Salary Increment Letter

Salary Increment Letter

Date: dd/mm/yy


Mr. Name…,




The Officer Name…,

Organization Name

Designation and department name…

Dear Sir,

May possibly I take the liberty of asking you for a raise during my salary through this Letter? I have been under your employment since January (date..) I have benefited from a raise in (years…) only. Since to this day, my salary has remained unchanged at a figure of Taka (Amount…).

In the absence of the (Designation and officer name…) in (which year), his duties were shifted to me, which I shouldered proficiently, without grudges. Also, in the past two years my own responsibilities possess almost doubled. I believe that my salary hasn’t increased in the identical proportion. Besides, my other colleague who is much younger than me in age and experience is drawing an amount of Tk (amount) per month.

Keeping the above mentioned facts in view, I find myself that I am justified in requesting a raise.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,