media Ltd.

The broad objectives of Boishakhi Media Ltd. to keep the general people of the country at large and the Distributors of Destiny-2000 Ltd. in particular informed about the objectives and achievements of Destiny Group Through electronic media.

Destiny Education & Health Foundation

A Foundation set up for undertaking income generating activities health, nutrition and other projects for greater benefit of the society.

Destiny Agro Industries Ltd.

To set up large number of industrial and agricultural units to be finally owned and operated by the PSDs & Diamond Executives Destiny Agro Industries Ltd. was incorporated on 4 June 2009. The goals of this company are to increase national production of goods and services and to create employment.


DESTINY SAASCO PROPERTIES LTD. was incorporated to contribute to the national objective of providing residential accommodations to the citizens of Bangladesh. The goal of this company is to build satellite towns/residential colonies in and around divisional and district head quarters of the country for associations, societies or members thereof and others.

Destiny Environment Savings Energy Ltd.
Destiny Electric & electronic Industries Ltd.

Was incorporated on August-2004. The goal of this company is manufacturing and carrying out business of various electrical and electronic items in the country.

Destiny Education and Health Foundation

Was established in 2008 with the goal of planning and implementing such programs / projects which are conducive to the improvement of the quality of life of the poor including women and children. To continue efforts for providing services to the humanity at large and the people of Bangladesh in particular, to help improve their quality of life.

Destiny Security Force Ltd.

Destiny Security Force Ltd. has been established to provide superior security services to different nongovernmental local & foreign organization.

 Destiny Hitachi Electric Industries Ltd.

was incorporated in 2009 acquiring and taking over by purchase or otherwise as a going concern the business and factory of Hitachi Electric Manufacturing Company situated at Sataish Road, Gazipur, P.s- Tongi, Dist- Gazipur on 22 decimal land with 10,000 sft. 3 and half storied building together with existing assets and liabilities etc. The goal of this company is manufacturing and carrying out business of various electrical and electronic items in the country.

 Best Air Ltd.

Best Air Ltd.was incorporated on 2010 the goal of this company is to set up air travel services covering all parts of the world with own air craft


 Destiny-2000 Ltd.

38, Kakrail Dhaka-1000

 Proxy Form


Of. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Being a member of DESTINY-2000 Limited does hereby appoint …….           Mr. /Ms………………………………………………….. Of………………………………………………….

as my/our proxy to vote for me and on my/our half at the 11th Annual General Meeting of the Company to be hold an Wednesday, 23 December 2011 at 07:00 PM at Hotel Sheraton Dhaka and at any adjournment therefore or at any ballot to be taken in consequence thereof.

Membership No…………………… Folio No…………………. No of Shares…………………

Signature of Shareholder with date

Specimen Signature of Proxy ………………….. ………………………



Tk. 10/-


      1.   This form of proxy, duly completed must be deposited at least 48 hours before the meeting at the Company’s registered office. Proxy is invalid if not signed end stamped as explained, above.

      2.   Signature of the Shareholder should agree with the Specimen Signature registered with the Company

                                Destiny-2000 Ltd.

Attendance Slip

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Ordinary Shares of Destiny-2000 Ltd. am/are recording my/our attendance at the 9th Annual General Meeting of the Company to be held on Wednesday, 23        December 2011 at 07.00 PM at Hotel Sheraton Dhaka

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Destiny-2000 Ltd.

Notes to the Financial Statement

For the year ended 30 June 2011

Notes to the Financial Statement


Destiny 2000 Limited, a Private Limited Company. It was incorporated in Bangladesh from the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms (RJSC) vide registration # C 42075 (1434) 2000 dated 14 December 2000 under the Companies Act, 1994. It obtained the Certificate of Commencement of Business from the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms (RJSC) on the same date.


Destiny 2000 Ltd. is the largest multi dimensional product distribution business organization, which has appropriate application strategies of network business. Over 125 countries in the world are successfully doing business with the clean implementation techniques of MLM system. Destiny 2000 Ltd. has applied the specialized MLM business system in Bangladesh in line with the socio economic condition of the country.


Accounting Convention and Basis

These accounts have been prepared under historical cost convention using accrual basis of accounting in accordance with International Accounting Standards adopted in Bangladesh.

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets are stated at Balance Sheet at cost less accumulated depreciation.


Depreciation on fixed assets is charged using ‘reducing balance’ method at the rates varying from 10% to 25%. Full year’s depreciation is charged on assets acquired during the year irrespective of its date of acquisition.


Gross turnover is shown net of return and Value Added Tax (VAT). Sales revenue is recognized on cash basis.

Cash Management System

Destiny 2000 Ltd. maintains mainly general cash. Some imprest petty cash maintains other than general cash. So, cash in hand will be accumulated by general and petty cash. For this reason, some expenses under imprest petty cash haven’t been accounted for.


Inventories are measured at the lower of cost and net realizable value as per BAS 2.

Others i) Previous year’s figures have been re arranged wherever felt necessary to conform to the presentation of current year.


The positive insight of Destiny-2000 ltd:

It seems like multi-level marketing businesses are getting more popular than ever especially with the way our economy is going. They are the rage now on the internet realm. In fact, many multi level marketing businesses are taken by people who work from the comfort of their own home. There are various MLMs and many different products to choose from. They come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of compensation plans and support help. Having a successful multi-level marketing business opportunity can give you the money that you have always dreamed of having. It’s very exciting to know that you can begin internet marketing with a multi level marketing business opportunity and get great results. However, they require just as much hard work and commitment as any other business. If you are reading this article because you are wondering if multi level marketing opportunities really work, the answer is, yes. If you’re relatively new to this industry and concept, you might be a little skeptical and that fine. Here are some advantages to owning multi level marketing opportunities. Having successful multi level marketing businesses can give you the money that you have always dreamed of having. They give you an unfair advantage to a life of abundance that no other business modal can offer. They are easy to get started with and usually have a low start up cost, compared to franchises. You can leverage the efforts of your downline that you built to make more money faster. Once you have built your multi level marketing business opportunity to a certain level, it will not take a full work schedule to keep it going smoothly. All businesses have their own tax benefits and an MLM is no different. The best multi level marketing opportunities are created by leaders who apply the different secrets. You can use many different marketing strategies like, weblog to attract different kinds of users. With multi level marketing opportunities you can say goodbye to the daily grind and never ending dissatisfaction of life. The people of Bangladesh are getting several benefits along with great advantages which are as follows:

There is an important lesson to be learned from traditional business that can be applied to Network Marketing.

I’d like to discuss several benefits why Destiny Business is great business. Use these benefits to promote your MLM Program and to recruit anyone in your organization.
1.Small amount of risk:
There is a certain amount of inherited risk involved when you become an entrepreneur.
We are confronted with losing money, wasting time, not being in profit right away, etc. In a traditional brick and mortal business, the startup cost associated with opening that business is what holds many people back from becoming the creators of their own destiny.
People do not like risk and try to avoid it by all means. We’d like a “guaranteed bet” and stay within “our safe zone”. In business, you don’t eliminate risks you learn to minimize them.
The advantage of starting Destiny Business is that there is a small risk to get started. With a few money, it is possible to get started with a company of your choice, marketing products that you consume already. The amount of financial commitment is insignificant compared to that of traditional business.
2. A huge demand for good quality products:
There are a myriad of network marketing companies that promote very good products, Destiny is one of them. If I were considering a company to get involved with, I would always ask myself:
* would I still consume these products/services if there were no opportunity to market them?
* Do these products bring any benefits to a consumer besides the opportunity to make money?
* Would I bring “value” to my customers if they consume these products?
Every business needs repeat customers. Distributors only get paid when they have consumers for their products and when these customers continue that consumption, then that creates the money flow.
3. Residual income:
I am sure that you pay your gas, your electricity, and your phone bill every single month. These are the types of services that for the most part provide an ongoing stream of residual income for these companies.
The greatest advantage of Destiny Business is that it gives you an opportunity to enjoy residual income.
When the initial effort of getting a new customer is completed, you can enjoy the residual part of that business relationship.
We are so used to trading our time for wedges that we often times don’t see the potential residual income of Destiny Business. By direct selling your products, you can also claim your share of the residual income pie.
4. The income potential:
There is no cap on how much money you can generate. In my corporate jobs, my big limitation was that regardless how hard I worked for these companies; my income was tied to a “market standard” for someone with my skills.
In an MLM Program, that’s not the case. It is up to you to decide how much you want to earn. Destiny-2000 Ltd. doesn’t hold you back in the same way the corporate environment does.
As long as you have the skills set of a trained network marketer, you make whatever income based on your stamina, dedication, and your willingness to help others.
The skills set are key. Once you trained yourself to become a marketer, you can market anything you choose and generate that income you seek.
5. No employees to hire:
By far, this is a clear advantage over traditional businesses. A MLM affiliate program is a business of people independently working together.
Without any employees, it’s possible to build a business right from home. This industry gives you that added benefit, be in business without employees concerns, by having a network of independent business owners working together towards a common goal.
6. No inventory:
Traditionally Destiny-2000 Ltd would have distributors stack up on inventory. This Business alone has given the industry a bad rap for years.
However, modern companies do capitalize on the technology and tools we have in place. We have:
· Online Activities
· The Internet
· Drop Shipping Ability
· Consumer Leads
· Conference Lines
· Web Conference
· High Speed Internet Access
Not having to inventory products will make your business more agile to any market condition.
Low operating Costs:
The network marketing model makes possible to run a business at low costs compared to any other business model.
This is where your upline’s support should come in. A good upline mentor should allow you to piggyback on his expertise, on his knowledge, on his leads, and help you generate the funds to pay off your initial investment and get in profit early in the life of your business.
Destiny business is a:
· people business
· business of appointments
· business of helping consumers find what they have the need for
· business of helping others create businesses.
You reap the rewards by leveraging the efforts of those you help. This develops a collective mindset that promotes “win-win” relationships.
9. Portability:
With the advent of technology, we can do today what distributors 11 years ago could not do and that’s to make our business portable.
We now have a phone technology that allows you to take your telephone and move it anywhere you like transparently to your customers.
As long as you have access to the Internet via DSL or Cable, you can take your computer, your phone, and continue doing business while you are on the road, on vacation, or visiting relatives whether that be in another city or another country!
10. The attainable freedom:
Imagine having a productive business in network marketing providing you with a lifestyle that only the rich and famous enjoy. When all the pieces are in place, the life of a marketer can be very fulfilling indeed.
That’s the dream every new distributor chases and it is only attainable when there is a clear understanding of how to get there and when your marketing skills are sharp.
It is not just the money, but the fulfillment of a lifestyle that makes an MLM Affiliate Program the best business to get in and your skills is what make it happen, period!

11. Open Door Policy:

Any people can get benefits from Destiny-2000 ltd to become a successful person because of open entry in destiny-2000 Ltd.All levels of people such as upper class,midlle class, and lower class who are matured with 18+ age can join with destiny.

 12. Team Work marketing:

Any potential people who want to be successful in Destiny they can easily touch it because of building..Together we build our dream this is the Moto of destiny-2000 ltd.

13. Helping Business:

If anyone wants to earn taka 300 he or she must provide the facilities to earn taka 300 to others. Destiny business treated as a helping business.

14. Time Freedom:

 Daily consume 3 or 4 hours weekly 12 or 15 hour, within 5 or 6 years anybody can retire from Destiny Business. There is no time limitation any time anyone can get an independent distributorship and engaged with destiny business.

 15. Home Based Business:

 If you are looking at home-based businesses and multi-level marketing opportunities, you may find yourself wondering what it takes to be successful at a home-based business. Some people are well suited for working from home while others would find the experience to be frustrating, unproductive and unfulfilling

 Negative Attitude toward Destiny-2000 Ltd:

 Recognize that there is some risk involved in becoming an entrepreneur and joining multi-level marketing businesses. 95% of new MLM entrepreneurs will fail at their business within the first three months. You will be risking your reputation when you join. The reason I say this is because most multi level marketing business opportunity offer marketing strategies, like getting your friends and family involved. With a failure rate so high, getting them involved may burn some bridges later if it doesn’t work out. If you have not noticed yet some multi level marketing opportunities are better than others. You must make sure you are joining the best, do your research. Your MLM business isn’t just about traffic, it’s about conversions. Most multi-level marketing opportunities don’t convert that high. Generating leads for your MLM business can be a difficult thing to do. Most MLM don’t offer the best marketing strategies. Without a solid team to back you up, your online MLM business cannot succeed. With a multi level marketing business opportunity you usually need a huge downline to make good money.

For most people they will join a business that a friend or family member is involved with. This can be a big mistake. If you are really serious about getting involved in multi level marketing businesses, make sure it is the one that you feel comfortable in and you feel you can make happen. Anyone can be successful in this industry. If they apply these strategies: always take action, learn how to market your business online, always fail forward, learn the power of “The Secret”, and make sure you find a well rounded mentor. If you follow these strategies you will have longevity in this industry.

There are some bad ideas about destiny-2000 Ltd from some genera l people which are as follows

1. Fear of failure:

 If I can’t then what will be result it is feeling about Destiny. many people think there are not available example to become successful in destiny business by doing several months. Due to failure many are not interested in joining with destiny business.

2. Criticism:

Many people are not interested in destiny business due to environmental Situation. Many of us don’t care destiny-2000 that is a complete business. The people who are from the upper family they take this business as non prestigious profession in our culture, Our culture still not recognized this concept

3. Takes Effort, Energy and Motivation

Not only must you actively recruit your own direct downline, you must stay on top of them to ensure that they are actively recruiting and supporting their downline. Remember, this is the way you make money in this industry. It’s all about residual income.

So understand going in that this is a business that will require real effort on your part. And sustained effort at that. But what in life that’s worthwhile doesn’t, right?

Also, plan to have to motivate yourself. Ideally, you should be being “worked” by your upline to keep you motivated. They, after all, are earning their residual income from YOU. Not all sponsors are necessarily as diligent as you, however, so don’t count on someone above you being there to motivate you. Develop personal motivational habits to keep yourself moving. If your sponsor helps you, that’s just bonus.

4. Financial Commitment

More likely than not, you will have to commit to purchasing a certain volume of product each month to remain eligible to participate in the program. Be sure you understand your monthly financial commitment going in. And, while you’re at it, make sure that what you’ll be buying is a quality product that you have a genuine interest in purchasing. If you’re just going to stash it away in a cupboard somewhere, look around until you find a product that you actually want and will use.

5. Pyramid Schemes:

The difference between a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model and a pyramid scheme is that in MLM, real products are being sold to real people whilst in a pyramid scheme you make all of your money from the people that you recruit; your down line. What has happened is that because pyramid schemes have been outlawed, many have come back disguised as Destiny-2000 Ltd. This has created an intense feeling of distaste and hatred due to the fact that so many people have now lost money participating in such programs. In reality most Destiny programs are just pyramid schemes in disguise.

6. Lack of Government Principles:

Government has no specific focus on MLM in Destiny Business that’s why people are non reliable on Destiny Business. There are no specific rules and regulations regarding MLM from the government. This is the main obstacle of Destiny Business that they are liable to do any illegal Activities lack proper MLM principles

7. Problem for New Comers:

Some People think Destiny is notorious for taking advantages of newcomers, making research all the more powerful.When planning to create a network (a “downline”), it can cost more money than you are ready to commit to and can take more time than expected. However, this is still a big difference from the costs and time involved with beginning a traditional business. Most of the money is spent of the resources and training materials that you will deliver to your downline distributors.A lot of money is usually spent on gas for your car, eating out, and hotel rooms. Some companies require you to commit to minimum monthly orders to keep up with your distributorship. Some companies only pay for recruiting other distributors and do not give out a commission based upon total sales. Remember – this is pyramiding and it is illegal.  Some companies may promote product that “sell themselves,” but you really can’t make a lot of profit with little to no effort. A lot of energy and motivation is required for any business – traditional, online, or MLM. A lot of rejection comes with the territory, as more than 80% of the people you come in contact.

8. Less Quality Product.

Quality ensures the quantity; some of us think that all products of destiny don’t ensure the quality and price. This is more price than market, but quality is very poor. Reuse of product along service damages the product quality and shopping center is not available for destiny-2000 Ltd


The person 18 years or older is eligible to join the multilevel marketing schemes with no requirement for qualifications or previous experience. It was found that following group of people are interested to participate in such schemes

  • People who relish the challenge of running their own business.
  • People with health problems or disabilities that restrict their work options.
  • Retired people who want to keep themselves active and increase their income level.
  • Students looking for part time jobs
  • People with full-time jobs looking for additional source of income
  • Stay in parent (who stays home to take care of their young children) who can earn and take care at the same time i.e. mainly housewives
  • People with no job or anyone who’s finding it difficult to get a job

Table 8.1: Length of involvement in the MLM

Length of InvolvementFrequencyPercentageCumulative Percent
Less than 06 months18152.652.6
6 – 12 months10129.482.0
12 – 18 months308.790.7
18 – 24 months072.092.7
24 – 30 months123.596.2
30 – 36 months051.597.7


 This study of social impacts on those in the industry has thrown up some interesting results in terms of the very positive attitude toward the direct selling industry held by members of the independent sales force. While most had seen an improvement in life style and in supplementary income, clearly the most compelling result were the way in which people believed they had benefited in more personal way. That is, they believed they had improved “as people”, they were more confident, more motivated, better communicators ,and had developed new skills, particularly business and financial skills. This result has thrown new light on the industry. In many cases helping people with limited educational qualifications or limited resources. The main focus is the positive outcome that MLM companies open up new avenue of earning opportunity. Not all outcomes of the survey was positive, many felt that it did not provide them with the necessary improvement in their lifestyle they were hoping for. Many felt that it requires a considerable investment of time and money. Many expressed concerns that direct selling requires certain skills to succeed, which they lack. However this paper only attempts to identify the social scenario and demographic characteristics of the members, distributors involved in the MLM practices. The researchers firmly believe numerous other predictors may also be important. Thus it encourages research examining the problems and opportunities available, motivations for involvement, economic impact of such practices on life style and on economy of Bangladesh as a whole.Destiny-2000 Ltd is a leading MLM company in the MLMs field and to formulate financial market in our country. Destiny-2000 Ltd is a company on the stand for the whole company. The liquidity position is good, and the long-term solvency of the company is securing. The profitability and the market tests of the company are encouraging for the potential and present investors it very attractive for the new comers who want to be part of Destiny Distributorship. However, in some cases, Destiny-2000 Ltd was performing in a way which does not match with its image and those sectors need extra attention. It needs to maintain its accounts receivables and payables more consistently and accountability from the governmental Perspective. Destiny-2000 Ltd marketing strategy is different of the other company. This company marketing strategy is very strong and unique and it has efficient and honest management to lead better future. Now Destiny-2000 Ltd. is not only a business institution but also a social institution. We hope Destiny will build the nation with new dimension to eradicate terrorism, unemployment, hungry, and corruptions and will be able to curtail wrong idea about Destiny very soon because it is going expand its business to all over the world as a multinational company


From the Three Months thesis period I have drawn some recommendations which is given below-

Destiny-2000 Ltd is a strong MLM company in Asian market its performance is high. In the several months it felled severely. The management of the company should be concerned for that. More efficient use of the assets should be ensured. Here liability portion is very important. Operating cost should be minimized. Destiny-200 Ltd product demand day by day increase.

  Destiny-2000 Ltd. could increase the sales volume per day in order to take                       leadership in MLM Practice.

  It should ensure proper payment system through banking channel for the swift payment of their Distributors.

  They should appoint additional distributor to full fill the additional target market

  Destiny-2000 Ltd should ensure product availability & introduce more delivery sites all over the country

  It Might consider re-adjusting with the local market price in order to gain local market share over the existing  leader

  It also should introduce better incentives & scheme for the retailers than other brands.

  The company need to capture the industrial project segment of the market is because right now it is one of the growing sectors where the MLM demand is high.

  It should conduct the different seminars with the efficient trainers, consultants and government officials in order to make them aware about the proper Business of Destiny

  The company needs to install toll free telephone line for customer complain and develop a customer complain handling system.

  It should communicate with government to establish the principles and constitutions of MLM

  It should develop effective and informative Websites to inform all information regarding Destiny Business.



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APPENDIX:  1: List of the MLM Companies Operating in Bangladesh1.

1. Destiny 2000 Ltd 2.

2. A 1 System (Pvt.) Ltd 3.

3. Neway Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd 4.

4. Biznas.Com Bangladesh Ltd

5. Solve way Business Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd6.

6. Ganex Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd 7.

7. SAP(Pvt.) Ltd 8.

8. Baokang Healthcare Int’l Ltd9.

9. Door way Marketing Ltd10.

10. Al-Falah Communication Service Ltd11.

11.Sanjer TD Ltd.12.

12. Dream Bangla Information Systems Ltd13.

13. Bangladesh FIC Ltd14.

14.Super Bio Linkage (Pvt.) Ltd15.

15.UniSoul (Pvt.)16.

16.MXM Modern Herbal Food Ltd.17.

17.Saimum Associates Ltd18.

18.Life Golden Bangladesh Ltd19.

19.DXN Health (BD) Ltd20.

20.Life Time Concept Ltd21.

21.Life Line (TA) Ltd22.

22.Grameen Star Education23.

23.PC Net24.

24.Yongtai Healthcare Services Ltd


MLM Practice