Recapped lands $6 Million for Collaborative Sales Software that gets the Customer in the Mix

Recapped lands $6 Million for Collaborative Sales Software that gets the Customer in the Mix

Reconstruction, a startup building collaborative sales software, today announced the closure of $ 6.3 million seed rounds announced led by Charles River Ventures. Entrepreneurs including Roundtable Accelerator, Cofound, Air Angles, Prime Set, Twenty20, Peter Kazanzi, Alan Chunk, and other angels also participated in the team. The reconstruction was founded by Mark Firsten and Uzwal Battar. Firsten spent his career before sales, first as an account executive at Citrix and then as vice president of sales at App Academy.

He felt from the outset the difficulty of cooperating in the place of sale, not only with the members of the sales company and other departments of a company but also in the purchase of transactions. This cross-team, cross-company crookedness leads to transparency and business planning challenges. The goal is to solve the problem of re-cutting. Its software allows users within an organization to collaborate around a contract. For example, the customer experiences (CX) and the sales team can terminate a contract as soon as it is combined, as the CEO or CFO can do. It can help those teams and individuals to better project future work pressures.

But perhaps most uniquely, buyers are given almost identical UX as a sales team, with both parties having a collective checklist of order items, deliverables, and data to ensure they cross the finish line. Salespeople can create a great customizable and interactive landing page that they can revise to send to any potential client. That page may include customer testimonials, product videos, and other information to help the customer become familiar with the product.

This includes a checklist for the sales process, signing off from the parties required to operate a pilot, and providing evidence of many more concepts. Even though the sales party must have a seat to use the software, the buyer can only get one link. Revision means what is known in the industry as Mutual Action Plans or success plans that are replaced, usually created and managed with a mix of spreadsheets and emails.