Visiting a Book Fair

Visiting a Book Fair

Visiting a Book Fair

A book fair is a place where books of various kinds are brought for sale and display. A Book Fair was being held in the (Type of place). So one morning our teacher said that we were going to visit it. We cheered loudly for it meant that there would be no lessons for the day. I entered the fair and began to move from one stall to another with great interest. In fact, a book fair is considered to be an occasion of great festivity to the book-lovers. The main thing about a book fair is not a sale but a display of books on different subjects. It changes our outlook on life and widens our domain of learning.

At the (Placename) we were told to behave ourselves. If we wanted to buy any book, we were to take it to our teacher. Then we gleefully buried ourselves among the vast number of books on display there.  It is a device to spread culture, education, and knowledge.

There were so many books there. It was impossible to look at all of them. So I spent my time browsing mainly among the books on wildlife and nature, my favorite. Various kinds of novels, poetical works and science fictions are mainly available in a book fair. I observed many of them and bought a few. I saw my favorite writhe in the book fair . I took an autograph from him.

The commercial benefit of the book fair is also significant. It promotes the large-scale sale of books within a short time, with minimum expenditure. As much as the books were wonderful, the price was discouraging. I could not afford to buy any of them. I would have to ask my mother to buy one for me later on.

Time flew. Two hours seemed like two minutes. Soon our teacher told us to assemble at the front door. There she helped those buying books pay at the counter at a special discount. Not many of us bought books. They were too expensive. There were books on almost every subject and topic. We saw biographies, autobiographies, and literary, scientific and philosophical works of world-renowned writers. I was really impressed to see books on such varied topics and subjects.

After paying for the books we lined up and marched back in pairs to school. Generally, book fair exhibit hundreds of books on different topics and therefore, one can get the book of one’s choice at a short time. Today, conducting book fairs is becoming a flourishing business. Hundreds of books are sold out during such occasions. Book fair helps us form the habit of reading books.


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