Some People Are Not Impressed with Musk’s “Optimus” Tesla Robot

Some People Are Not Impressed with Musk’s “Optimus” Tesla Robot

After much anticipation, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the company’s humanoid robot. The millionaire reassured the crowd that it wasn’t just a guy in a spandex suit like their previous event right before “Optimus” stumbled out on stage and clumsily waved. However, several experts weren’t convinced.

During the first 45 minutes of the Tesla AI Day 2022 on Friday, Optimus was unveiled, and Musk and a number of engineers talked about the robot’s software and hardware as well as their future plans for the project.

“I do want to lay out some expectations for our robot Optimus. We’ve come a long way from last year when it was just a person wearing a robot costume, as you are aware. It’s going to be extremely amazing in comparison to that, Musk stated at the occasion.

The robot entered the stage, disappeared behind a screen, and then reappeared with a frame to prevent it from toppling over.

Musk acknowledged that the Boston Dynamics backflipping robots and other cutting-edge humanoid robots move more fluidly and realistically than the Tesla bot does.

He did, however, opine that Tesla may be pursuing a slightly different objective. The company claims they are more interested in the brains behind the bot and artificial general intelligence than gymnastic grace.

You’ve all witnessed some excellent humanoid robot demonstrations, which is wonderful. But what are they lacking? A brain is lacking from them. They lack the intelligence to find their way across the earth on their own, Musk continued.

Tesla further claims to be scaling this technology and making it generally available for many individuals.

They are also created in small quantities and at a high cost. Although Optimus is built in large quantities, it is a very capable robot. Millions of units in total. It is predicted to be substantially less expensive than a car. My guess would be less than $20,000,” he concluded.

But not everyone was astounded by the big surprise. Many scientists vented their frustration on Twitter over what they perceived as the sensational hype that accompanied the ultimately underwhelming robot.

“This Tesla AI day is beyond embarrassing. Total and utter fraud. Filip Piekniewski, an AI researcher, tweeted, “Who on earth believes this garbage anymore?

“Amazing evidence is needed to support remarkable assertions. In a later tweet, Piekniewski stated, “What they’ve showed was a stupid robotic demo and they boasted about solving’ what everyone in the field already solved years ago. They didn’t utter a word about any meaningful progress in addressing the things nobody has yet solved.

“I adore all the trendy terms. neural systems. artificial data. engine for inference. Cynthia Yeung, robotics engineer and Head of Product for Plus One Robotics, commented in a Twitter thread, “Haven’t heard anything novel yet.