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Report on Overall Business of Berger Paint

Report on Overall Business of Berger Paint


Berger is one of the oldest names in the paints industry and the country’s major specially paints business with products and ingredients dating back more than 200 years to 1760. Louis Berger, a German national founded dye and pigment making business in England. Louis Berger and Sons Limited grew rapidly with a strong reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship culminating in perfecting the process of making Prussian blue a deep blue dye , a color widely used for the uniforms of many European armies .Production of the dye and pigments evolved into production of paints and coatings ,which till today ,remains the core business of Berger .The company grew rapidly by establishing branches all over the world and through Berger and acquisitions with other leading paint and coating manufacturing companies. Berger’s mission in 2008 was to increase its turnover by 100% with the next five year. To accomplish this Berger promotes its sales department to increase the gross sales through direct selling and developing substantial number of new dealers and projects. The company can increase its sales by 35% in 2010. The company recently introduced a manual production system called ‘ ‘ for the production of 27 slow moving shades of Robbialac Acrylic Plastic Emulsion, 10 shades if Robbialac Synthetic Polyvinyl Distemper and 15 shades of Weather Coat. As the averages monthly sales of these 52 shades are less than their batch sizes, these are consider as slow moving items. So production of these shades from factory increase the stock level which finally fixes the working capital and increase the product cost per unit. The objectives of this system was to reduce the pressure on factories production capacity by ensuring the production of these slow moving shades from depot and by guarantees the spot delivery against customer demand. Berger’s one of the prime objectives is to provide best customer support-connecting consumers to technology through specialized services like free technical advice on surface preparation, color consultancy, special color schemes etc. To bolster customer satisfaction, Berger has recently launched Home Decor Service from which once can get an array of services pertaining to painting. 1.1 Back Ground of the Study

1.2 Origin of the Study

This research paper has been prepared as a part of the Internship Program of Master of Business Administration of UIU University Bangladesh. The report title “A Study on 4 p’s of Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd The report topic was assign ed by the respectable supervisor of the host organization and was approved by the faculty supervisor to satisfy both organizational requirement as well as the fulfillment of internship program. This report has been prepared under both of their direct supervision.

The Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd is literally as colorful as the business it is in. It has different categories products like Decorative Top Coat finishes, Color Bank product, Primers, Thinners, Industrial Finishes, Jensolin products, High protective Coatings, Industrial Primers, Marine Top Coat finishes, Marine special coatings. Etc. 1.3 Significance of the Problem

During my Internship program at Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd, I worked in the Dhaka sales office. For the last few years others paint industries growth is very remarkable. In the absence of Romana paints, some paints company like Asian Paints, Roxy paints, Elite paints etc, try to capture this position. Also those companies taking new strategies to grow its market share. So it is necessary for the Berger to arrange a successful operation for hold and create the greater position of the market. All those information will help the management to identify various scopes and limitations. This is the basic rational behind the study. Besides, it would be a great opportunity for me to get familiar with this innovative production system. So this study is very significant for both the company and me.

1.4 Scope of the study

Through a full proof demands an effective comparison between different companies in different zones, this could not be materialize due to paucity of time. How ever an exhaustive is taken by studying different segments of consumers, in Dhaka city. To some extend the study also cover buyers of different locations out side the Dhaka city.

1.5 Objective of the study

Without having proper knowledge regarding the consumer preference towards paints, Berger paints is in great challenge in paints market.

1.5.1 Broad Objective To analyze and find out the overall paints product in Bangladesh.

1.5.2 Specific Objective

• To identify the existing brands, different categories, sources and distribution networks. • To identify the existing promotional strategies of the existing brands. • To identify the substitution availability for customers product. • To identify the consumers perception about the existing brand. • To anticipate market development for the previous years. • To find out the problems of the paints market. • To identify the factors that influence paints market. • To identify the quality of the all products. • To identify the level of stocks of the products. • To identify the production capacity of factory and delivery rate of the products.


1.6.1 Nature of the report

The nature of this research is exploratory and both quantitative and qualitative methods are used. After formulating the problem statement, a detailed background study has conducted. This back ground helped me to determine the necessary broad objectives. As the whole process id not structured enough, the background study is doe through exploratory research, using literature survey and experience survey.

This report is descriptive in nature and developed mainly by survey research methods. Its tries to identify various scope and limitations of the system and then find out potential opportunity for the improvement of this system.

1.6.2 Sources of Data

The necessary of data for this study is collected from both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources include dealers of Berger paints and employees. Secondary sources include the internal documents like annual report, company bulletin, other research reports and proprietary data.

1.6.3 Data Collection Method

The needed primary data is collected through questionnaire. Both the structured and nonstructural format of questionnaire developed to collect information. Besides, some data collected by conducting in depth interview with the proper authority.

1.6.4 Types and sources of information

Every source of information of this research is given importance according to Sensitivity, Reliability, Validity, and Accessibility.


Accessibility of any source is very important issue to be considered in research. If the source is not accessible no information will be collected and research will be undone.


It defines the degree of relevancy of the information being sought regarding the nature of research .It signifies the essentiality of any information in any research.


It deals with the nature of the respondents of sources. It defines the stability the source of information. Reliability of a source is high when that particular source gives the same answers over and over when it has been asked the same question over and over. Reliability is low when a source responds in a different way to the same question over and over.


The degree of precision of the information needed for the research is the basis to measure the sensitivity of information. Here, sensitivity mainly deals with the accuracy of the information drawn from the source.


In the research I faced some obstacles that hindered me from obtaining the objective of my project. In brief the problem that I faced is;

A major limitation of the report was that only dealers were selected as the respondents. Most of the traders are very much afraid of disclose the information about sales. Time and cost constraints also other limitations regarding this research. Most of the traders of paints are illiterate or little educated. Every organization ha some rules and regulation regarding its privacy policy. So does Berger paint Bangladesh Ltd. Moreover financial information is regarded more sensitive. That is why I failed to collect some market share related information in different months which would have proved very effective in preparing the report. However this limitation is not very unnatural. Lack of experience of the researcher. As the report is based totally on personal observation, personal bias might have hampered the findings. I might have unintentionally missed any important point that I should have covered in my project work. In my survey I drop some Berger’s dealers as I want to focus on the traders who sales more than one company’s paints. ORGANIZATION 2.1 BACKGROUND OF THE ORGANIZATION Berger is one of the oldest names in the paints industry and the country’s major specially paints business with products and ingredients dating back more than 200 years to 1760. Louis Berger, a German national founded dye and pigment making business in England. Louis Berger and Sons Limited grew rapidly with a strong reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship culminating in perfecting the process of making Prussian blue a deep blue dye , a color widely used for the uniforms of many European armies .Production of the dye and pigments evolved into production of paints and coatings ,which till today ,remains the core business of Berger .The company grew rapidly by establishing branches all over the world and through Berger and acquisitions with other leading paint and coating manufacturing companies. Berger Paints began its painting in Bangladesh since independence. And this has been a footstep to bring more than 230 years of global paint industry experience into Bangladesh. Over the decades, Berger has evolved to becoming the leading paint solution provider in this country and has diversified into every sphere of the industry – from Decorative Paints to Industrial Coatings, from Marine Coatings to Powder Coating and what not. To give a comprehensive and sustainable painting solution to the need of the industry, Berger has invested more on technology and Research & Development (R & D) than any other manufacturer in this market. It selects the raw materials from some of the best known names in the world: MITSUI, MOBIL, DUPONT, HOECHST and BASF are a few to name. The superior quality of Berger’s products has been possible because of support from its advanced plants and an international-standard of strict quality. Investment in technology and plant capacity is even more evident from the new factory of Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited at Savar. The state-of-the-art factory is an addition to Berger’s capacity to make it the paint-giant in Bangladesh. Not to forget about the first Double Tight Can manufacturing unit in its Chittagong factory. All, together with devotion into R & D to make it the reputed center of Basic & Applied Research in paint and Resin Technology, proof the commitment that Berger has for this industry. With its strong distribution network, Berger has reached almost every corner of Bangladesh. Nationwide Dealer Network, supported by 7 Sales Depots strategically located at Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Bogra, Sylhet and Comilla has an unmatched capability to answer to paint needs at almost anywhere in Bangladesh. The sheer innovation and development drive is reflected on the various products Berger has so far launched in this market. The product range includes, specialized outdoor paints protective of the worst weather conditions, Color Bank, superior Marine Paints, Textured Coatings, Heat Resistant Paints, Roofing Compound and Epoxies. In each of the product category, Berger has always been the pioneer and will continue to do so proudly. Berger’s one of the prime objectives is to provide best customer support-connecting consumers to technology through specialized services like free technical advice on surface preparation, color consultancy, special color schemes etc. To bolster customer satisfaction, Berger has recently launched Home Decor Service from which once can get an array of services pertaining to painting. With world class range and durability, Berger is always ready to answer to all weather condition


Berger is one of the oldest names in paint industry tracing back to 1760. Lewis Berger, a German national, founded dye & pigment making business in England. Lewis Berger & Sons Limited grew rapidly with a strong reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship culminating in perfecting the process of making Prussian Blue, a deep blue dye, a color widely used for many European armies’ uniform. Production of dyes & pigments evolved into production of paints & coatings, which till today, remains the core business of Berger. Berger grew rapidly by establishing branches the world over and through merging with other leading paint & coating companies. Berger has been involved in paint business since 1950 in Bangladesh when paints were first imported from Berger UK and then from Berger Pakistan. In 1970, Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited (BPBL) erstwhile Jenson & Nicholson had set up its paint factory in Chittagong at an estimated investment of TK.4 million. The shareholders were Jenson & Nicholson (J& N), Duncan Macneil & Co Ltd and Dada Group. Duncan Macneil subsequently sold their shares to majority shareholder J& N group. The Dada group’s share ultimately vested with the Government of Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh after the independence. The name of the company was changed from J& N (Bangladesh) Limited to Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited on 1st January 1980. In August 2000, J& N investment (Asia) Ltd purchased Government shareholding. Now, Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited is 100% owned by J& N Investment (Asia) Limited, UK. With the passage of time Berger has unfolded its kaleidoscopic wings into all kinds of paint solution be it Architectural paints or Industrial coatings, Marine paints or Powder coatings. Berger has it all


United Kingdom

Registered Office : 43/3, Chtteeswari Road Chittagong- 4000, Bangladesh. Email:[email protected] Web:http//

Corporate Headquarter : Berger House P#-08, R#-02, Sector#03, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka. Email:[email protected] Web:http//

Factory : Dhaka factory- Nabinagor, Savar. Chittagong factory—27D, FIDC Road, Kalurghat, Chittagong.

Date of Incorporation : 6th July, 1973.

Commercial Production : 1973

Business Line : Manufacturing and Marketing of High Quality Paints.

Status : Public Limited Company, Enlisted in both Dhaka And Chittagong Stock Exchange

Position of the Industry : 1st.

Percentage of Market Share : 55%

Special Achievement : ISO 9001:2000.

2.3.1 Vision

The vision of the company is to remain as the benchmark in the Paint industry by Being an innovative and technology driven Company consistently delivering world-class products ensuring best consumer satisfaction through continuous value added services provided by highly professional and committed team.

2.3.2 Mission

The company mission is to increase our turnover by 100% in the next five years. By being socially committed ethical Company.

2.3.3 Objectives

Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd is committed to add value to life to out performs the peers in terms of longevity, customer service, revenue growth, earnings and cash generation. Besides the company will be the employer of choice for all existing and future employers. But it also tries to do best in the conjunction with activating the ultimate objective of a business organization –Wealth Maximization.

2.3.4 Focus of BPBL

Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd focuses on the following things;

Commitment to achieve total customer satisfaction. Commitment to project the company as an ethical and socially responsible one. Commitment to continue as the market leader through consistent sales growth, increasing productivity and developing new products befitting customer needs. Ensuring continuous improvement in operation through utilization of highly professionals and dedicated team, proper process management and participation of the stakeholders. Setting measurable target at appropriate stages and continuously monitoring them.

2.3.5 Spirit

Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd under takes its quest with the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, excited by the constant search for innovation. The company value performance achieved with integrity. It will attain success as a world class leader with each and every one of its people contributing with passion and an unmatched sense of urgency.

2.3.6 Strategy

Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd believes in the practice of market oriented Planning, developing, and maintaining a viable the organization s objectives, skills and resources. The aim of such approach id to build long term partnerships with the customers. And with their support .Berger aim to maximize thee potential of its business through a combination of enhanced quality of product, service, creative marketing competitive pricing and cost efficiency. The strategic planning of Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd involves repeated cycles of corporate and business planning as well as launching new product and marketing offerings.

2.4 Organizational Structure

Like all other manufacturing organizations, BPBL has a conventional organization structure. Generally six board meeting are called in BPBL during a year where chairman of the board of Directors presided over the meeting .In BPBL several committees like the Audit committee, Risk committee, Remuneration committee, Executive committee and the Purchase committee are formed along with Managing Director (MD) and other Executive & non-Executive Directors. These committees sit at least once a month to approve various proposals brought by the management prior to implementation. All the proposals are initiated by the mid level managers and then forwarded to the Managing Director (MD) through the head of the divisions or departments. The company has also a legal problems faced by the company and external auditors to conduct audit activities of BPBL.

There are four Non-Executive Directors, two Executives Director and ten Managers work under the Managing Director (MD) of the company. Among the ten managers three directly report to the Executive directors and other report to the Managing Director. The Managers of each department monitor the work activities of subordinates, convey top management decisions and provide necessary feed back to reach organizational goals and objectives. In response the bottom level managers perform their responsibilities sincerely and report regularly to their immediate superiors.

Capture 2.4.1 Future Prospect

The demand pattern of paints is department on economic growth of the country and Government spending on infrastructure development .Being an election year Government on spending on infrastructure development may be low due to potential uncertainty. However, the booming situation in real Estate sector is expected to continue.

2.4.2 Major Competitors of BPBL

Berger paints Bangladesh LTD operates its business in a competitive environment with both local and multi-national organizations. At present the company holds 55% market share where as the rest of 45%market share holds by the other multi-national and local companies. It’s clearly indicated that Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd is in the leading position among all other competitors in the paints industry .The majors participant of the paints industry are ; Asian Paints, Elite Paints, Romana Paints , Roxy Paints , Aqua Paints , Pailac Paints ,Al-karim Paints, Uzalla Paints, etc. Among this company only Asian Paints is multinational and others are all local producers. Asian Paints striates its operation in Bangladesh very recently. Already it diversifies its business with huge ranges of color and product verities. But still Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd holds its top position with strong distribution networks, effective and efficient management team and human resource.

2.4.3 People at Berger

Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd, believe that ‘Our People’ are ‘Our Strength’. These people who with their sheer hard work, dynamism and creative minds have made the business succeed. Their professionalism, excellent teamwork and strong commitment to their service, customers, associates and finally to the communities they live in, have enabled us to remain as the market leader in the Paint industry. We are proud of the dedication and loyalty of many of our employees who have been with us for years. They have the in-depth knowledge of our business that only experience can bring. We place high priority in developing our human resources. Importance is given on relevant on-the-job, in-house and external training programs, so that our people are well equipped with necessary skills. We augment those skills through appropriate use of information technology in order to maintain our productivity and competitive edge. Berger Bangladesh’s culture encourages professionalism, stimulates teamwork and promotes innovation reinforced with highest ethical standard. 2.4.4 Working e Environment Berger provides unarguably the best working environment in the entire painting industry. They use most modern and efficient technology in their factory as well as in the office .The physical infrastructure for their office building are well decorated and well equipped. The company provides a lot of facilities; e.g. free lunch, car facilities for woman employees and employees above manager level, house maintenance for high officials, transportation facilities for executives working in the industry. In case of leave, they enjoy what is the set as per the Government rule. The employees have the opportunity to take loan for sudden need from the company. Besides the company provides employee benefits like employees retirement, gratuity, staff provident fund, workers profit participation fund and so on. The employees with experience of few years at Berger can easily get a lift at any other local company.

2.4.5 Jobs Satisfaction in BPBL

There is a craze for being an employee of Berger group .The largest and most diversified name in the painting industry of the country. Among all the paintings companies in the Berger’s salary structure is better than other company. The accounts and finance department in the Berger gets most priories and perhaps the head of this department paid highest among all other heads of departments. The organizational culture, working environment, career path, salary package and some other things makes the craze for entry level to top level professionals to be employed here The group as well as the company is expanding, So there s always some recruitment in procees.The environment may be either for entry level or any other position. Normally, mass recruitment occurs for the entry level positions like executives for different department .Most of the upper level positions are filled up through promotion from their junior level.

2.4.6 Corporate Social Responsibility

To encourage the young arties in their endeavor, the company has started Berger Young Painters Art Competition in 2008 and organized it the company. Over this period 3500 painting 500 unique art works including 60 awarded winning paintings were scrutinized and displayed through exhibition.

To promote and inspire the young Architects, the company has been organizing biennial competition for Young architects, since 2007 .The second event was during 2008. Besides in 2006, the company has sponsored a good number of socio culture development programs organized by different social organizations.

The company facilities interns of different academic background to let them gain first hand knowledge and experience of the corporate world and thus groom the potential leaders of the society. 2.4.7 BERGER PROLINKS –

The Building Professional’s Resource

Prolinks is Berger Paints’ response to a market environment that is increasingly driven by technology and calibrated by expertise. Prolink is aimed at placing the initiative in the hands of Builders, Architects and Engineers to enable them to directly source innovative products and services. Operating from Dhaka and Chittagong, the pralines team is entrusted with maintaining a seamless interface between Paint Specifies and Berger Paints’ Sales, Marketing, R& D, and Manufacturing functions. The objective is to provide Specifies with complete basis for recommending coatings – data bases, technical services, color consultancy, site inspection etc. Pralines experts assure specific solution to specific problems, whether it is a particular shade that needs developing, special climatic factors that need providing for, or application factors that have to be observed. From know-how to leg work, the prolinks team delivers total support.

2.4.8 Environmental Issues

Berger strives to improve the world and the environment, and to provide peace of mind to all the parties the company interacts with investors and shareholders, workers and specially customers. IT is committed to conservation of the environment, the preservation of energy, the development of manpower, and to improve living standards for employees.

As part of Berger’s on going commitment to protect the environment ,its treats the chemicals and waste water in a modern effluent treatment plant , ensuring that World Bank guidelines for standards are not only meet ,but surpassed. Power cogeneration means waste that heat is recovered and converted into stream, which is used to provide critical production areas with chilled humidified air. Suppliers and specialists conduct training seminars for staff in this connection. Berger’s contributes generously to UN and local agencies to rehabilitee child workers. 2.5 INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS Berger Paints operates in 22 countries across the world. It has manufacturing facilities in each of these countries and is the largest paint company in ten overseas markets. Berger Paints operates in five regions across the world viz. South Asia, Southeast Asia, South Pacific, Middle East and Caribbean region through the five corporate brands viz. Asian Paints, Berger International, SCIB Paints, Apco Coatings and Taubmans. In ten markets, it operates through its subsidiary, Berger International Limited; in Egypt through SCIB Paints; in five markets in the South Pacific it operates through Apco Coatings and in Fiji and Samoa it also operates through Taubmans.

The countries that Berger Paints has presence are as follows:

South Asia: Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

South East Asia: China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

Caribbean Islands: Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago

Middle East: Bahrain, Egypt, Oman and United Arab Emirates

South Pacific: Fiji, Solomon Islands, Samoa Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu

2.6 SWOT Analysis

According to the study of the organization Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats (SWOT) analysis of Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd is described below;


Sound profitable and growth with good internal capital generation. Dedicated effort of experienced and efficient management team. High quality environment pollution free products and huge range of product and color verities. Most updated techno based production system. Company reputation and goodwill.


Narrow distribution network Lack of adequate marketing and promotional efforts. Lack of full scale automation.


Scope of market penetration through diversified products and increasing sales. Online selling and automation of transaction process. Government’s policy of encouraging infrastructure development and private sectors development. Adding more value in products and services than the competitors. High industry growth in the real estate sector accelerates the demanded for paints.


The new arrival of multinational and local companies in the paint industry. Increasing prices of the raw material and global demand factors and devaluation of local currency. National and global political unrest. Inflationary economic conditions.


2.7.1 Weaving Unit

State of the art equipments at the factory can weave a variety of high-grade enamels.Leter on these enamels are converted into bars according to the formula.

2.7.2 Dying and Finishing Unit

Modern high Technology machinery solvent and water base Machine are installed for continuous dying and finishing units. The color preparation units are sent to the laboratory for color justification. Latter on they are sent to the filling section. From the wrong unit are separate and the good one consider as finished goods are sent to the distribution networks.

2.7.3 Production capacity

The minimum daily production capacity is five thousand litters, which is 280000 tk in monetary terms. The maximum capacity is 6000 liters, which is of the value of 375000 tk. The production capacity is best on three shifts a day of 8 hours each and 350 working days per year.

2.7.4 Building and others civil works

Savar factory building which houses the weaving, dyeing and finishing other utilities machinery has a covered floor space of more than three acres. The Chittagong factory office has a covered space of 2.92 acres. The number of the employees at Dhaka factory is 100 of which 81 are regular. Incase of Chittagong factory the total number of employees is 60 of which 50 is regular.

2.7.5 Technology

To ensure the smooth flow of high quality product modern software named data flex run under the UNIX system is being used in Berger. The main focus of technological implementation at factory is to Ensure the smooth technological and ongoing process knows how. Provide technological evaluation of the machinery for the project. Provide basic and supervise construction of factory and ancilling buildings. Coordinate training for personal of Berger with machinery manufacture and others. Give production guarantees agreed set parameters. The machinery suppliers are also providing training on these equipments to Berger’s personal. The erections and installations are supervised by respective machine supplier’s experts.


BPBL sources its raw materials from some of the best known names in the word: MITSUE, MOBIL, DUPONT, HOECHEST and BASF, to name a few. The basic raw materials that Berger uses for production of its products are pigment, extender, oil and resin. The other major raw materials for its production are dyes and chemicals required for the dyeing and finishing process respectively. Most of the raw materials are imported from outside the country. The external supplies come from countries like India, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, England, USA etc.


Power: The factory has total capacity power generation along with co-generation facilities. Water: Water is available from the factory’s own tube-well facilities. Steam: In order to meet the steam requirements of the project three steam boilers with a total capacity of 30 tons/hour are running.


Available products and color. Timely delivery. Provide urgent delivery. Flexibilities in sales system. Reduce rigid sales target. Optimums profit margin. Information centre. Provide more training for the painters. More credit amount. More credit time limit. Take return of waste product. Provide constant program. Reward for well decorated products. Conduct door to door visit. Provide acquired commission after every month.


Problems of Berger paints;

Shortage of delivery

Most of the customers complain that Berger paint cannot fulfill their demand well. Berger has its brand image and most of the customers want Berger. Dealers of Berger can not face their total demand. Shortage delivery of Berger paint benefited its key competitors in following ways; 1) Due to the shortage of delivery of Berger, paints traders’ sale other companies’ products to their customers. As a result, a sale of other companies increases in the absence of Berger. Most of the paint traders confess that last year Asian paints sales was about 40 cores where as in current year by June Asian paint has already achieved about 40 cores. One of the main reasons is the shortage of delivery of Berger. 2) Due to the shortage delivery of Berger‘s customers may be shifted to other brands. It’s a great threat for Berger.

Unavailable colors

Berger paints offers various colors and shades to its customers. According to most of the dealers Berger producers white and off-white more whereas other common colors less. As a result they can not face customer’s choices. Most of the customers are flexible in brand but rigid in color. Though Berger has greater chance to optimize its sales, but it cannot do it because of unavailability of color.

Not timely delivery

Due to the lack of strong own transportation system, Berger cannot deliver of its products to the customer in time. Imbalance between sales and distribution

Most of the dealers accuse that after preparing the invoice Berger can not deliver the ordered products. It creates dissatisfaction of dealers. This is just because of imbalance between sales and distribution.

Lower profit margin

Though Berger provides higher quality products but it offers very lower profit margin for the dealers. As a result most of the dealers lost their interest to sell Berger rather than other brands.

Error operation with blank cheques Some of the dealers blame that due to lack of awareness, Berger sometimes conduct error operation with their blank cheques.

Other problem

Instable political situation. Action taken by Government. Key dealers reduced their purchase due of house to afraid of tax. Apartment business and construction of house is about to stopped. Dealers have to purchase products in cash but they have to sale in credit. Credit collection of dealers from their customers is very slow.


All types of paints can be divided into three major groups. These are Decorative, Industrial, and Marine. Decorative paints are generally three types; Oil based, water based, and cements paint.


3.1 Decorative

Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd offers both interior and exterior paints. It leads the way for introducing high quality color bank products and top coat finishes Decorative paints in Bangladesh. Interior paints like plastic and distemper are used in wall, cement plaster etc. and enamel is used for metal, wood, bamboo, hardboard etc. Those products ensure long life of metal, wood, bamboo, hardboard, cement plaster etc. as well as its beauty. Very recent Berger offers Robbialac easy clean which is high quality interior wall finishes, highly applicable for concrete wall and cleanable. It offers exterior paints like weather coat which is high quality exterior liquid and durocem is power based. Both are water, weather and fungus resistant. It also provides primers, undercoats, thinners and other decorative products.

Premium emulsions, regular acrylic emulsions, distempers, first quality enamels, exterior finishes, textured finishes, automotive refinishes- you would expect a company like BERGER, the premier paint company in Bangladesh, to have leading brands in all these categories.

The following chart shows the categories of Decorative products of Berger paints;

Capture The following table introduces Decorative top coat finishes

Product NameProduct Description
Luxury SilkA marvel of international emulsion technology, Luxury Silk combines the best of aesthetic appeal with the best of functional properties like durability and ease of maintained.
Robbialac Acrylic Plastic Emulsion (APE)A standard emulsion paint formulated with acrylic, copolymer emulsion, quality pigments and other raw, materials. Robbialac Acrylic Plastic Emulsion has a smooth, rich, matt finish and is available in a very wide range of pleasing shades. Painted surfaces, which have matured for at least two months, are easy to clean with a solution of water and mild soap.
Robbialac Super Gloss Synthetic Enamel (RSE)Robbialac Super Gloss Synthetic Enamel is hardworking, premium quality synthetic enamel formulated to retain its gloss and film integrity in the face of extreme climatic variations. Its excellent weather ability makes it ideal for rolling stock like railway coaches, buses, lories, oil tankers, as well as for doors, windows, signboards and hoardings. It is equally versatile for interior application like furniture, fixtures and various other domestic articles.
Robbialac Acrylic Distemper (SPD)A specially formulated acrylic co-polymer emulsion based washable distemper for elegant, smooth, durable, matt finish for interiors. Compared to other conventional distempers, Robbialac Acrylic Distemper can cover 30% more area because of its special formulation.
Weather Coat SmoothWeather coat is smooth water based super exterior wall finish formulated to give exceptional durability in adverse climatic conditions. It provides the buildings with a long lasting and fresh appearance. It based  on tough, flexible and high quality resin emulsion, which provides excellent flexibility and adhesion.
Jhilik Synthetic EnamelJhilik Synthetic Enamel is economy synthetic enamel formulated for interior and exterior application to give a glossy durable surface. It is ideally suitable for wood and steel furniture, toys and various household items.
Durocem Cement CoatingDurocem is an exceptional formulation based on selected raw materials and specially treated white cement that makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It affords a hard, durable and waterproof surface. This product is a unique combination of aesthetics, durability and economy.
Wood KeeperIt provides brightness to polished or polish less or uneven surface of wood and spot resistance.
Robbialac Aluminium PaintRobbialac Aluminium Paint is a superior 2- pack aluminum paint with a brilliant silver-like luster. It is ideal for application on the exteriors of storage tanks for water, petrol, oil…
Tartaruga Textured CoatingThis is one of the most famous BERGER formulations in the world. The product is paste like having special aggregate to facilitate drawing desired textured patterns on the surface.
Robbialac Wall PuttyIt used for new even plaster wall and only applicable for outer wall.
Robbialac Damp StopThis specially formulated two-pack compound is based on selected binder system incorporated with inert pigments’ and fillers, which seals the surface by eliminating the permeability of moisture and water that actually cause dampness…
Flexible Roofing CompoundThis high-tech roofing compound is a highly flexible waterproof coating based on a special grade polymer…
Silicone Water RepellentThis unique product based on special type of Silicone compound is designed for water repellency of all masonry works and it keeps water on the run…
Robbialac Synthetic Clear Varnish
Robbialac Epoxy Clear Lacquer
Robbialac Polyrethane Wood Lacquer
Wood Keeper Polyurethane Clear Wood Finish
Robbialac Red Lead Primer
Robbialac Zinc Phosphate Primer
Robbialac Plastron Primer SealerThis is an excellent primer, specially for plastered walls which seals and stops penetration of moisture from inside the wall and thus keeps the topcoat finish unharmed…
Robbialac Synthetic Undercoat
Robbialac Anticorrosive Red Oxide PrimerRobbialac Red Oxide Primer provides an excellent, quick-drying protective coating on various types of ferrous metal surfaces…
Robbialac Water Sealer
Robbialac T-6 for Air-Drying Primers & Enamels
Bison All Purpose PrimerBison All Purpose Primer is applicable on concrete, wooden and metal surfaces. It can be applied on both new and old surfaces…
Auto Coat Primer Surfacer/Undercoat

3.1.1 Color Bank

Berger Color Bank introduces you to the global way to paint with a unlimited choice of shades to match your taste-instantly. The shade cards in Berger Color Bank stores are merely indicative of the amazing choice Berger Color Bank can give you. The rest is up to your imagination and your fingertips. Every Berger Color Bank store has a computerized color tinting machine to help you choose and take home your own shades from our world class range of paints. Availability of your chosen shades is always ensured as the paint is created and dispensed by the machine before your very own eyes.

What’s more, as you see the shades of your choice on the screen, it also suggests three other colors to match it. Today thousands of satisfied customers swear by Berger Color Bank. Resulting in the installation of numbers of tinting machines in Berger Color Bank stores across the country. Our Access to World Class Quality Berger Color Bank uses superior imported colorants and the world renowned tinting technology of Italianate, Italy. All these assure you a paint quality which is world class. Match and Compare Endless Color Combinations Berger Color Bank has an unique Tint vision software which allows you to see infinite color combinations on the screen of the computer. If you so desire you can mix and match and create your own shades as well.

3.1.2 Color Bank Products

Robbialac Plastic Emulsion Classic
Robbialac Synthetic Enamel Gold
Luxury Silk Splendour
Robbialac Pearl Lustre Finish
Weather coat Smooth Classic
Robbialac SPD Super
Wood Keeper Finesse

3.2 Industrial Paints

This is a different segment of Berger’s wide range of paints mostly used for the industries both as raw materials and as protective paints for the equipments and buildings. Berger industrial paint is the economy brand of industrial paints. Protecting industrial assets is increasingly becoming critical owing to rising asset costs, harsh weather conditions and mounting chemical pollution. Therefore asset owners are looking at specialized protective coatings specific to their requirements. We perceive this to be just the right environment for Berger Paints to demonstrate its growing technical strength.

Protective Coatings from Berger paints offer a choice of high-performance, heavy-duty coatings, designed to protect assets against the specific corrosive environment they are exposed to. Berger Paints Protective Coatings are tested under extreme conditions to ensure that they are durable and can withstand the vagaries of the different climatic conditions. Today the range of coatings find use across diverse industries such as nuclear, thermal or hydel power plants, chemical, petrochemical or fertilizer plants, refineries, sugar, pulp and paper industry, offshore structures, pharmaceuticals etc.

Berger offer industrial finishes, high protective coatings, industrial primers and other industrial products for the requirement of industrial paints. These paints are long lasting and prepared in a special method to protect industrial equipments, structures from heat, swatting and bulging. Berger paints offers the following products for its industrial customers;

Product Name

Product Description

Berger Suprakoat Powder Coating
Jensolin Industrial EnamelA top quality glossy paint based on high quality selected resins and pigments. It has versatile applications…
Jensolin Aluminum Paint
Jensolin Stoving PrimerThis primer is based on Alkyd / Amino resin combination as well as anti-corrosive pigment and is most suitable under staving finishes…
Jensolin Chlororubber LacquersA chlorinated rubber based finish with exceptional properties like water impermeability, resistance to salt spray, spillage and fumes of most acids…
Jensolin Stoving EnamelThis is high performance enamel based on a blend of high grade thermosetting Alkyd-Amino resin together with high quality pigments…
Jensolin Road/Runway Marking PaintThis is a quick drying, high opacity, heavy-duty paint prepared from a chlorinated rubber system…
Jensolin Swimming Pool PaintThis special paint is based on special grade of Chlorinated Rubber together with a suitable plasticizer…
Jensolin Tennis Court PaintThis non-slip primer is based on chlorinated Rubber resin and inert pigments…
Jensolin Cycle Paints (Primer & Finish)
Jensolin Insulating Varnish
Jensolin Bituminus Aluminum PaintThis is a quick drying anticorrosive, flexible, bituminous paint formulated to withstand exposure to the elements, acid fumes and occasional contact with dilute solutions of chemicals…
Jensolin Apexior Boiler CompositionsA specially formulated anticorrosive composition for hot-wet metal surfaces…
Jensolin Heat Resisting Chimney Black
Jensolin High Heat Resisting Paint
Jensolin Overprint Varnish
Jensolin Paint Remover
Jensolin Rust Remover
Jensolin EpoxiesA two pack anticorrosive epoxy primer for use on steel surfaces. This primer is ideally designed for offering superior performance in highly corrosive chemical and coastal environments…
Jensolin Polyurethanes
Jensolin Red Oxide Primer
Jensolin Red Lead PrimerThis is a quick drying Red Lead Primer to use on structural steel. Provides a hard drying, anticorrosive coating, suitable for over coating with conventional finishes and chlorinated rubber coatings…
Jensolin Zinc Phosphate PrimerJensolin Zinc Phosphate Primer is based on a special synthetic resin in which zinc phosphate is used as a rust-inhibiting pigment…
Jensolin Zinc Chromate PrimerJensolin Zinc Chromate Primer is based on a special synthetic resin in which zinc chromate is used as a rust-inhibiting pigment…
JensolinWash PrimerA two pack etch primer for use on C.I. sheets, G. I. Sheets or pipe…

3.3 Marine

Product Name

Product Description

Seaborne High Gloss Enamel
Seaborne Aluminium Paint
Seaborne Aluminium Hold Paint
Seaborne Boot Topping
Seaborne Topside
Seaborne Deck Paint
Seaborne Funnel Heat Resisting Chimney Black
Seaborne Bituminus Black
Berger Marine Enamel
Seaborne Red Lead Primer
Seaborne Zinc Chromate Primer
Seaborne Zinc Phosphate Primer
Seaborne Metallic Protective Coatings
Berger Marine Red Lead Primer
Berger Marine Anticorrosive Primer
Seaborne Thinner T-1
Seaborne Thinner T-6
Seaborne Thinner T-7
Jensolin Thinner T-1For Stoving paints, cycle paints.
Jensolin Thinner T-2For Chlororubber paints, Swimming pool paints, Tennis court paints.
Jensolin Thinner T-3For N.C paints.
Jensolin Thinner T-4For Road / Runway marking paints.
Jensolin Thinner T-7For all epoxy paints.
Jensolin Thinner T-8For polyurethanes.

Berger produces completely different top coat finishes , special coatings, primers and thinners for ships, boats and other marine vessels. These paints are exclusively produced to maintaining sea and river vessels & other constructions besides sea and river Berger has a wide range of Marine paints. Some marine products of Berger are; 3.4 PLACE / Distribution



With the distribution network, Berger has reached almost every corner of Bangladesh. The nationwide dealer network, supported by seven sales depots strategically located at Dhaka,Rajshahi,Khulna ,Bogra ,Sylhet,and Comilla has enable them to strategically cater to all parts of the country. Berger divides the entire country into 13 zones or territories to serve its dealers and customers. Among these zones seven are supervise from Dhaka sales office suited at 272, Tajgan C/A, Dhaka. Rests of the territories are monitored from each divisional sales office.



Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd maintains very short and effective channel length to distribute its products to the customers. It promotes direct selling approach and manages dealers and projects.Objectes of such approach ix to gain more control over its dealers and customers and brings close monitoring and evaluating to the top management of the organization. Dealer

Over the years Berger strategically develop a mentionable numbers of dealers across the country. At present the company serves more than 2600 cash and credit dealers by maintaining profitable exchange relationship with them. The company provides significant financial facilities to its dealers like Discount ,Regular Payment Revenue Scheme (RPRS),Additional Target Achievement Bonus(ATAB)and Turn Over Commission(TOC).It also organizes some non financial benefits to entertain its dealers :foreign tour,lunch,art exhibition and concert to name a few.


Berger directly sells its products to various projects of government and real state company through lucrative price discount. The company delivers the product to the projects sites at free of distribution cost. Besides Berger provides various gift items to its corporate customers like calendar, pen, diary etc. Customer Berger always focuses on total customer satisfaction. Considering this it sometimes sells its products directly to the customers who want to purchase in a bulk amount. In this case the company allows substantial discount to build long term profitable relationship with the customers.


Berger is one of the well structured multi-national organizations in Bangladesh which operates its business through extensive departmentalization as needed. The business activities of BPBL is directed, controlled, controlled and monitored from the head office ‘Berger house’. Being a market leader in the paint industry Berger employs good number of people in different departments to keeps its business thriving. All the responsibilities of the company are delegated to 11 different departments. The departments have a number of sections. The responsibilities of those departments have been summarized below.

Production department


This department looks after total factory operations through a number of sections, namely, production planning, different sections for production process, Administration, Stores and ware house, Power and fuel, Maintenance, Delivery, etc Production planning section prepares the plan of production that includes the amounts and specification of the product. The have to maintain tight schedule in production and delivery. They are also responsible to prepare the list of required materials. The production of the company is under definite order. The company produces a wide range of products, So , before going to the production , even purchasing raw materials ,to know the specification is essential. The planning section prepares to a schedules for production and delivery. The factory is running for 24 hours a day and 350 days a years. The administration maintains all the auxiliary tasks necessary to enhance the production. All sorts of control required n the factory site are done by administration section under production department. Dormitory for workers, engineers and other employees, resident for the to level employees, dining for workers, and executives, transportation for factory employees, vehicles for raw materials supply and product delivery etc. are maintained by the administration department. They also look after the securities of the factory premises. Having an it of materials in stock the administration department is responsible for receiving materials form the supplies, stock those properly, and passes those to the different sections of the production process for use. They also maintain the level of stock. They prepare a report of stock and send it to the planning section to inform them how many materials planning is to order. The maintains of continuous power and fuel supply in the factory without distribution the continuous production in the responsibility of the power and fuel section. They use the total captive power generation along with cogeneration facilities. Gas gerators are used for captive power generation. All sorts of mechanical and electrical maintenance and repairing are doing by maintenance section under production department. The responsibilities of delivery section are to store the finished goods and delivery those against orders and in accordance with time schedule. All the section in the production process has the responsibility to do their jobs within the limited time scale. They also responsible to recorded how much they have taken from previous section and how much they have sent to the next section.

Procurement Department

The principal function of the procurement department is to source the matrials, both local and foreign as required and requested by the user department. Normally the user department identifies and forwards to the procurement department the amount and specifications of the raw materials required by them. In the case of imported materials the responsibilities of the procurement department include the establishment of letter of credit in favor of foreign venders. The department maintains shipment status of all imported materials L/C wise. The function of the department for purchasing materials from abroad by opening L/C can be shown as follows;


Berger is the largest company in the world. They announce discount, reduce price, free product monthly, yearly for sales promotion. When a company announce it customer are lot of product order the company to get benefit.

Public Relation

Demand generation dealer development and arrangement of promotional activities are the main takes of the marketing department. A number of executive are involved in this connection. As the dealers are highly concerned in paints for their required goods, they visit the factory for satisfaction, whether the factory of the company is in that standard to procedure dealers satisfied paints. Dealers test the sample and the marketing department deals this sample testing. Price and time of delivery negotiation is another task for marketing department’s personal. An executive is responsible for the selling contract from negotiation to delivery of that lot or batch. Incase of bad production or if the color does not match with the buyer’s requirement, marketing department goes for negotiation with that particular buyer’s. Besides this department is responsible for perform various promotional activities like advertising, offering discount, scratch card and gift items.

Sales Promotion

To follow the recent management of the business word, the sales department has been completely separates from marketing department. But still their are some correlations exist between these two departments. In Berger paint Bangladesh Ltd sales department sets the forecast in coordination with marketing department and upon fixation of the sales it id the responsibility of the sales department to realize the yearly sales volume of company products. Besides order collection, dealer management, new dealer development, customer credit analysis, target fulfillment, competitor’s information collection and other traditional sales activities are performed by the sales department. It acts as a basis for collection of information regarding dealer, project and customer in accordance with marketing department


With a view to bolstering consumer satisfaction, Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited has introduced “Berger Home Decor” on June 15, 2002 through which one can get an array of services pertaining to painting. Berger Home Decor offers two-stage services 1. Free Service 2. Paid Service Berger Home Décor is currently offering wide range of services to its prospects and existing consumers embracing: Technical advice on surface preparation and application guideline. Paint selection. Dealer selection.

Painter/ Contractor selection and Color scheme. There is defined Telephone number, 02-9872428 for queries. By ringing simply in the number one can make query or seek available services from the company. According to the nature of query, the company provides solutions.


The Sales achieved during the financial year ended 31st December 2008 was 3480.20 million as against Tk 3065.50 million in the previous year showing a growth of 23.05%. The profit after tax at Tk 227.12 million marked a growth of 4.93%. However, due to abnormal inflation of raw materials prices, progressive devaluation of the taka and intensive competition in the market, desired profit could not be achieved. The company improved its overall market share due to strong brand pull form consumers, continued support from the distribution network as well as projects. The growth in the building construction resulting in a growth in the use of Exterior Emulsion paint, as opposed to the conventional cement paint. Moreover the innovative marketing strategies during 2008 i.e., Berger Home Décor the one stop paint solution together with color consultancy, the launch of ‘Berger Illusions’ range of design coatings, as well as ‘ Robbialac Easy Clean’. Emulsion paint has provided the consumers with unique coatings resulting in improvement in life style.

Monthly sales in different product of BPBL

DivisionDaily salesMonthly sales





















Performances over the last five years and value added statement of Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd have shown below with tables and graphical presentation,













Value Added Tax (VAT)






Turnover (Net off VAT)






Gross Profit






Profit Before Tax






Profit After Tax









Market share studies determine the proportion of total sales received by a company and its competitors. A term used frequently in business as a performance measure, market share is the proportion of total sales of a product during a stated person in a specific market that is captured by a single firm. Market share can refer to entire industries, segment of industries or particular geographic areas and can also apply to past, present, or future periods.

MARKET SHARE 2008 The following table shows the market share of Decorative paints in Dhaka city for the year 2008,

CompaniesValue sales (%)

In 2008, Berger paints held 55.4% of market share in Dhaka city whereas the second largest market share was occupied by Asian paints with 17.20%.Elite paint possessed the third largest market share 7.90% where Roxy paint held the fourth position with 5.9% market share. Romana and Pailac possessed consecutively 3.94% and 3.40%of the market share. Other paints like as Polac, Dunkun, paramax, Bengal Agency, Nazrul Brothers paint, Imperial, Navana etc Held 4.53% of the paint market share.

Capture Outcomes: Berger paints possessed the leading position in paints market. Asian paints possessed the second position. Elite paints held third highest market share. Roxy paints acquired fourth position of the paints market.



Almost every company has two category of enamel – premium and economy had already mentioned earlier. Berger paints premium enamel is Robbialac Superglues Synthetic Enamel and Economy Jhilik. Asian paints premium enamel is Apcolite Synthetic Enamel and Economy is Decora. Generally the sales of Enamel are comparatively high in comparison to the other category of product irrespective of areas. The following table shows the market share of Enamel-

CompaniesValue Sales %


Plastic Emulsion is comparatively higher priced interior emulsion.Generally the areas where constructions are raising and, plastic Emulsion are highly demanded in these areas. It is also more demanded in higher class societies. Different companies try to different product by making it luxury, washable, and vast range of color.

The following table shows the market share of Plastic emulsion-

CompaniesValue Sales %


Distemper is lower price but higher volume sales product. Generally upper lower class and middle class societies highly require distemper. All most all companies have distemper. Distemper is highly demanded hole Dhaka city.

The following table shows the market share of Distemper-

CompaniesValue Sales %


Exterior liquid is higher quality exterior emulsion. Exterior liquid are introduced in the market in different brand names. Berger paints exterior liquid are Weather Coat Classic and weather Coat Long Life. It is highly demanded on VIP area in Dhaka city.

The following table shows the market share of Exterior liquid-


Value Sales %





















Cement paint affords a hard, durable and waterproof surface. Cement paints are introduced in the market in different brand names. Berger’s paints Cement paint is Durocem, Asian paint cement os Decora, Elite paint’s Cement paint is Elitecem, Bengle agency’s cement paint is Snowcem etc. It almost all areas in Dhaka city, this product are highly required.

The following table shows the market share of Cement-


Value Sales %





















The survey is conducted on 120 traders of paints. In this survey it is tried to cover the Dhaka City to get the real picture. After processing the gather information. I can draw the followings findings;

As it is found that 45% dealers order for Robbialac Acrylic Plastic Emulsion and 55% Of the total sales the other products. Average monthly sales of the Dhaka sales office are 45 core liters. But monthly Production capacities of the Saver factory are 40 core liters. Besides majority portion Of the dealers claim that they receive about half of their total order. So it can be said that production capacity of the factory fails to meet the dealers demand. Most of the dealer agreed that customer usually switch to competitors products due to Supply shortage and lengthen delivery system. Customers mostly switch to Asian Paints, Elite paints and Roxy paints as these companies also offer almost similar shades . So to Some extent Berger paints faces sales loss for other product. Cent percent dealer’s claims that they are dissatisfy with the product only for shortage Of supply and lengthen delivery process. The main reason behind increase the market share of Berger Paints is its high quality Products, well established customer loyalty, comparative organized structure of Management, marketing, sales, distribution. In, 2007 Berger paints was the market leader with its 60% market share. In, 2008 Berger paints also possesses it leading position and its market share increase to 62%. In, 2008 Asian paints possesses second largest market share and increase there position. Asian paints is very much promising because of its better quality, good competitive Strategies, well market analysis well established communication, frequent dealer visit Some time this is more than that of Berger paints. Berger paints can take the Asian paints as their largest competitor because Berger Paints Started its business in Bangladesh since Independence where as Asian paints started its Business just before four years. But with in a very short time Asian paints capture it’s Market place with competitive strategies. Berger Paints with in a very short time create more dealers of their own with liberal credit policies, providing more profit to dealers, providing more discounts facilities etc. In, 2008 Elite paint has possessed the third position in paints market. Though Elite paint has popularity in market for better quality with comparative lower Price, but it management, sales and distribution procedure is not structured. So any time It may lose its current market share. In, 2008 Roxy paints held the fourth position in the paints market. Recently Roxy has taken aggressive to serve the market. It has totally redesigned its management, sales, distribution, and also human resource. Though in 2008, Romana paints possessed fifth position in the paint market. Romana paints created its more popularity through its vast credit policy with out Considering any security against credit. For some personal reason of the owners, its production is now stopped but it tries to carry on its operation to collect the credit from the market. It is very difficult for Romana paints to collect its credits back. Though it has great brand image, it will struggle in the paints market if started, because of its huge bad debts. RECOMMENDATION

The following recommendation can be draw for the further development of the Berger paints- Berger paints should always provide emphasis on customer demand. It should always Satisfy the dealers demand and arrange product availability. It should always pay heed to the dealers growth rate , take initiative to recover gap and Always monitor their activities. Berger paint should restructure its sales system. Its can restructured through employing More sales day by day and delivery system, enrich end-user activities, frequent market Visit, better communication with distribution. Its general sales procedures like taking order, preparing invoice, categorization of invoice, preparing rout plan, lining products for loading of vehicles should be automated. Safety stocks should be maintained in the product to ensure the instant delivery against Customers demand regarding the products. It should also organize distribution system through increase space for store systematic Way, frequently update its database systems which shows products, pack size and color availability and increase the number of delivery van.


This report is an attempt to make a clear picture of paints industries of Bangladesh.The paints market is very much competitive although Berger paints holds the major market share. But the growth rate of the competitors is great challenges for Berger. Its true that Berger paints is very prominent in the market because of its high quality products, competitive price rate etc .The first choice of consumers is Berger because they can relay on it and its long lasting capabilities .Its also able to provide the consumers option of choosing variety of colors; 5000 shades with in 5 minutes through its color bank.

Berger paints is very much restricts in credit policy. It provides credit only some selected dealers where as other competitors are very much liberal in credit. Paints traders, wholesalers or retailers, are naturally very much found of huge credit. Thus they key competitors gradually grow up in the market through their vast credit policy.

With world class range and durability, Berger is always ready to answer to all weather condition And try to satisfy every corner of the country.