Report on Digital Services Management of Service Engine Limited

Report on Digital Services Management of Service Engine Limited

Service Engine Ltd Research activities is to provide leadership and valuable occurrence on online advertising performance. The actual report offer advertisers specific knowledge and advice, updated performance benchmarks, and understanding online user behavior. The major purpose of this report is to increase General digital services knowledge that can help to enrich future marketing procedures of Service Engine Ltd. and to have vast knowledge about Service Engine Ltd. whole online/internet marketing method.

Report on Digital Services Management of Service Engine Limited


Introduction of the Study:

The history of Digital Marketing is much like that of the evolution of predator and prey on the African savannahs. If we imagine the Search Engines as herbivores grazing the vast plains of the Internet, then Search Engine Optimization experts can be seen as leopards or cheetahs, cunningly stalking their prey and expertly adapting as the Search Engines evolve to always keep up with their prey (an image many an SEO geek would love to be true!)

The truth actually isn’t all that far removed from the cheetah/antelope analogy. The major Search Engines are always evolving, and organizations involved in SEO do have to be able to adapt their strategies quickly and effectively to keep getting results. Every time a major Search Engine upgrades its algorithms (which is frequently), it necessitates changes in Digital Marketing campaigns. It’s not just the Search Engines that Digital Marketing experts have to watch – the rise of Web 2.0, in particular social media has changed the way content is created and access on the Internet, and this in turn has changed how organizations promote their products online.

The history of Digital Marketing is to a large extent a product of the history of the Internet in general and Search Engines in particular, as marketers have adapted to keep abreast of changes and keep up with the way the major Search Engines rank web pages. Major changes include, in chronological order:

1991 – Introduction of a network protocol called “Gopher”, one of the very first network query and search tools. Gopher was for a couple of years widely used, but usage has now fallen off, with barely 100 Gopher servers now indexed.

1994 – Launch of Yahoo, which was formerly known as “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” after one of its founders, Jerry Yang. Within its first year, Yahoo received over 1 million hits. Lycos also launched in 1994. The same year saw the first meeting of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) which is now the main international standards body for the Internet, and which sets many of the architecture and coding standards that Search Engines use when assigning a quality score to a website. It was also about this time that companies first began optimizing their websites to attain higher Search Engine rankings.

1995 – Launch of Infoseek, a popular early Search Engine that has since closed down. Launch of Inktomi, which has since been acquired by Yahoo. AltaVista became the exclusive provider of search results to Yahoo in 1995; but this situation has now been reversed, with AltaVista currently using Yahoo technology. Also in 1995, Excite acquired two Search Engines (Magellan and WebCrawler) and went public.

1996 – More new Search Engines and search tools launched, including HotBot, LookSmart and Alexa.

1998 – The launch of even more Search Engines, with some big new names appearing for the first time. Google was incorporated as a private company in September 1996 by Larry Page and Segey Brin; 8 years later when Google went public it was valued at US$23 billion. Microsoft launched its MSN Search Engine in 1998, whilst Yahoo launched Yahoo Web Search.

2001 – The Internet bubble burst, wiping out a number of smaller Search Engines and leaving the field free for more successful organizations such as Google and Yahoo to consolidate their position.

2004 – The first Web 2.0 Conference was held, at which a new direction for the Internet was mapped out, with an emphasis on user-generated content and openness of information. An explosion in the number of websites meant that Google’s index contained over 8 billion web pages by 2004.

2006 – Search Engine traffic grew to an astonishing 6.4 billion searches in the month of March alone. Microsoft launched Live Search, to replace MSN Search and to compete with Google and Yahoo. New hybrid websites combining both directories and online articles first appeared, among them, a clear indication of the rising importance of syndicated content in Digital Marketing. 2006 also saw one of the biggest upsets in SEO history, when Google banned BMW Germany and for one week for using “black-hat” SEO techniques.

2007 – The rise of Social Media is currently changing the landscape of the Internet, with the predictions of the first Web 2.0 conference now becoming a reality as user-generated content becomes increasingly important, influencing both consumer opinion and Search Engine rankings. The way users access the Internet is also changing, with mobile devices becoming increasingly prevalent, allowing Internet usage on the move.

If one thing is clear from the above (albeit brief) history of Digital Marketing, it is that change is rapid and far-reaching. Many of the most successful early Search Engines have fallen out of favour, or are defunct entirely. The way Search Engines rank website is changing all the time, and is now increasing influenced by Web 2.0 channels and social media. Digital Marketing professionals have to keep up with these changes, and keep a wary eye on the future to spot emerging trends and the development of newer, smarter Search Engine algorithms. After all, nobody can afford to get left behind in the evolutionary race.

Origin of the study:

Today DIGITAL MARKETING business-driven approach to website development and optimization. Our first priority is to understand the business goals of your website or portal, whether they be e-commerce, lead generation or distribution of information. We also look at your target audience and competitive landscape, and assess industry best practices and potential pitfalls.

Once we understand your goals we can recommend the appropriate services and create an optimization or development plan to help you meet your business goals online.

Integration of Service Engine Ltd most promising and expanding source in creative media and digital management solution.

Search Engine Optimization is the component of a Digital Marketing campaign. It is an ongoing service that helps acquire and retain higher rankings on the major Search Engines for targeted keyphrases. Competition for the most valuable keyphrases can be fierce, and the Search Engines frequently change their ranking criteria, so ongoing optimization is essential to stay ahead of competitor websites and keep up with the Search Engines that can generate knowledge as follows:

  • Strategic Link Analysis.
  • Acquiring new inbound links.
  • Maintenance of link pages and database.
  • Higher rankings on the major Search Engines.
  • Long-term gains in online visibility.
  • Increased pre-qualified website traffic.

Objectives of the Study:

Broad objective: The broad objective of this study is to evaluation of digital services management of Service Engine Ltd.

Specific Objectives: The Specific Objectives are as follows:

  • To increase General digital services knowledge that can help to enrich future marketing procedures of Service Engine Ltd.
  • To have vast knowledge about Service Engine Ltd. whole online/internet marketing method.
  • To know about our clients sophisticate marketing plans and procedures.
  • To introduce whole procedures, knowledge, idea as well also learns about upcoming promising and profiting sources in this sector.

Methodology of the Study:

This report is the reflection of the dissertation about Digital Services Management of Service Engine Ltd” Dhaka Bangladesh.

Currently, Internet marketing system is the fast growing sector in the world. But in Bangladesh, we have moved to the sector slowly. But Servcie Engine Ltd. has started their operation on digital marketing and advertising services first time in Bangladesh. As this is part of my dissertation, so I tried to collected data and information from profession experiences and different training materials collectively.

The primary sources are given bellow:

  1. a) Communicate directly with Training Manager.
  2. b) Converse with all levels of employee of Service Engine Ltd.
  3. c) Consulting with supervisor.
  4. d) Practical working experience at different projects.
  5. e) Deeply monitoring different levels managerial process.

Secondary sources of information are given bellow:

  1. a) Updated yearly report of Service Engine Ltd.
  2. Different sort of training materials and video tutorials.
  3. Collected advertising information from client’s website.
  4. Selecting the samples from different creative shop agency.
  5. Process the data.
  6. Prepare the final study report.

Profile of the company:

History of Service Engine Ltd.:

ServicEngine is a business processing outsourcing (BPO) company that leverages global resources to provide our clients improved business results.

We set ourselves apart from traditional outsourcing companies by being an extension of our clients’ teams and a long-term strategic partner.

Our employees have documented procedures, a disciplined review process, and a strong quality assurance team. Our Quality Management System provides a flexible framework that enables continuous improvement. It is based on the best-in-class and worst-in-class service delivery models of over 100 companies. Our Quality Assurance Team uses this system to formulate disciplined processes that strengthens our ability to deliver exceptional service. Our unique methodology is uncommon and cannot be easily duplicated. Furthermore, this approach is key to reducing variations resulting in efficiency gains, precision accuracy of work output, and less costs.

  1. Strategic Partner: We are not the typical outsourcing company focused on the short term. We invest in a building a meaningful long term business relationship. Whether our clients’ success metrics are about quality, cost, responsiveness, satisfaction, or market share, we are focused and aligned on their success. We are friendly and flexible and will do whatever it takes to exceed our clients’ expectations. We are an extension of our clients’ teams. We offer a global platform to improve processes and be more competitive.
  2. Client Management: We believe proactive communication and responsive action is critical for our clients. That is why we have a U.S.-based Client Manager assigned as a single point of contact to make it easier for our clients to interact with us on a regular basis. This person acts as a member of the clients” team and is available 24/7 for their needs. This is the person that drives client results.
  3. Performance-Driven Culture: Our leadership team comprises successful engineers, who have applied engineering methodologies and discipline to a services world. They believe you cannot manage what you can’t measure, so our employees have formal metrics-based scorecards that ensure Service Engine Key Performance Indicators are aligned with our clients’ key business goals. Scorecards are unique by program to ensure alignment with specific metrics that have the most affect on overall program performance and value creation. Scorecards are heavily weighted on delivering quantifiable value for both the quantitative and qualitative objectives, and they drive continuous improvement.

Our Employees

Our employees are our greatest asset because they are the reason we can deliver quality services and exceptional software to you. Our governing principle is that superior quality delivered with better service only happens with brighter, happier people. So, we recruit and hire only the most qualified individuals, who are top college graduates and fluent in English. Most of our employees have Master’s degrees in business and science.

In addition to our thorough recruitment process, we offer superior training and career-development opportunities. We analyze the skills of all employees on an ongoing basis to determine training needs, including both aptitude and attitude development. We combine highly technical instruction, refined communications, “soft” skills, and advanced problem solving into a curriculum, so that our employees are prepared and accountable for delivering measurable results.

ServicEngine maintains a ratio of 1 first-line supervisor to 8 service professionals. This low ratio allows for significant apprenticeship, coaching, and mentoring. The feedback and interaction allows for attention to personal improvement results and a more consistent quality. Our managers were promoted up “through the ranks” so they understand all aspects of our company culture. This also helps us identify challenges and implement improvements so that we are always enhancing our performance.

Our focus on quality extends to our client relationships as well. We believe that open and honest communication that happens frequently is critical to a successful strategic partnership that builds long-term relationships. ServicEngine has developed a comprehensive methodology to transition the work from your office to our delivery center in Bangladesh. Our transition methodology helps make our employees an extension of your team. Your projects are accelerated and communication is maximized. Our employees learn the work, deliverables, systems, tools, etc. of your company and fulfill your efforts in our delivery center.

Our method consistently results in helping our clients out-perform all competition and achieve better performance than they could on their own. We can do the same for you!

Management (Quality section)

ServicEngine provides professional quality assurance (QA) services for your business or organization. You can take advantage of our many years of expertise to run QA analytics on crucial core functions in order to assess performance.

Areas that can be assessed using the QA process include:

  • Software testing (including black, white, and gray box, plus regression and user acceptance testing)
  • Platform testing
  • Mobile media testing (e.g., mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and related tools)
  • Call center operations
  • Advertising operations

Our quality assurance services use a process-driven approach that deploys specific steps to help you define and attain goals. Let your employees focus on your core business processes and turn to ServicEngine for your QA needs.

QA Examples   

  • White Box Testing
  • Gray Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Regressing Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • iPhone Testing
  • Blackberry Testing
  • iPad / MAC Testing
  • PC Testing

Management (Compliance Services):

The risk management process identifies and analyzes activities that could negatively affect your organization’s business objectives. Risks run the gamut from relatively minor to severe to disastrous. The appropriate response depends on their perceived gravity.

ServicEngine can help you assess common business risks that are driven by technological, commercial, financial, and security issues. We can also help you assess potential risks that may be specific to your business. By using us as a third-party administrator, you might be able to reduce your costs by as much as 50 percent.

Compliance is the process of conforming to mandatory requirements as defined by laws, regulations, contracts, internal organization policies, or other external organizations. Non-compliance, whether intentional or inadvertent, can generate significant organizational problems in the form of legal or financial penalties.

Three core concepts fall under the general heading of Data Aggregation and Analysis. These are detailed in the recent extension of the 2001 Patriot Act, signed into law in May 2011. All three require an enhanced level of due diligence regarding large financial transactions.

Let your employees focus on your core business processes and turn to ServicEngine for your Compliance Services needs.

Management (Data Services Section):

  • Know Your Customer (KYC). Make it your business to be aware of your customer’s general financial profile in order to note of any unusual activity.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML). Generally flags any transactions in the $10,000 range or repeated transactions that equal or exceed this sum in a short time period. These may be investigated to determine if such funds are being used for possible criminal or terroristic purposes.
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEP). Hold positions or perform important duties for government, such as judges, legislators, or military leaders. Their importance makes them subject to a higher level of scrutiny that an average person.

Digital Advertising Services:

Whether you are an agency or publisher, ServicEngine works as an extension of your team on a variety of campaign management solutions. ServicEngine is extremely flexible and our teams are scalable based on our client requirements. No matter the ad serving platform, we are ready to be a part of the team, helping to:

  • Facilitate online campaign management processes
  • Receive media plan briefs and upload media plan on client platform
  • Add creative to placements and implement click tag
  • Perform ad optimization
  • Check on correctness of media plan entry and click tag implementation
  • Communicate with client contacts to resolve any media trafficking issues.

Client Testimonials:

“We met with quite a few vendors and we found that for the most part they are all able to provide us with the technical aspect of our needs at comparable costs. But the main thing that awarded ServicEngine the business was attitude. Once the technical qualification were verified, it was the positive attitude, the openness to adapt the service to our specific needs instead of us having to adapt to pre-defined box is what made the difference for us.

“Fast forward 6 months after we made our decision to hire ServicEngine, I am extremely satisfied with our choice. We were able to put a new dedicated team in place, get the staff trained and even triple the team size. The accountability and the communication are excellent, qualities of the service are stellar, and reporting is elaborate and timely. Any hurdles that we tackled during the on boarding process were addressed in that same positive attitude and quickly overcome.”

Literature Review:

Mark S Sloan (2012) SEO & Digital Marketing Analysis: In its earlier days, the Internet had simply helped people across the world communicate with each other easily. With the latest advances in technology, however, the Internet has become more than just a communication tool – it is now a digital extension of life in the real world. Information that spreads on the Internet can now affect real life situations. In some cases, this can be good, such as when the information being shared can be used to save lives or boost entrepreneurship. However, unregulated and anonymous sharing of information can also lead to negative outcomes, such as when people share damaging or false information about a particular group, product or person.

Libelous or slanderous content posted online cannot be totally removed, which is an unfortunate predicament for groups and individuals who have been wrongly accused. There are, however, ways to remedy the situation, and the most important technique currently used is search engine optimization or SEO.

Effective public relations SEO can help save damaged reputations on the Internet through one simple tactic, and that is by populating the first few pages of search engine results pages with websites and content that contain only positive information about the affected group or product. This is a particularly important strategy because most people tend to consult search engines first when they need to get information about a certain company or person, or when they need to purchase something on the Internet. As such, the details provided in the first pages of search results can influence first impressions.

Search engine optimization begins with selecting keywords that will be targeted in the campaign. Commonly, names are the search keywords that bring the most negative results, and so these must be optimized to show positive information. Optimization can be achieved through a number of means, including article generation and link building, video marketing and the use of press releases.

Link building is one of the cornerstones of SEO. Links from various sources serve as a vote of confidence for the website that they point to – and the higher the quality of websites that provide the backlinks, the greater their contributions to the site’s rankings on search pages. Links can be generated from articles, videos and news releases.

Besides providing links, videos and press releases are also used in SEO because they are often given greater priority by search engines. Videos are almost always listed at the top of search pages, especially when they are useful. News items, on the other hand, are given high rankings because they are timely and relevant to the current situation, and search engines always give high priority to fresh material.

Links can then be used to build up websites that contain positive news and information about the affected entity. These websites, along with the favourable videos and news items created for the campaign, will then occupy of the first pages in search results, effectively.

Chole Bukle (2011) Earning by Digital Advertising Services: The Internet provides a myriad of business opportunities for marketers looking to improve sales and maximize their return on investment (ROI). The online business model one chooses depends on the business goals, the funds available, the type of skills they have to implement the model as well as the relevancy and prevalence of the chosen model. While there are numerous online business models, here are some of the most common ones:

Many online businesses look to adopt the freemium model with the assumption that in the end, they will be able to make actual sales. While the freemium model can be effective in garnering a user base, it needs a strategic approach. Contrary to popular belief, this type of model does not entail giving out products or services free. It means that most of your audience uses the product free while the minority pays for it.

To get the freemium model working for you, you need to attract plenty of users. At the heart of this model is sheer numbers, so that you are able to increase the minority percentage that will pay for a product or service.

Once you get the users, you need to find ways of keeping them around. This requires that you find out the things that interest the users and will make them continue to engage with you. You also need to have a product or service that increases in value from the users’ point of view. This ensures that over time, more and more users will be inclined to pay for a product that they feel is valuable to them.

To benefit from the freemium model, it is particularly important that you keep the costs of operation low. Because you are offering the basic product or services free, your profit margins are likely to be narrow. Thus, keeping your costs low ensures that your business is still able to run on the low profit margins.

Admittedly, it will take a long time before your business is profitable if you are going to use the freemium model. Nevertheless, once you build brand loyalty, it becomes easier to convert users into actual buyers. A viable approach would be to seek equity finance that can keep the business afloat until it attains the break-even point.

Examples of online business that have succeeded with the freemium model include Skype, Evernote, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Dropbox.

Earning money through Internet advertisements is one of the oldest and most popular methods of earning money online. Once you set up your e-commerce website and you have been able to attract significant traffic, the next step is to monetize and one way to do this is through advertisements.

You can do this through cost per impressions (CPM model), in which advertising networks pay you for the number of impressions your e-commerce web site generates for the ads placed on it. Success in earning money this way requires that you generate high quality content that attracts a large number of web users to your site. For example, if your website attracts 100,000 monthly page views and displays an ad banner that costs $2.5, your revenue per month totals to $250. Numerous advertising networks pay highly based on click per impression. However, most will pay an average of $1 and $3. The rates will also vary with the format and position of the ad. This model is suitable for bloggers who attract more than 1,000 site visitors.

Some great platforms for monetizing your online presence include:

AdPepper Media: This is one of the most popular, independent online advertising networks. The company offers online ad displays, affiliate and email marketing services and all that entails online advertising.

Tribal Fusion: This advertising network offers some of the highest click per impression rates. They specifically work with established advertisers, thus guaranteeing its online publishers immediate and attractive payments. The company pays publishers up to 55% of the advertisement revenue that your site generates.

Banner Connect: This advertisement network is widely used by Internet marketers. They have more than 7,000 publishers worldwide and they match up publishers with suitable advertisers to feature on their websites.

Google AdSense: This is also a popular method for web publishers to display complimenting textual ads on their websites and subsequently to earn profits. The ads displayed on your e-commerce website are usually relevant to the type of visitors who come to your site. The amount that you earn through the Google AdSense program largely depends on the amount that advertisers pay. The amount you receive is also dependent on the keyword usage. If advertisers who displays on your site choose and pay for high paying keywords, then it is possible to receive more from advertisements. Google AdSense works based on cost-per-click so that publishers are paid when site visitors click through the advertisements displayed on the site.

Anna Jollie (2010), Affect of E-commerce: Ecommerce which stands for electronic commerce is a form of conducting business over the Internet by using online transactions to buy and sell either products or services. The creation and development of electronic commerce is directly a result of the evolution and spread of the Internet. Over the years e-commerce has seen explosive growth and an even brighter future.

Initially, the lack of central authority to define rules and sanctions left some fearing that the Internet is unsafe for the development of commercial activities. Using the Internet for commercial purposes has long been rejected on these grounds. The goal of the major players involved with the development of the Internet in the 80s and 90s was to have free and open sharing of information. Widespread access to the Internet has completely changed all of that.

Over the years, the Internet has turned into a major platform for businesses to reach customers from all over the world and build upon their brand. As online security slowly began to improve, more and more people feel comfortable shopping online. Now the trend is so widespread that it’s hard to imagine anyone with access to the Internet not visiting and buying from an ecommerce website.

In the beginning, only major businesses with huge budgets were able to develop ecommerce websites, because hiring a web designer costs a lot of money. Currently all of the major offline retailers have a presence online. Fortunately in recent years more and more small businesses are starting online stores as well, because the barrier to entry decreased dramatically due to the development of all-in-one ecommerce solutions. Now retail businesses both big and small are able to expose their products to millions of people on the Internet, which if marketed properly could dramatically increase profits for the business.

In this new age of the Internet, nothing beats the convenience that e-commerce has brought people all over the world. Not only are they able to find just about anything their hearts desire online, they can also compare online retailers to find the best deal on the same product. Consumers are no longer limited to what’s available outside their doorstep; they have access to things halfway across the world. There is also no need to make a trip to a store; ecommerce allows consumers to buy anything they want 24 hours a day no matter where they are.

James Corr, Benefit of Social Media Advertising (2012): In short, social commerce is selling with social media, online media that supports user contributions and social interaction. It’s selling with the current “Big Five”.

The Big Five Include:

  1. Facebook
    2. Youtube
    3. Twitter
    4. LinkedIn
    5. Pinterest

And some other social media platforms like Google+, Instagram and Qoura.

In 17th century, the French playwright Moliere used the term “Social Commerce”.

Here, social commerce termed “social transactions” in which reputations and public “social” images were exchanged instead of money. Sports brand Nike has recently revived this idea with an innovative custom Facebook application that allows people to bid for and buy Nike sneakers with their reputation rather than money-in the form of points earned through Nike+ applications.

Social commerce is about using social media as “transactional media” to complete sales transactions, but in some of the most innovative cases of social commerce, no money changes hands.

Industry thought-leader Steve Rubel from the PR firm Edelman sums up the umbrella term of social commerce nicely: social commerce is about “creating places where people can collaborate online, find goods and services, get advice from trusted individuals and then purchase them.”

Social Applications for E-Commerce Sites that enable vendors to collect and share user feedback-ratings, reviews, and recommendations-on their site and through

their customers’ social networks, and personalize the e-commerce experience. These apps range from simple social sharing plug-ins that add sharing buttons such as the Pinterest “Pin” button to product pages, to social plug-ins that add Amazon-style ratings and reviews features to an e-commerce site. These apps not only accelerate and amplify the word of mouth, but can also allow vendors to predict demand and offer personalized recommendations based on similarities between shopper profiles.

E-Commerce Applications for Social Sites that help vendors sell directly in social media such as from their blog, YouTube channel, or Facebook Page. These range from simple storefront plug-ins that republishes an external e-commerce site on a social media page to standalone e-commerce applications for social media.

E-commerce apps for social media sites have been particularly popular with small and medium-size businesses, providing a cost-effective and simple alternative to maintaining a traditional e-commerce site. Market leader Payvment currently has over 150,000 businesses using its social media e-commerce application.

Mobile Applications for In-store Social Shopping that help people shop smarter by shopping together via mobile handsets. These range from mobile apps for “group-buying,” which allow people to get store discounts by clubbing together and buying in bulk, to mobile apps that help store visitors get instant feedback from their friends on whether or what to buy. Mobile apps for in-store social shopping also include so-called “check-in” apps such as foursquare, which reward people for sharing where they are shopping, as well as a new generation of mobile “ACT” apps (Assistive Consumer Technology), which add a social “augmented reality” layer to the store experience, displaying shared reviews, ratings, and recommendations when the handset is pointed at particular products.

Web Applications for Social Shopping that support vendors to promote and sell their products on sites where share, shoppers congregate, exchange, and buy. These range from shopping club sites such as Fab and Gilt that run regular retail events for to community-based vendors, marketplaces such as Shoply and Etsy which allow vendors to cultivate one-to-one relationships with their customers. Web apps for social shopping also contain platforms such as The Fancy, Pinterest and Svpply which offer gathered and curated product selections-as well as sites such as, which allow designers to submit product designs, which if popular, go into production.

Analysis and Findings

Summery about analysis part (The Analytical part that is also mandatory to evaluate the whole campaign) This analysis based on graph chart that belonged to part 1 and in part-2, we have shown an analysis review after preparing whole campaign that are also forward letter to the clients to matching with their expected targeting schedule and feature which they had provided at the time launching the company digital advertising campaign. After considering all part of Analysis the Company, will decide to follow the present strategy to go forward or change the present strategy for achieving targeted customers geographically.  However, both company and campaign management (service provider) are likely to share third-party tagging (That are also part of tracking all advertising strategy to keep pace with service providers) with clients to make a trustworthy relationship that helps us to get clients both parties 100% satisfaction.

Campaign management:

The MediaMind campaign management platform helps advertisers and agencies to deploy and optimize their advertising budgets across multiple digital media channels and formats.


Using MediaMind, advertisers are able to serve ads into thousands of certified publishers globally and to reach hundreds of millions of unique users. Our solutions are delivered through a proven technology infrastructure that allows delivery of digital media advertising campaigns of any size.


MediaMind empowers marketers to engage consumers online with impact and efficiency. Advertisers can provide highly immersive experiences across multiple digital channels including online, mobile, rich media, in-stream video, display and search. MediaMind is committed to developing innovative standard and rich media ad formats and interactive features for all channels to drive engagement and innovative creative performance.


Heavily data driven, the MediaMind platform constantly analyzes and improves campaign performance. MediaMind Analytics are designed to be truly actionable with the ability to identify, track, and report complex user interactions. Users can interpret performance data at a glance, act on them immediately, and make sure cross-channel campaigns are always relevant and impactful.

Homepage Takeover

The Homepage Takeover provides maximum exposure for a time-sensitive advertising message.

Contextual Optimization

Ad creators can move text, images and even interactive forms from existing sites into online ads.

  • Engage users by interacting with relevant information on the current page
  • Repurpose valuable information and assets available elsewhere on the Web
  • Enhance brand message’s timeliness and context

What Contextual Optimization means for the brand:

  • It’s the magic of advertising. Give users the right message at the right time and suddenly it’s not advertising any more. It’s valuable information. Users are most available to advertising when it is relevant, timely and delivered in context. The perfect time for this is when users are researching online for a purchase.
  • Make the brand message relevant with up-to-the-minute news feeds, weather, best-seller information, zip code lookup, local event information, etc.

Maps in Banner

Give users a shortcut in their path to conversion using maps-in-banner by making it easy to instantly find the advertiser.

  • Find locations based on ZIP codes or automatically using IP address
  • Reduces user’s need to do further research on the brand
  • Shortens the path to conversion
  • Combine with “Contact Me” and data collection for even better results

What kind of brands should be using Maps in Banner? Multi-location retailers, Auto Dealers, Designations, Multi-Channel Brands… Any brand interested in driving foot traffic, or where conversions occur in offline.

Company targeted customer’s attraction strategy:

You’ve worked so hard getting that much elusive traffic to your site. You’ve taken out a few ezine ads that have returned a good number of clickthroughs, you’re getting some traffic from the major search engines, and still you wonder why your cash register isn’t jumping. You know you’ve got a good product or service. What’s the problem?

Well it might be the sales copy on your web site.

Far too often I see the same mistakes on web site after web site. Let’s take a look at 10 points of writing good copy and see how many of these you have incorporated into your own site copy.

1) ATTENTION: You MUST grab the visitor’s attention immediately with your headline. You’ve got about 2 seconds to get their interest or they are gone. How many web sites have you seen that start out with a phrase such as “Thank you for visiting my web site. Here you will find some great products” BLAH BLAH BLAH. Bye bye visitor.

The headline of your site must pull the visitor in; make them want to learn more. I’m not going to give you sample headlines as that are not the purpose of this article, but if you don’t have a killer headline, the rest becomes somewhat irrelevant.

2) INTEREST: Once you’ve managed to convince the always skeptical visitor that they need to keep reading with your great headline, you need to start building overall interest in your product or service, how will the potential customer benefit from your product or service? Never EVER start talking about yourself, you must focus on the benefits your product can provide to the visitor.

3) BUILDUP and CREDIBILITY: So far so good, you haven’t lost them yet. Now comes the tough part. Up to this point you’ve lured them in with some great writing, but now you have to start backing up your claims. This is where you need to throw in some testimonials. Any testimonial you use must be 100% authentic.

4) PROVE YOUR CREDIBILITY: I recommend you always use the person’s real name, city and state in the testimonial.

Testimonials that simply use someone’s initials are always looked at with a skeptical eye, and you know why, no one really knows whether they are real or bogus. Ask the person giving the testimonial if it is OK to use one of their real email addresses in the testimonial. This way people know they can contact this person to verify the authenticity of the testimonial. I have given a number of testimonials through the years and always allow my email address to be used. I have also received a number of inquiries from people wanting to verify if my testimonial was real. It was, and a few of them also became MY customers.

5) BELIEVABILITY BUILDERS: Make certain at this point you offer a no hassle guarantee. A Strong guarantee does not increase refunds, it reduces them. Make the potential customer know that you stand 100% behind what you sell and if they have a problem or are dissatisfied in any way, you are there to help them.

Don’t make them have to hunt around for email addresses or phone numbers. A simple, “if you ever have any problems you can just pick up the phone and call me at 555-555-1212”

Don’t make financial claims you can’t backup. If you are going to brag about how much money you have earned, you better have copies of notarized bank statements on your site showing EXACTLY how much you made. If you haven’t made $500 per day selling a given product, don’t say you have. It’s just not believable. 6) SCARCITY: The limited time offer has been working wonders for years and using it on a web site is no different. Telling the visitor that when the product or special price is gone, it is gone, tends to build a sense of urgency. If they don’t act now they may lose out. They may not lose out, but you need to convince the always skeptical buyer that if they don’t act now, your great offer will be history.

7) ACTION: Quite simply, make it easy for the visitor to order now. ie; Call this number to order now: or, Just CLICK HERE to go to our secure order page.

Don’t make the visitor jump through hoops or have to look all over your site for a place to make an order.

8) THE WARNING: Learn to play on the visitor’s fears and emotions. Use a simple statement like this:

“Listen, you can go on making no money for the next 20 years, It doesn’t matter to me, but if you’re serious about changing your life, all it takes is one simple phone call and you’ll be on your way to a new beginning.”

You are touching an emotional flash point. If they’ve gotten this far into your sales letter, you obviously have their interest, so hitting those emotional buttons can be the one thing that makes that sale.

9) NOW: This is building off the emotional buttons you pressed in #8. You need to again drive home the urgency. Convince them they owe it to themselves, that they don’t have to struggle anymore, that there is a better way etc. This is pretty much the icing on the cake.

10) THE POSTSCRIPT: Always end with a PS. You can restate #6, while rewording it differently, reminds them this is a limited offer. You can also use the PS to throw in added bonuses by stating that if they act now you will throw in this bonus, or that bonus. You start piling on.

If you’ve followed these 10 points you pretty much have the outline of how some of the best copy writers in the world construct copy that has turned ordinary people into millionaires.

It is estimated that it can take the average consumer 5-7 times to see a product they like before purchasing. So with that in mind, how do you get your website visitors to come back to your site so they can see your product again?

Jay Conrad Levinson, author of Guerrilla Marketing said, “Content is king. Provide what your competitors are not providing. Give your visitors information of value. People aren’t as interested in you as what they are in learning.”

Here are 6 ways to keep them coming back for more.

  1. Contests/Giveaways

Offer a contest or give away a free prize. People love to win stuff. Your award doesn’t need to be big or costly to be effective. You could give away something as simple as a free consultation or an ebook to the winner. A great contest idea is to ask the visitor to answer a survey of questions about their interests in your products or services and then they are entered into the contest for free. By having them answer a survey, you automatically get feedback on what your potential customers are looking for.

  1. Updated Content

It’s good to offer your visitors a place where they can view updated industry related news on your site. If you have a potential customer visiting the more free relevant free information you offer the better. Here are some sites where you can get free updated news and content. – Provides eBusiness and Technology headline news feeds from the E-Commerce Times and general technology news headlines from around the world.

MagPortal – Has over 200 categories to choose from, so you can select listings that closely match your users’ interests. New articles are normally added to the feeds within one business day of their publisher placing them on the web, so the feeds are a good source of current information that can improve the stickiness of your site. – Moreover is news feed application that sends fresh news headlines to websites. The best source of dynamic news content available on the web.

News Index – With the News Index Personalized News Ticker you decide the content, not merely by some vague topic like sports or business, but can focus down to the exact area of interest for your visitors.

  1. Polls

Visitors often like to give their opinion about something. Offering a quick one or two question poll that changes every couple of days is a great way to keep them interested and coming back to your site. Here are some sites that can help you set up a poll for your website.

Mister Poll – Add interactive polling capabilities for your visitors. Claims to be the Internet’s largest online polling site. – Add surveys, polls, guestbooks, and an ad rotator to your site for free to increase interactivity for your visitors.

Votations – Polls, surveys, quizzes and database forms are free with many options and with an easy and fast four step setup processes.

Zoomerang – Zoomerang has more than 100 professionally-designed survey templates to choose from, including those for business, education, community, and personal/social.

  1. Guestbook/Forum/Chat

People love to interact with each other. If you give them a place to leave their thoughts and to talk with one another, most likely they will come back to view what else has been said. There are three basic types of this kind of interactivity.

  • Guestbook: This is simply a place where your visitors can leave their thoughts and opinions.
  • Forum: This is a more interactive approach, where someone can start a thread and other visitors reply to the posting in an ongoing fashion. This also a great thing to have if you offer more technical or specialized services, so that your customers can ask you about any technical problems they are having and might even find the answer in a previous posting.
  • Chat: Most of us know that chat rooms can be highly addictive and most online surfers at one point has participated in some kind of chat. You can provide a cat room for either social purposes (like an online dating site) or for customer service issues, where the visitor can have live help via a chat with a customer service rep.
  1. Free Articles

People love free stuff. Even if it’s as simple as a collection of industry related articles. If you owned a diet and nutrition company, offering free recipes and articles on weight loss would boost your traffic by getting them to return to your site for more info. It’s important to use only relevant material to your website services or products or you will just confuse or irritate your visitor.

You can either write the articles yourself or gather articles from article content sites. Make sure you always include the author’s credits at the end so you are not stealing the articles. Here are a few good sites that offer articles on a huge variety of topics.

Article Central – A large directory of almost 4000 articles for webmasters.

Constant Content – Download articles, tutorials, and product reviews for your web site. Everything you need to construct a finished website. You can request article subject matter and even get custom articles written just for your web site. – Free content for your ezine or website from a variety of popular categories.

Another good way to gain exposure for your website and start gaining respect and credibility is to write your own articles and submit them to these kinds of sites. There is always a link to the author’s website with their name at the end or beginning of each article. It is a great way to add traffic and potentially increase your sales.

  1. Membership Sites

There are two kinds of membership sites, free and paid. Free membership sites are usually websites that are tailored to give you content based on your profile and interests. It changes constantly and most people that sign up for a site like this come back to see whats new they can read about.

If you are an expert in your field of expertise and have enough good growing and updated content, you should look into making a paid members version of your website. You could even have a joint venture and offer a wealth of information only available to paid subscriptions.

There are still more ways you can add content to your site, like cartoons, games, quotes or sayings of the day. With a good search on the internet you should be able to come up with lots of free content to make your website a place where your customers love to come back and visit.

Remember that most internet consumers, first and foremost, are looking for free information before they are looking to buy anything. Make your site filled with relevant information and they will be more likely to come back and buy from a site they trust.

Before Launching Your SEO Campaign both the advertiser and publisher must consider followings steps:

One of the most important aspects of a search engine optimization campaign is also one of the most overlooked – preparation!

As I’m always explaining to my SEO101 professional, there are some important steps to take in advance of launching your campaign that will make sure it has a better chance at succeeding.

Before you start any search engine optimization campaign, whether it’s for your own site or that belonging to a client, you need to answer the following important questions:

1) What is the overall motivation for optimizing this site? What do I/they hope to achieve?

2) What is my/their time-frame for this project?

3) What is my/their budget for this project?

4) Who will be responsible for this project? Will it be a joint or solo effort? Will it be run entirely in-house or outsourced?

This initial analysis will help you to scope the time and costs involved in advance. For those of you optimizing client sites, obtaining accurate answers to these questions BEFORE quoting is absolutely crucial. Otherwise you can find yourself in the middle of a project that you have severely under-quoted for and that’s very frustrating.

The remainder of questions are to establish in advance to whom, what, where, when, why and how of the optimization campaign. This will help you determine the most logical keywords and phrases to target, as well as which search engines and directories to submit the site to and which sites to pursue reciprocal links with.

So now you are clear about your motivations for optimizing the site, you know more about the target markets and you know how compatible the existing site is with search engines and how much work is involved in the search engine optimization process.

Therefore, this media mind control article I explain how media controls your thinking. I also give some advice on how to prevent you to be controlled this way. If you are reading this article it is likely that media mind control subject is not something new to you. But most of the population would be shocked to find this out. Media controls you in such a subtle way that the majority of population would not even believe that this could happen. Media controls you in many ways: through commercials, TV news, newspapers, radio news, movies and sometimes even through the internet.

SWOT ANALYSIS of Service Engine Ltd.:

There is undoubtedly an information overflow around Digital Advertising and Management that are related services. I thought it’s a good idea to group and present this information through a SWOT Analysis so that it would make more sense to the reader. As everyone would expect, strengths are much more than the weaknesses.


  • Gets tons of publicity.
  • Is a thing on its own (almost no competition in micro logging).
  • It is simple but powerful.
  • It is 100% social in an all-social web.
  • It is free.
  • Has a strong brand name already.
  • Created the bluebird craze.
  • Provides authentication for other applications (OAuth).
  • Has developers creating hundreds of applications around its API.
  • It’s definitely not evil (yet).
  • Businesses like it a lot.
  • It is real-time.
  • Have no ads.
  • It is searchable.
  • It is totally RSS-enabled.
  • It is the ultimate link discovering and sharing tool.


  • Needs more horsepower. It is down quite often.
  • The API calls are limited. Hurts App growth.
  • Unequal distribution of tweets. 90% of tweets are coming from
  • Has low retention rate. Only 40%
  • Overall Bandwidth support in Bangladesh not adequate all for the BPO companies.
  • Govt. has no clear initiative to expand this sector.
  • Overall Man power skills are not internationally recognized by Govt.
  • Electricity facility and other sophisticate equipment support also in poor position.


  • Service Engine can become a dominant in digital service management.
  • It is becoming the biggest social media marketing tool.
  • Develop a Twitter Connect tool to make every site social.
  • It may acquire some of the desktop clients or the url shortening services.
  • It may become the dominant way for businesses to communicate with their customers.


  • It got too much publicity in a short time. May get burned out.
  • It is getting dangerously spammy.
  • Has no solid revenue model.
  • May have trouble with unauthorized accounts on behalf of celebrities.
  • Paid twitter streams may hurt the brand image.
  • Acquisition by a bigger player (Google) may disappoint early adopters and loyal users.

Findings of the study:

  1. Frequently making Errors: The employees are highly dedicated and skilled in nature. On the other hand, they are also technically skilled and eligible to handle all sorts of campaign. But sometimes they are doing mistakes for campaign operation. So that company has to count compensation for those mistakes.
  2. Frequently insincerely for communication with clients: Always communicating with the clients for any circumstances. But frequently, there become insincere to aware clients about ongoing campaign updates. Therefore, clients directly phoning to the top officials so that both mid level management and lower level managements frequently fired by the top officials.
  3. Unnecessary Meeting during operations: If any unexpected circumstances come towards the company management for any discrepancy, top officials instantly call for emergency meeting executive. But in the mean time, team may be handling urgent campaign operation. That’s why clients return the urgent tasks from our queue. So that company counts losses for that situation.
  4. Awarded discrepancy: All employees of the Service Engine are remarked and awarded by the top managements properly following standard KPI (Key Performance Indicators) formula. Also, monthly “Top Performer” and “Employee of the month” selected by the top officials so that employees are become the most dedicated and responsible. But sometimes, judgment for selecting “Top performer” or “Employee of the moth” not appropriate at all. As a result, deprived employee become inaction in campaign operation in future. So, company is loosing probable services for the talent employees.
  5. Avoiding Executives of the operations: Top officials are the main policy maker avoiding executive level of the company those who are practically experience to operate the campaign. For this reason, company campaign operation sometimes stumbling. Therefore, clients become anger with Service Engine Ltd. operation manager.
  6. Adamancy of Project Manager: For any campaign Operations, executives are making decision and forwarded to the Project Managers. But sometimes, project manager become adamant to comply with executives so that both level of the employee conflicts with each other.
  7. Inappropriate Training Materials: Company appoints “Training Manager” for all spheres of the projects, so that all new comers and existing employees are updating by the “Training Policy”. But sometimes training policy not suitable for the new comers. Moreover, new doesn’t get enough opportunity to trained up thoroughly about task and hardly they are trained for any campaign operation. When practical operation started then new comer fill too hard for handling to adjust with upcoming updates. For this, sometimes new-comers abandon the job for that.
  8. Survey system not followed properly: For any addition and updates, company provides online based survey money (locally recognize as “employee survey”). But frequently, survey based opinion comes from the employee by the top officials. For this, both levels of the employee collide with each other frequently and distrusted each other.
  9. Bandwidth Problem: Service Engine Ltd. using most dedicated and high-speed bandwidth from renowned ISP Company. Due to our local problem, company sometimes deprived from getting proper bandwidth support. Therefore, some clients become anger with Service Engine Ltd. On the other hand, this is also threat for us to lose the probable clients.
  10. Inefficient in English: Most of the employee is not able to communicate with clients in English. Also, Project Mangers sometimes speaks with the clients in English with poor application. So that clients, think that we are poor in English.
  11. Poor system Administration: Company system software some times crashes due to poor maintenance. For this, employees have to submit their personal information frequently. On the other hand, sometimes they are unable to submit proper documents to the clients within due time. For this reason, an unexpected discrepancy happened with clients.
  12. Strict Training Materials: All training materials and internal documents are strictly handled by the top officials. For this, executives are filling shortage of training to hand any complex campaign. As a result, some executives misevaluated by the company.
  13. Fired without prior Notice: Sometimes, employees are sacked without any prior notification or showing any causes. That system, also create grievance to the existing employees. Therefore, existing employees abandon the job after getting current moth salary without inform to the company officials. As a result, frequently some projects are filling shortage of manpower and hamper the gross production target.
  14. Policy Discrepancy: USA campaign operations providing 3 three moth cumulative salary; any employee terminated without any fault. But local management (Service Engine ltd. BD. Office) is not followings such despite having that condition for both operational strategies.

Recommendations and Conclusion


Every year millions of people can come to join Digital Marketing Management base business to do shopping or research information. With currently depressing economic times people are running out of disposable income and companies are therefore looking to establish long lasting service management that can help them to vie with probable competitors (Such as India, China, Philippines).

With this rush of people to the Internet it continues to make good sense to start an online business. And as such many newcomers are joining the online business bandwagon.

Most come with unrealistic expectations, thinking that we can do little work for big pay. While it is true that there are easier ways to online business success, it is false to think that we can make good money without some sweat. This article examines some of the problems that a newcomer may face and how to overcome the problems.

To overcome the problems the following recommendations have been made:

  1. All employees should be concentrated to serve for the company properly during campaign operation so that company will count unnecessary compensation.
  2. Both mid-level and lower-level official should be communicative in any circumstances. As a result, clients will not directly phone to the top officials as well as employee can avoid unexpected and rigorous situation that come from the top officials.
  3. Top official can call for urgent meeting but it must not be happened during urgent campaign operation. Therefore, they don’t need to count any losses during bill submission to the client.
  4. Selectors of the top officials of Services Engine Ltd. should be free and transparent minded to select actual performer so that most talented employee will come forward to serve for the company with cent percent dedication.
  5. During policy making company should consider the executive levels those who are running on going projects or campaign. Then, policy will be appropriate and suitable to serve for the clients.
  6. An online business is an intellectual business. So, project manager should consider executives as the potential advertiser. If any constructive advice or recommendation comes from them, should evaluate that precisely by the project manager. As a result, any unexpected conflict will not apparent instead of suitable working condition.
  7. Training Mangers should change their rigorous strategy to train up the new comers. All training materials should easy and bearable to the new comers so that they will fill comfort to adjusted with campaign operation.
  8. Company can not full fill all demands of the employee but should consider all logical demands, which comes from the employees.
  9. Currently BTCL maintaining the overall ISP companies that are really ironical for the companies. So, this sector should privatize to make a strong competition for establishing strong hold in digital service management.
  10. English is now become most inevitable part for not only foreign communication but source of preparing all service components. But our indigenous people are facing this problem due to have lack of proper qualified language training center in Bangladesh.
  1. Company should hire most efficient and qualified personnel for maintaining the system administrator documents properly.
  1. Company top official should be generous to provide and share all shorts of training documents with the executives.
  1. Company should easy relationship with the employees and should provide prior notice before sacked any employee.
  2. Company should maintain unique management policy. So, nobody will blame top officials during exit the company. Also, company should provide 3 (Three) month salary to the employee who will exit the company for company requirements according to USA policy as they are operation USA task in Bangladesh.


In Bangladesh, Service Engine new becomes the largest and fastest growing company. They should consider that digital marketing, especially search engine marketing, will continue growing in double digits in the next few years. At the same time there are an increasing number of households using the internet and search engines. Therefore SEM still offers, especially for small and middle sized companies, good opportunities to sell their products to a wider audience. But many of these companies have not even heard about online marketing or SEM and cannot estimate the potential of this form of marketing. The more the online search for everyday products becomes more significant, the more there is not only a possibility but a necessity to use online marketing to survive in the competition. The institute for information technology Become predicts an online turnover of 142 million Euro for 2011 (Bitcom, 2010). Through this changing consumer behavior online marketing becomes more important every year. The depth of the effort of online marketing tools also depends on factors like ethics. A SEO always needs to differentiate between optimization and manipulation.
It should be considered that the internet is a rapidly changing medium. With the mix of classical marketing tools, online project management and online marketing a company can recognize potential target markets and plan campaigns to reach them. It is important to know the structure of the market and adopt its conditions to be one step faster than the competition. At the beginning of a campaign there is still a great potential to optimize it with controlling methods. The best method to get many visitors to a web page is a combination of SEA and SEO. But it is not enough to have visitors on a web site, if they do not like the page or cannot use it and leave rapidly. It has to be optimized not only for a search engine, but for a visitor as well.

According to Gartner (A worldwide digital service management measuring system survey company) found that Bangladesh now becomes the most probable market for worldwide digital campaign operation in the field. In spite of having all sorts of problems and shortages, authority should take proper initiative to overcome all sorts of problems.

On the other hand, company must be cordial to serve the employees more than previous and update more and more to catch the global market.

Though, still we are not exceeding our local target based on our population but in future Service Engine ltd. Will should all of his effort to vie with other nations in the field.