Technical Education

Technical Education

Education is the backbone of a nation. It removes superstitions, enlightens a person with knowledge and wisdom and awards him with the skill to earn his livelihood. So, education is related to life and education which is integrated with life is called technical education. If makes learners well-skilled in the special fields such as agriculture, carpentry, engineering, medical, driving, piloting, etc. this education concerns with technology. Today the world is rapidly advancing towards development due to the application of specialized education.

Technical education is very essential for the prosperity of a nation. It creates new prospects for employment opportunities and thereby relieves a country from the curse of unemployment. It plays an active role to sustain economic stabilities and to remove poverty from the country. Shortage of technicians is hampering our industries. The people who have special technical skill and knowledge are called technicians. Carpenter, drivers, mechanics, engineers, doctor, pilots and so on are technicians. So, this education is necessary for greater production in industries. Moreover, we should transform our huge population into skilled manpower by giving them technical education.

Technical education unquestionably promotes the economic status of the nation. We can also earn a lot of foreign currencies by exporting this manpower to foreign countries. Technical hands cannot be unemployed. They help in very fields. On the other hand, technical hands do not need to request others to give education makes people independent. After all, the more we emphasize on technical education, the more our economy will be strong and stable.

At present, there are three stages of technical education provided by the government of Bangladesh. These are – (i) The degree stage, (ii) The diploma stage, and (iii) The certificate stage. About 1400 students can pursue the degree stage. On the other hand, there are 23 diploma providing institutions and 3 technical education institutions. However, the number is very insufficient comparing to the necessity. No nation can develop without a large number of technically qualified men. Infect, the most prosperous countries are those that have advanced in technical education.

There are mismanagement and lack of structural facilities in implementing technical education in Bangladesh. So, for the betterment of our country, the Government should undertake a number of initiatives to expand technical education. First of all, more technical institutions have to be set up. Then, qualified and trained teachers should be appointed, the fund should be allotted for arranging educational materials and short term training courses should be provided. Besides, emphasis should be given on cottage industries, dairy industries, etc. Finally, people should also be made aware of the importance of technical education through the media. This education should be given topmost priority because it encourages the aspirants to come out with their potential.

In conclusion, it may be stated that there is no alternative to technical education at this age. It is only technical education that can bring success and prosperity to a nation. The object is to provide the young learners with a sure foothold in the battle of life. Even he can earn himself. He need not have to look for employment anywhere. Therefore, considering the development of the country, the govt. and the public both should come forward to flood the light of technical education across the country.