Sample Advisory Agenda Format

Sample Advisory Agenda Format

Sample Advisory Agenda Format

[An advisory agenda can be created either in a formal way are an informal way but make sure to mention the crucial information systematically. It is strongly suggested that people and organizations consider creating an advisory agenda whenever they plan a meeting to discuss any issues.]

Simple rules to follow when creating an advisory agenda –

  • The topic or the problem for discussion must be the core of the meeting.
  • The background materials relevant to the subject must be gathered.
  • The agenda for the meeting should be created ahead of time.
  • Arrangements must be made to record the minutes of the meeting.
  • Best of all there is a need for everyone to relax.

Example of An Advisory Agenda –

[Date of Issue:]

[Name of the Organization Issuing The Advisory Agenda],

[Address Of the Organization & Contact Details]

[Date, Day And Month Of the Scheduled Meeting],


9:30 AM Welcome/Administrative Issues

[Presented by Names of the Individuals]

Discussion of the Reports Presented by The Subcommittee

10 AM Translation Of the Evidence By the Integration Subcommittee.

10:30 AM Discussion on Quality Control Issues By the Invitees.

11 AM Break

11:15 AM Updates about Past Business.

12 PM Lunch

12:45 PM Discussion on The Integration of Fresh Ideas To Improve Business.

2 PM Statistics Of the Business For the past Year Presented by [Name of the Individual].

3 PM Future Actions To Be Implemented Presented by [Name of the Individual].

4 PM Adjournment Of the Meeting.


Another Example of Advisory Agenda –


[From Name of the Organization]

[Address & Contact Details Of the Organization],

[Subject: Appointment of A Client Advisory Board]

[Date, Day, And the Month of The Scheduled Meeting]

[Agenda: To Determine the needs and priorities of the clients and to plan a board]

Objectives of the exercise. Establishing a client advisory board can help the organization understand their needs and obtain valuable feedback which will be helpful in delivering client priorities. It is also an excellent method of getting referrals from existing clients. The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

2 PM Planning the Boards. Invitees need to consider the number of boards they want to have and the criteria which will be needed for obtaining membership. The management recommends establishing a minimum of two boards for meeting twice a year.

3 PM Consideration of Various Themes for Establishing the Boards by Contemplating the Inclusion of The Following:

Long-standing clients who have been with the organization for more than five years.

Large clients measured by their assets or the benefits they can provide to the organization.

Clients by demography or lifestyle which could include individuals with teenage children, Gen Xers, executives, as well as corporate executives, physicians, business owners, Etc.

5 PM Adjournment of the Meeting.