Sample Letter format to Require Survey Report

Sample Letter format to Require Survey Report

Sample Letter format to Require Survey Report

[This is a sample Letter format to Require Survey Report from the Concerned authority. You can follow this sample application letter to ask for a survey report of the work done as per the release of funds. You can make any change to the below application as per your needs.]


Authority Name…

Job Designation, (e.g., The Section Officer)

Department Name…

Project Name…

Sub: Letter Asking for Survey Report

Dear Sir,

This is the letter to the (Job designation, e.g., section officer) to complete the work and present reports.

I am directed to refer to the letter No. *0000* on the subject as cited above. The Chief Secretary (Higher authority Name) has been pleased to release funds of the amount (Money Amount) in the head of repairing matters in offices situated at premises of civil secretariat (Type of agreement). (Describe in your own words).

In this context, you are directed to complete all repairing issues of offices as informed by concerned officers (copies of applications are enclosed herewith). (describe your requirements). It is further intimated that a survey report should also be furnished along with recent photographs of the repairing works after the completion of assigned tasks, within one week positively. (Explain the actual cause and situation).

Your immediate action to this letter would be appreciated by the higher management.


Your name…

Job designation, (e.g., Additional Secretary)

Department Name…