Sample Job Application and Cover Letter for Administrative Officer

Sample Job Application and Cover Letter for Administrative Officer

Sample Job Application and Cover Letter format for Administrative Officer

[Here briefly describe Sample Job Application and cover letter format applicable to the administrative position or admin officer job. You can follow this sample as a cover letter or email letter. Both experience and without experience candidates can follow these formats.]

Sample Cover Letter for the Post of Administration Services Management


Authority name/Position name…

Institute Name…

Institute Address…

Subject:  Applying for the post of Administration in Management

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am an experienced postgraduate having 10 years industry experience (Show experience, if you have), holding a degree from (Institute name) in MBA (HRM) (Subject name). I came to know about a posted vacancy in Administration Service from a reliable source (Job news source) in your organization. I would like to offer my services for the post. My degree is relevant to the post vacant and experience adds strength to it.

My skills are working under extreme pressure and single handily managing tasks. I am open to new work demands and targeting my goals in the time allotted. My past records have proven my words. I even received an appreciation certificate from my previous job. No negative remarks you will hear about my working in previous organizations.

Attached is my Resume along with scanned copies of all degrees and certificates as well as References of the Heads of Departments of my previous jobs. Job postings in your esteemed organization came to me from a reliable source, so I am looking forward to a kind gesture from your team.

I will thank you in anticipation for considering my Resume and spending your valuable time reading this note till the end. I would definitely re-contact your HR department again in a week’s time for further seek job and interview prospects.

Yours Truly,



Contact no…