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Refractory Brick Firm

Refractory Brick Firm

 Executive Summary

Refractory brick firm, Rupgonj, Narayangonj is a Unique manufacturing firm. It is an exceptional business invented by us. Most of the people are ignore about this business. It is a partnership business, which is proposed by Mahmuda Tasnim that is accepted by Tania, Israt, Keya and Salma. All of the five members are equally owned of this firm and their proportion in investment is same. In the initial stage, firms need 3 lac. This has been provided equally by the owners including Bank loan 3 lac. Purpose of the business to provide healthy and beautiful environment and also gain respective profit. The business will be success full because all of the owners of the business are well educated and their educational background is related to business. There is another important reason is that most of the members live around the Narayangonj and one of the owners of the business lives near the location of the firm. So, it will be easy to handle the business properly. In our country, there is a great opportunity of this business.

Our firm will produce refractory brick from the raw materials which we can collect from any rice mills and nature without difficultly because our raw materials is clay and Paddy husks.

 Generally when the rice came from Paddy the rice mills through out it or sell at a cheap cost. We can collect our raw materials from different rice mills which are produce huge amount of paddy husk and it is their by product and we use it for product. After collecting the paddy husk, we make ashes from the husk and mix clay, Bauxite in certain amounts. Then we keep the mixture in a press machine then into furnace. After that we cool it by a cooker and get nice brick with the help of natural ingredients.

For marketing this brick, our first target is to capture the glass and cement industries. Then we will try to enter into global market. We will supply this brick to this large market after fulfilling the demand of our domestic market. It is an environment friendly product that can be included in the market easily.

Our business can help the economy in following ways;

  1. By increasing our GDP.
  2. By reducing unemployment problem.
  3. By utilizing our unused natural resources efficiently.

Undoubtedly this refractory brick is a unique product. It is not only a profitable business but also good for environment. It has a great demand all over the world. We hope it can change our economy greatly.


The vision of this firm is to export Brick to foreign market after fulfilling the local demand and to create opportunities for local employment.


Help our customer determine the right product, at the right price at the right time.


To satisfy the customers through technology superiority and synergic synchronization of man and quality services to harvest the reward of responsibility.


Our firm basically emphasis on local market. It also attention for global market because we think it has huge demand about its necessary. We have particular goal that we can fulfill our needs for glass and cement industries. Because refractory brick is essential for these industries are we are trying to save the cost of our industry. If we use this brick we can use the waste of paddy and increase the production of glass and cement because every year we import lots of glass and then we can increase our industry in cement and glass sector. And we can save lots of foreign exchange.


Now-a-days glass and cement are very much essential product in our country. Housing business is increasing day by day and glass is used in different sphere of life in business, household etc. Refractory brick is important elements for cement and glass industries. If we less the cost of refractory brick then be can less the cost of production of cement and glass industries.


Firms location:

The business address is Rupgonj, Narayangong. The location is not too far from Dhaka city and it is an industrial area. The communication system is very nice. One can easily visit our business by bus or train.

What is Refractory?

Refractories are heat resistant materials that constitute the linings for high temperature furnaces and reactors and other processing units. In addition to being resistant to thermal stress and other physical phenomena induced by heat, refractories most also withstand physical wear and corrosion by chemical agents. Refractories are more heat resistant than metals and are required for heating applications above 10000 F (15000C) when in service.

Refractory products fall into tow categories- brick or fired shapes and specialties or monolithic refractories made from clay ash etc. with other chemicals.

 What are Refractory Made of?

 Refractories are produced from natural and synthetic materials, usually nonmetallic or combinations of compounds and minerals such as alumina, fireclays, bouxite, chromite, dolomite, magnestic, silicon carbide, zirconia, and paddy husk.

What are refractory use for:

In general refractories are used to build structures subjected to high temperatures ranging from the simple to sophisticated e.g. fireplace brick lining to reentry heat shidds for the space shuttle. In industry, they are used to line boilers and furnaces of all types reactors stills and so forth.


Refractory brick from the ashes of the husk of paddy with clay:

Generally refractory brick is made of different materials. But are go into production of refractory brick with ashes of husk paddy. We will use the wastage of paddy and save the cost of other materials to make this product.

We are special in full series of refractories for glass furnace, and we can sapping a kind of good quality. Refractory materials, including shaped and unshaped. They are widely used in kind of kinds furnaces, hat blast and other apparatus in metallurgical, cement industry, glass furnace-

It has different kinds of use-

          Silica brick for glass and cement industry.

Fused cast and sintered refractory products for glass industry-

  1. Fused cast refracotries
  2. Sintered refracotries
  3. Monolithic refracotries
  4. Expendable refracotries

Production process

          The production process of refractory brick from paddy husk ashes is systematic process. Here we are discussing the process.

  1. First we collect raw materials like paddy husk, clay ect.
  2. After collecting the paddy husk we make ashes from the husk by firing it.
  3. Then we mix the clay and ashes 2:1 or 1:2
  4. After that we mix. Bauxite with the mixture and make a shape of brick by press machine.
  5. Then we keep it under sun for drying them.
  6. After sun dry we put the dry brick into furnace at 1200-15000C and we use this brick for cement or glass industries.
  7. Then we cool them by a cooler and our production process end.

These bricks are used in furnace for cement and glass industries.

Sources of raw materials

  We collect the husk from different rice mills and collect clay from sellers from Narayangonj. Then we can collect this materials at a lower price because the land of Bangladesh is very fertile and our country is agricultural based. The paddy husk is waste materials sometimes it is used for nothing. We are trying to used this wastage for silica brick because there is 90% silica in rice husk.

Transportation system:

We are careful about our raw materials-

  1. We will collect our raw materials through our own vehicle.
  2. We also provide our goods to the customers by our own vehicles it they are interested.

Management and Personnel:

This business will conduct by our close contact who is graduates with business related discipline. Therefore, for managing this business, we will recruit a manager who has some ideas about refractory brick business. We will appoint two accountant whose responsibility is to maintain the account.

Insurance & Bank Interest:

Each month we pay taka 1,000/- as a insurance and 20% interest per lac. That means 60,000/- on credit of taka 3,00,000/-.

 Marketing Aspects

  In our country glass is used in different sectors like office, household and for decoration also and housing business increasing day by day. So, cement is very necessary, no doubt. For glass and cement industries refractory brick is very much essential specially silica brick. In paddy husk there is 90% silica by this we can less our cost and capture the local market. After that we will try to export it. We think if we less the cost of cement and glass industries, the investors and entrepreneurs, and the govt. can increase the no. of cement and glass industries and develop the economy.

Marketing Process

National based               International based                           Internet

Wholesaler  Industries

We have divided our target market in three segments. These segments includes-

  1. Nation based marketing
  2. International based marketing
  3. Marketing Internet

Financial Data

(All data presented here are hypothetical)

Office Furniture



Price per unit



 Production and Sales

Production- 30,000 unit

Unit price- 15/-

Total cost- 4,50,000/-

Sales- 30,000 unit

Unit price- 18/-

Total gain- 5,40,000/-

Administrative Expense (per month)




Total cost

3Security guard22,000/-4,000/-

 Distribution (Salary)




Total cost


 Direct worker (Salary)




Total cost


Fixed Assets




2Office room20,000/-20,000/-

Other Necessary Cost


Cost (per month)



 Source of Investment



1Own investment3,00,000/-
2Bank loan3,00,000/-

 Income Statement




Cost of good solds

Raw materials11,500/- 

Gross Profit

Administrative Expenses21,000/- 
Bank Interest60,000/- 
Net profit 3,64,000/-

 Each profit – 72,800/-


This paddy husk based refractory brick is a unique product. It has a good chance to develop our glass and cement industries and develop the economy of our country because we import large no of glass foreign country. The industries are use this brick easily and they can save their money using this brick.

 We will supply this brick to this large market after fulfilling the demand of our domestic market. We will make strong communication with the foreign countries through internet, fax, telephone etc. It is our responsibility to supply our product anywhere, it is necessary.

Our Further plan:

  1. To increase our GDP.
  2. To reduces unemployment problem.
  3. To utilize our natural resources efficiently.
  4. To capture the refractory brick market


We will try to fulfill our goal by the help of the owners workers managers and the customers. We need their help.

Refractory Brick Firm