Write A Letter To The Price-Hike

Write A Letter To The Price-Hike

(A long time has elapsed since you left home for the hostel. You have seen in the newspapers that the prices of daily necessaries have gone up in your locality. This may put your father to financial straits as regards defraying your educational expenses. So, you feel like knowing about the price-hike in your area. Now, write a letter to your father inquiring about the prices of the necessaries of daily life in your locality.)

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My Dear Father,

Hope you are well. I am well too. It is a long time since I came from home to my hostel. I know you are very anxious about me sending me to the hostel. Though I don’t have any problem here. I miss you and all the members very much. It seems that I haven’t seen you for many months.

However, I have come across from the newspaper that the prices of daily necessaries are going up by leaps and bounds in our locality. It is now beyond the buying capacity of common people. The Price-hike of diesel and petrol has contributed a lot to the price-rise. The dishonest traders and hoarders are taking advantage of that situation creating an artificial crisis in the market. When the situation is that, let me know about the real picture of the price hike of our locality. How do you manage everything with your little income after defraying my educational expenses.

I am really worried about how the thing going on. I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from you. No more today. My deepest regard to you and mother and love to my brother and sister.

With regards

Yours loving son,