Sample Job Reference Letter Format

Sample Job Reference Letter Format

Sample Job Reference Letter Format

[This is a sample Job Reference Letter Format. Here mainly focus on therapists job position. Reference letter some time required by the employer as surety of your performance or as a formality in govt/high profile jobs. You can follow this sample as a job recommendation letter from your boss, manager, director, teacher, professor to apply for overseas jobs when the employer can’t see you physically.]

Reference Letter for Job


This is to certify that (Candidate/Employee name) is employed as Senior Occupational Therapist (Job Designation) at (Clinic/Institute Name) since (Date – to – current date).

(Employee name) as an occupational therapist is working with outpatient children requiring mental and/or physical rehabilitation. S/he is providing quality care services to the clients with collaboration with a physician, speech therapists, and physical therapists and occupational therapists. (Explain all about qualities and experiences).

(Employee name) is skilled in providing occupational therapy assessment to patients with diverse presentations and complex physical and psychological conditions and delivers an individualized treatment program. (Explain on job specification and experiences). S/he as a therapist has the ability to hold responsibility for own caseload, working with supervision. S/he also uses a range of verbal and non-verbal communication tools to communicate effectively with a patient to progress rehabilitation and treatment programs. S/he has also a capability to evaluate patient’s progress, reassess and alter treatment programs if required.

As per consideration, s/he always maintains a collaborative and harmonious working relationship with his/her colleagues and superiors and presents a good moral character. I, consider him/her to be a valuable member of the team, who consistently achieved good results and delivers all expectations and also recommend him/her to be part of any fast moving health care organization.


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