Sounding Off: Not All Tech Fads have a Place in Travel

Sounding Off: Not All Tech Fads have a Place in Travel

The NFT is probably the least useful thing now to be associated with the travel industry – one might argue. At a time when the vast majority of the sector is just trying to get their activities back to some normalcy, almost Circuit 2019 is not thinking about “non-fungal tokens” (a tweak below is a contradictory explanation in a tweet)! Agenda item number one.

It’s easy to make fun of something like the NFT; many champions often get paid more than the idea or forget that they forget about responsibility for others, significantly more important things. But to reject how a new trend can affect any sector is to be fond of any innovation, somewhat trivial.

Yes, travelers are often asked to embrace new forms of technology or processes that leave many to scratch their heads. Google Glass can be forgotten – one of the first high-profile forms of wearables. If the timing was right it was a prime example of something that would inevitably contain a heap of possibilities in the travel industry.

It didn’t stop Virgin Atlantic’s choices – from backing up the idea a bit in London’s Heathrow Airport Executive Lounge and giving it a try for a short time – no one could ever miss the opportunity to make some branding capital out of something. NFTs are probably at the very thin end of an effective couple now; however, again travel brands need to keep an eye on the big trends in the tech space.

Most likely the industry suddenly found itself behind the zeitgeist and was disrupted by those who had seen a movement much earlier than the Nassars. It’s easy to laugh at things like NFTS Mock Mock Mock. In particular, many ideas have more meaning than the champions ’sensibilities, or are responsible for other, perhaps more important, issues. I forgot that. But denying which new trends are affecting which sectors is somewhat modest with a smile on all sorts of innovations.

Yes, often travel requires embracing new forms of technology and processes that are being fought. No one can forget Google Glass, which is one of the first hot forms of wearables. When the time was real, it was inevitably a perfect example of the great potential of the travel industry. Companies like Virgin Atlantic have never missed an opportunity to build branding capital from anything.