God helps those who help themselves. It is the habit of standing on one’s own leg with confidence. The best kind of help comes from within the individual. It suggests the supremacy of moral and spiritual strength. A man comes into this world with some duties to perform and in the performance of these duties lies the true meaning of life. It generates self-confidence which leads us to the way of success.

Self-help has virtues. We have all heard the famous proverb “Self-help is the best help”. It is the surest way of success. Every man should do his own duty alone. Sell helps leads a man to work for himself without depending on others. It is also self-service. It makes a man active and prompt. A self-help nation can develop in the future. A man who relies on himself struggles with obstacles and difficulties and goes on gathering power at every step. As we are social beings, we have to depend somewhat on others. But we should not always idle away our time awaiting help from others.

Nothing is sweeter than the fruits of our own exertion. We should remember that when we depend on others, we take the risk, because they may stop helping us at any time with or without any warning. Moreover, help from within always brings out our latent faculties and strengthens our character. Moreover, others can help us once or twice or thrice. Man needs most of his own help in order to succeed in the struggle of life. We cannot expect help whenever we are in need of it all through our lives.

A self-reliant person knows to overcome any difficulties in life. Most great men were self-made men who stood against their poverty and all sorts of obstacles that appeared in the course of their life, Japan is the best example of self-help. It has become a world power even after the massacre of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This virtuous quality makes him respectable and praiseworthy. The secret of their greatness lies in their self-confidence, in the realization of their own strength. It has been rightly said that “Self-help is the best help’.

Self-help is the best help. If we glance at the developed nations, they have already presented the best or most ideal examples of self-help. Depending on the mercy and kindness of others drag a man to begging. Self-help rescues him from beggary. An undeveloped nation can be developed by virtue of self-help. It can bring about a change in the fate of a nation. Self-help always teaches a man to stand upon his own foot on earth. Hence this habit should be formed in childhood. Its importance in individuals and national life cannot be ignored.

Strength is power in inherent elements found in a person. Not only in individual work, but we should also share our responsibility in their work too. Any team-work may fail if we do not perform our own shares perfectly. However, we should remember that God has given us a head, heart, and hands. We should fully utilize these gifts to enrich our lives.

Self-reliance may be the only reasonable way to solve the problem of unemployment. We must remember that an ounce of work is heavier than that of a ton of talks. Self-help is a noble virtue. The habit of self-help instills in our minds, the power of independent thinking, quick decision and makes us responsible citizens. It is the root of being independent and self-reliant. Self-help is not a divine gift, it can be formed and attained by making frantic efforts and perseverance.