Teenagers, Beware the Pitfalls!

Teenagers, Beware the Pitfalls!

Teenagers, Beware the Pitfalls!

Teenagers today must be ever vigilant to the many distractions and dangers that surround them. Knowing what these pitfalls are will help teenagers avoid trouble and have a happier teenagehood. Many teenagers complain of being under immense pressure to go to college after graduating from high school.

First, on the list are those distractions that take them away from their studies. Students owe it to themselves and their parents to put in their best efforts in their studies. Higher education is not only an upgrade of knowledge but of tasks too. At all times, therefore, teenagers must make it a point to be conscious of the fact that their studies ought to come first. This strategy will help them get their priorities right. Complete that piece of homework or revise those chapters for the examination before you decide to hang out with your friends. Studies must come first.

Next, let’s talk about parents. Parents are wonderful people. It is a known fact that parents always wish the best for their children, so pushing them to get a higher education degree is quite expected. They always have the best interests of their children at heart and they will do anything to prevent their children from getting hurt. However, teenagers often think that parents do not understand them and they are unable to communicate with their parents. So these teenagers are rude to their parents and become utterly selfish at times. If teenagers are a bit more appreciative of their parents and try and put themselves in the shoes of their parents, they will then be able to know how their parents think and feel – of their fears and dreams for their children. Therefore, parents push their children to enroll in college and earn good grades.

Now let’s turn to the topic of friends. Friends are wonderful to have. Teenagers are especially stressed if they do not fit in a particular social environment. Good friends are always there for you, just like parents. But there are friends you who may turn out to be bad influences and can lead you astray. Then there are friends who can inspire you and propel you to achieve great heights. Social pressures are yet another thing that pushes teens towards anxiety, depression and bad grades at school. So how do you distinguish the good from the bad? In this respect, young people must learn to think for themselves. Reflect constantly on events, people and ideas. Learn to see through people. Hold on to sound moral values and principles. These will definitely help you discriminate the good from the ‘bad’.

Teenagers are a young group of people who stand before the most important decision in their lives. Being a teenager is not an easy thing. This is the time when there are many temptations and when you grow as a person. Therefore, sticking to the three points mentioned above would make life easier for you. First of all, concentrate on your studies because this will determine your future. Secondly, understand that your parents want the best for you. Lastly, choose your friends wisely.  All things considered, teenagers are definitely pressured to go to college.


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