Salesforce’s Kathy Baxter and Amazon’s Nashlie Sephus talk about keeping AI ethical at the enterprise scale

Salesforce’s Kathy Baxter and Amazon’s Nashlie Sephus talk about keeping AI ethical at the enterprise scale

Most enterprise-scale firms today use AI and big data, but their sheer size can make it challenging to use them securely and responsibly. Over the last few years, both Kathy Baxter at Salesforce and Nashlie Sephus at AWS have made ethical AI and data collecting their business, sounding the alarm on machine bias and prescribing remedies. On Wednesday, they will speak at TC Sessions: SaaS on the rising need for work like theirs at the top levels of corporate technology.

Dr. Sephus, an Amazon Artificial Intelligence applied science manager, is interested in fairness and the discovery of biases in data and machine learning models. After the business bought the startup, she worked for — Battlefield alumnus Part pic — she worked her way up through the ranks. She now leads The Bean Path, a non-profit in her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, where she helps the next generation of tech workers get the training they need to compete, in addition to acting as an ethics evangelist and working with various teams to ensure AI models and databases deployed correctly.

Baxter came to Salesforce through Google, eBay, and Oracle, where she worked in user experience research for several years. She was one of the first at the business behemoth to realize the dangers of systemic bias in a corporation planning to incorporate AI at its core. She requested and received CEO and creator Marc Benioff’s approval to oversee an Ethical AI Practice team, which would do research and provide advice on issues related to the fair and equitable use of data and machine learning models. (For a high-level overview, see the Maturity Model, which is linked at the bottom of this page.)

The two experts will talk about why and how businesses should adopt ethical AI practices, as well as how the business and AI sectors are learning to embrace and absorb them. If your firm is considering implementing AI in a large manner — and who is not? — You owe it to yourself to listen to what they have to say. Tomorrow is your last chance to hear from these incredible speakers! Make sure you get your tickets as soon as possible because prices will increase at the virtual door tomorrow.