Sample Safety Meeting Agenda Format

Sample Safety Meeting Agenda Format

Sample Safety Meeting Agenda Format

[Safety meetings are regularly held by people to ensure the safety of others and themselves in every condition. These are Sample Safety Meeting Agenda Format. A safety meeting agenda is written to all people who are interested in safeguarding themselves and is not directed against any particular individual.]

Features of a Safety Meeting Agenda –

  • The agenda helps the organizer to create an outline for the safety meeting which has been scheduled.
  • It saves time and helps the organizer to conduct the meeting without wasting time.
  • It helps the people to prepare themselves before attending the meeting.
Sample Safety Meeting Agenda –

[Workplace Safety Committee Agenda]


[From Area name and address]

[Time of the Meeting]

Purpose of the meeting: to reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries and to ensure that safety committee certification requirements are adhered to. (Meeting subject)

  1. Review and post minutes of the previous safety committee meeting.
  2. Read the mission statement.
  3. Safety inspection walk-through.
  4. Review incidents of injuries, accidents or near misses.
  5. Review of any workplace safety concerns, training, or inspections.
  6. Review of workplace safety accomplishments if any.
  7. Health and safety topic discussions: machine guarding safety.
  8. Health and safety topics: recommended changes or suggestions.
  9. Adjournment.


Another Example of Safety Meeting Agenda –

Department of Fire And Emergency Services



[From Disaster and Fire Safety Commission]

[Location: Fire Department Training Facility]


  1. Call to order.
  2. Introductions and public comments.
  3. Handing out minutes of the disaster Council meeting held on [date of the meeting].
  4. Presentation by [name of the individual] from the Berkeley Police Department.
  5. Appointment of a subcommittee to work with the planning department on seismic retrofit standards.
  6. Annual elections of chair and vice chair.
  7. Staff report.
  8. Adjournment.

Attendees are advised not to wear scented products when attending public meetings. People with disabilities are advised to contact the city clerk’s office with a description of their disability at least five days prior to the meeting to enable us to make arrangements as required.